Ten otherworldly beaches for the ultimate Greece luxury yacht charter

Holidaymakers return to the scintillating beaches amongst the Greece luxury ...

Ten otherworldly beaches for the ultimate Greece luxury yacht charter

September 25, 2020

Written by Rachael Steele

Holidaymakers return to the scintillating beaches amongst the Greece luxury yacht charter grounds year after year, where there is always something new to discover. These 10 otherworldly beaches are some of the best to fit into your own luxury yacht charter for quality family time, water sports, their scenic beauty or tranquil remoteness.



#1 Kolona – Kythnos (Cyclades Islands)

Kythnos has a small population and is off the main tourism trail, ensuring that you have few tourists to vie with for the beaches even at the height of the busy summer season. Kolona Beach is on the north western side of the island and connects to the Agios Loukas isle, where the Church of St. Luke overlooks the beach from the hill.

This area is best accessed by yacht and there are even more sandy crescents to choose from nearby, with rugged surroundings dipping down to the clear blue sea.

#2 Balos Beach – Crete (Cyclades Islands)

The remote Balos Beach is a vibrant lagoon accessed either by hiking or by yacht. The clear shallow water makes this a great destination for families with young children, and the golden sands have a pink tinge created by crushed shells. That contrast with the brilliant turquoise seas – a true destination for romantics to share a meal at sunset along its shores.

Balos Beach in Greece © jarekgrafik

Balos Beach in Greece © jarekgrafik

#3 Porto Katsiki – Lefkada (Ionian Islands)

Even among the beautiful Ionian Islands, Lefkada is considered an outstanding destination for its natural beauty. Porto Katsiki on the south western tip of the island attracts visitors with its powdery white sands surrounded by tall cliffs, and because your luxury yacht is your transport and accommodation, you can wake up to this beautiful scenery and jet off before the crowds arrive. There is also a couple of secretive beaches nearby accessible only by the water if you want to soak up the sunshine in complete privacy.

#4 Red Beach – Santorini (Cyclades Islands)

One of the most famous beaches in all of Greece, the volcanic Red Beach looks more like a landscape from Mars. Photographers and artists will be in awe of the dramatic colours between the red and orange shores and the glassy green sea, which is warmer than waters surrounding non-coloured beaches as more of the sun’s heat is retained.

Red Beach - Santorini

Red Beach – Santorini

#5 Voutoumi Beach – Antipaxoi (Ionian Islands)

This sandy, smooth-pebble beach is surrounded by verdant forest and steep white cliffs riddled with caves and arches just waiting to be explored. New Scuba divers and young snorkelers will gain confidence the shallow clear waters, while the rest of the group watches on from the warm shores, soaking up the sunshine. The nearby vineyards and orchards accessible by hiking or biking along the trails.

#6 Voidokilia – Messinia (Ionian Sea)

This C-shaped crescent of sand is considered the most beautiful beach on Messinia and is located within a beautiful nature reserve that is best accessed by luxury yacht. Snorkelers and Scuba divers have transparent turquoise waters to explore, and the surrounding trails lead to the Old Navarino Castle, the cave Nestors Höhle and the Tomb of Thrasimede. Its location close to the Ionian Islands makes it a worthy addition to a cruise of the region.

Voidokilia in Greece © j_nnesk_sser

Voidokilia in Greece © j_nnesk_sser

#7 Lalaria Beach – Skiathos (Aegean & Sporades)

Lalaria Beach consists of smooth little white pebbles that are slowly immersed into the topaz blue waters surrounding Skiathos. Since it is only accessible by water, there is a high chance that you will have it all to yourselves. Follow in the footsteps of previous photographers and capture the scenic arch on your own visit, with striking midday shadows or the colours of sunset. 

Dodecanese - Kos Empros © GNTO photo Y Skoulas

Dodecanese – Kos Empros © GNTO photo Y Skoulas

#8 Fanaraki – Limnos (Aegean & Sporades)

Far up in the north amongst the Aegean & Sporades charter grounds, Limnos has overhangs, coves and arches for an entertaining paddle along the coast by kayak or paddleboard. Seal Cave is a short cruise away and the rocky surroundings make for a dramatic and romantic landscape. Be sure to watch the fiery sunsets from the western beach or your sundeck, savouring a meal alfresco with cocktails in the warm evening air.

#9 Petalioi – Evia (Aegean Sea)

The silky soft white sands around Evia can be found fringing seaside towns and villages as well as on the 10 remote islands emerging from the deep blue Aegean Sea. Petalioi is away from the rest of civilisation for guests to focus on group activities, personal hobbies, close encounters with the marine life and beautiful flora and fauna in the surrounding countryside.

#10 Agios Georgios – Symi (Dodecanese Islands)

This Dodecanese Island is far to the east and easy to include in a cruise of the Turkish Riviera, also known as the Turquoise Coast. The sandy cove is in a quiet south-east corner of Symi and the church of St. George, known locally as Agios Giorgios, overlooks the bay. White sands, gentle waves and crystal clear waters make this a desirable spot for all ages, and the steep surrounding cliffs give excellent seclusion for beach parties and meals by candlelight before a dip into the Jacuzzi or a film before bedtime.

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