TEAM Italia solutions for ISA 140’ motor yacht SILVER WIND and 66 Granturismo motor yacht OKTO

ISA Yachts has reconfirmed TEAM Italia solutions for two new superyachts: the ...

TEAM Italia solutions for ISA 140’ motor yacht SILVER WIND and 66 Granturismo motor yacht OKTO

October 09, 2014

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

ISA Yachts has reconfirmed TEAM Italia solutions for two new superyachts: the 140’ motor yacht Silver Wind and ISA Yachts 66 GRANTURISMO motor yacht OKTO. The cutting-edge technology for both luxury yachts is provided by the built-in customized I-Bridge® system, produced by matching the requirements put forward by the shipyard with those of Captains as well as Owners.

ISA 140 superyacht Silver Wind - Concept wheelhouse

ISA 140 superyacht Silver Wind - Concept Wheelhouse - Design by Lucio Tonucci for Team Italia

Working on these projects has been a thrilling new challenge for TEAM Italia, in which the end product represents an example of how technology is put to the service of what is still the main aim for navigation equipment, i.e. on-board safety.


Developed through the consolidated working relationship between TEAM Italia and ISA Yachts, this project contains a number of carefully thought through technological innovations. Thanks to its in-house R&D and Project & Design teams, TEAM Italia has developed the integrated system by carefully examining both the Owner’s requests and those of the Captain. Besides the countless technical issues which were carefully assessed, the ergonomics, elegance and exclusive features of the dashboard console were also screened, whilst still giving primary importance to safety.

The I-Bridge® system installed on ISA 66 GRANTURISMO mega yacht OKTO comprises all the very latest upgrades developed by TEAM Italia’s R&D team. Moreover, the versatility of I-Bridge® technology has enabled the Owner and Shipyard to determine the final layout of the dashboard according to the former’s wishes whilst at the same time enabling the Captain to customise the criterion concerning the conduct of the yacht according to his professional requirements. The end product, is unique in its kind as it responds to customised logic and criteria in both aesthetic and functional terms. In the future, it will be possible to upgrade the system installed without the need for any structural alterations to be made to the bridge console.

ISA 66 Granturismo mega yacht OKTO - Concept Wheelhouse

ISA 66 Granturismo mega yacht OKTO - Concept Wheelhouse

The console – featuring a shield layout, assembles 5 23’’ displays and 4 23” touchscreen workstations laid out on lateral work surfaces. A multicontrol has been installed on one of the two driving seats, enabling the Captain to manage the functions available on the navigation systems.

Carbon fibre finishes were used to produce this console, the layout of which was devised, designed and engineered by TEAM Italia in association with the ISA Yachts technical office.

ISA Yachts 140’M/Y Silver Wind

Since the beginning of the project, 2 years ago, ISA 140’ project has involved a lot of TEAM Italia and TRANSAS R&D departments as well as the Technical Office of the Shipyard. For the first time two major players in the international marine electronic technology applications have created a unique team-work, developing new tailor-made solution and project.

Redoubled benefits for ISA Yachts and above all for the Owner who has been the main booster of this new concept.

The final product is a TEAM Italia I-Bridge® wheelhouse integrated with TRANSAS.  The control  system has been designed to create a dialogue between the two technologies at the highest of their functionalities. Moreover, TEAM Italia, has deeply managed the lay-out  both on the aesthetical and functional points of view, studying the ergonomics and engineering the technical areas under console.

Just a glance at the wheelhouse, with its high level of finishing is enough to immediately understand the hi-tech nature of this high-performance megayacht.

Five monitors 24″ Touch-Screen HD, one 28’’ Stretch and four 13″ MMD HBB one of which dedicated to manage the Rolls-Royce Kamewa engine system,  make the console incomparable both for the lay-out and above all for the functionalities offered.

TEAM Italia has also engineered  and configured the fly-bridge in order to allow the complete efficiency and the management of all sensors and the subsystems already in the main bridge.


The concepts on which TEAM Italia’s I-Bridge® integration is based involve careful selection of the navigation sensors. They are studied in depth, their use is determined, provision is made for them on the console and they are integrated into the system. Management of the different subsystems is made easier by the exclusive Multicontrol system, designed and produced by TEAM Italia, which makes it possible to control various different apparatuses by means of a functioning logic and standardised HMI interface.

The integrated subsystems include Radar, Chartplotter, Nav Data Conning, Engine Data Conning, Monitoring, CCTV, WHC and other navigation devices. The heart of the I-Bridge® system consists of a series of processors which all operate differently, thus ensuring a very high level of redundancy and consequently safety and reliability. Moreover, the selection system, which can be activated through Multicontrol, operates in a context-sensitive manner. A range of different scenarios for managing data and information in the most appropriate way according to sailing conditions can be selected from a configurable menu. This architecture allows users to achieve extremely high levels of on-board safety and bridge management.

With I-Bridge®, the control systems and the necessary on-board subsystems (apart from the emergency devices) have been integrated into a touch technology, respecting the different on-board standards and regulations of each vessel. In case of emergency, the system can be used in standalone mode.

Innovation allows the shipyard to proceed with construction of the bridge, according to the owner’s aesthetic requirements, without having to take into account, in advance, all the systems which will be integrated. The I-Bridge® system allows captains to access the control console several months before the yacht is delivered customizing the usability of the system, all its potentials and inserting further modules if necessary without having to change the layout of the bridge in production.

Much of the electronic equipment currently available can be integrated into I-Bridge® without having to modify any of the hardware and/or software. For this reason, besides the guarantee I-Bridge® carries, the integrated modules also maintain – unchanged – the original manufacturers’ guarantees.

Unlike any of the other integrations currently available on the market of a mechanical and/or electromechanical nature, so purely aesthetic integrations, I-Bridge® makes it possible to create a single, personalized user-machine interface which is easy to upgrade over the years. This means the bridge will be constantly updated with the very best technological developments (a benefit which cannot be achieved with integrations of a purely aesthetic nature).

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