Tahiti Ocean joins Asia Pacific Superyachts

Etienne Boutin and senior staff, Cindy and Tehau, are pleased to announce that ...

Tahiti Ocean joins Asia Pacific Superyachts

May 05, 2014

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Etienne Boutin and senior staff, Cindy and Tehau, are pleased to announce that Tahiti Ocean has joined forces with the leading superyacht support network in Asia and the Pacific regions, Asia Pacific Superyachts, on April 1, 2014.

Mayan Queen IV  (Photo Credit Ross Taylor)

Luxury motor yacht Mayan Queen IV - One of luxury superyachts extensively visiting French Polynesia yacht charter location - Tahiti (Photo Credit Ross Taylor)

The new APS Tahiti office reports a bright 2014 season start with the 96m mega yacht Mayan Queen extensively visiting the Tuamotu and Society Islands. Following her visit a senior crew member commented,Tahiti is one of the few places on earth that lives up to its postcard image!”

A South Pacific yacht charter destination – French Polynesia is considered the Eastern entrance to the Asia Pacific cruising area, attracting fifty large yachts on average since year 2000. Etienne notes the preferred season is July and August, matching with European summer vacation. However, mid-seasons (April to June and September to November) are becoming more and more frequented as owners and guests appreciate milder winds and quieter sea passages.

Yachting visitors are invited by Etienne and his team to experience the seduction of Tahiti and her islands, a place where you can swim close to sharks while admiring the dance of the manta rays and playing with 25 tons whales! French Polynesia has also kept a vivid traditional culture, integrating influences from western and Chinese settlers while attracting prestigious hotels and spa resorts.

“Tahiti and her islands is a euphoric alloy of sounds, scents and colors. Come and share with us a safe and preserved destination with the kindest people of the world”, Etienne enthusiastically suggests.

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