Superyacht Aviva: The award-winning flagship from Abeking & Rasmussen

The innovations in the superyacht industry are sometimes profound, oftentimes ...

Superyacht Aviva: The award-winning flagship from Abeking & Rasmussen

March 12, 2018

Written by Maria Korotaeva

The innovations in the superyacht industry are sometimes profound, oftentimes subtle and mega yacht AVIVA has examples of both: Winner of the Boat International Superyacht Design and Innovation Awards 2018 for Best Lifestyle Feature Design, she is the first superyacht to ever have an indoor padel tennis court, and the logistics behind this new feature have set the groundwork for future designs.

AVIVA. Aft view. Photo credit Guillaume Plisson

Built in 2017 for UK billionaire Joe Lewis, 98m/322ft superyacht AVIVA is the largest yacht ever produced by Abeking & Rasmussen and was built in 2017 for UK billionaire Joe Lewis, who has a fondness for naming his superyachts ‘AVIVA’, the first built by Feadship in 1998 and measured 62m/203ft in length. This is also not the first AVIVA Abeking & Rasmussen have delivered to the British billionaire, the first being 68m/223ft in length in 2007.

Step aboard superyacht AVIVA – tennise court. Photo credit Guillaume Plisson

Reymond Langton Design created the exterior and interior styling for the current AVIVA, and although there are plenty of outdoor areas, it is clear that the focus has been placed upon the voluminous interior of 5,000 GT. The padel tennis court is her most outstanding feature and measures 20m/66ft in length, 10m/33ft wide and almost 7m/22ft in height. This technical achievement involved over 2 tons of sand to recreate the bounce, and soundproofing also came into consideration. Ceiling lighting is plentiful and there is a small, net protected lounge that can be converted into a gym.

tep aboard superyacht AVIVA – tennis court lounge area. Photo credit Guillaume Plisson

“It is not only a lifestyle change for the owner but also for the crew as this is also the largest gym of any yacht,” said the designers at Raymond Langton Design. “The crew is encouraged to play with the owner and guests and when the court is not in use for padel, the net can be removed and the crew plays football and use other exercise equipment in the space. It is after all a sports hall.

AVIVA – exterior space

“The owner is adamant that this is the best padel tennis court in the world, period!”

As superyacht AVIVA is designed as a live-aboard vessel, the colour scheme is modern and practical. Warm and natural tones are used in the fabrics and leather and vibrant accents pop out from the furnishings, while glass and steel are used extensively to manipulate the light. As Joe Lewis uses AVIVA to ‘work from home’, she has excellent internet access and satellite communications, ensuring that he can keep in touch with financial developments anywhere in the world.

Aviva. Photo credit Lewis Yach

Motor yacht Aviva. Photo credit @patrickfranciscarr

The exterior has a large swim platform and beach club in the stern form a large guest area beside the water, and a number of shaded and sun-exposed aft lounging areas run from the main deck up to the sundeck, which are connected by under-lit glass staircases that enhance the atmosphere on board at night. The sundeck is the centre of outdoor activity and here guests have a choice of circular sunpads or secluded sunbathing spots close to the helm station.

Top view. Photo credit Guillaume Plisson

Top view. Photo credit Guillaume Plisson

Her technical performance is exemplary as well: A hybrid propulsion system allows AVIVA to travel at 11 knots using electric motors, allowing her access to more sensitive natural areas due to zero emissions. At full speed, she is capable of 20 knots and research into the hull design has resulted in 20% less drag.

Yacht AVIVA. Photo credit Guillaume Plisson

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