Sailing Schooner ATLANTIC

The 2010 Sailing yacht Atlantic is magnificent replica of the 1903 William ...

Sailing Schooner ATLANTIC

August 09, 2010

Written by Eva Belanyiova

The 2010 Sailing yacht Atlantic is magnificent replica of the 1903 William Gardner designed three-masted sailing schooner Atlantic, owned by Ed Kastelein. The 1903 sailing schooner was a long time World record holder for the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean under sail in 1905, having sailed 3006 miles in twelve days, four hours, one minute and nine seconds, thus winning the Kaiser’s Cup from New York to The Lizard. The record held firm for almost a century, when it was broken in 1998. It is the longest standing speed record in the Yachting History.

Painting of the original Schooner Atlantic by A D Blake

The schooner Atlantic was the quintessential cruiser – racer. She was able to do 17 knots on her steam engine of 400hp, weighing 30 tons including boiler, exclusive fuel. The electricity was provided by two generators. She had heating, refrigeration, and water heaters. The lobby was executed in marble and the interior was fitted out with the finest mahogany panelling. There were large and luxurious tiled bathrooms (with bath tub) and a large galley.

0% Sailing schooner Atlantic during construction - Photo credit John Lammerts van Bueren.jpg

The Owner, Ed Kastelein is the man responsible for the recreation of this wonderful new schooner Atlantic, and is also behind such projects as the sailing yacht Thendara, sailing yacht Aile Blanche, sailing yacht Borkumriff, sailing yacht Zaca a te Moana and most recently the Herreshoff racing schooner Eleonora E.  The Dutch Van der Graaf yard first launched the Sailing Yacht Atlantic  in 2008. Following her launch,  she underwent an extensive programme of fitting out. 2009 saw the assembly of her three masts, with a height of 45 metres, supporting 1700m² of sails. Her raven black high gloss hull reflects the ripples of the water and one glance at the three towering masts, instantly give the sense of power that this mighty yacht Atlantic has.

100% Sailing yacht Atlantic under wraps - Photo credit to John Lammerts van Bueren.jpg

Sailing schooner Atlantic is the largest classic sailing schooner ever created, measuring 185 feet (56 metres) over deck and with the bowsprit to boom length of 227 feet (69 metres). Her graceful sheerline and long overhangs accentuate her grace while her waterline length of 42 meters and narrow beam are a promise for unmatched speed under sail.

Schooner Atlantic leaving the yard - Photo credit to John Lammerts van Bueren

Finally, on June 23rd 2010, sailing schooner Atlantic sailed out to the sea. Three years after her keel was laid she was ready and eager to go.  The Owner, Ed Kastelein, saw his long term dream come true, as he witnesses his family, guest and crew step on board of Atlantic yacht. The weather for her launch was perfect, with gentle northerly breeze blowing.

2010 Sailing Schooner Atlantic - Photo credit to Kees Stuip

Sailing Yacht Atlantic - Photo credit to Kees Stuip

The season has seen the sailing yacht Atlantic cruise the Atlantic coast of France, Spain and Portugal, then the Balearics going towards the South coast of the Mediterranean, Sardinia and finally she will anchor at Cannes around September. She is able to accommodate 12 guest and has a crew of 12 onboard.

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