Northern Lights´ traditional engine room redefinition

The marine-diesel market innovator, Northern Lights, Inc. (NLI) is redefining ...

Northern Lights´ traditional engine room redefinition

October 27, 2011

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

The marine-diesel market innovator, Northern Lights, Inc. (NLI) is redefining the traditional engine room with a unique hybrid-marine solution, combining its high-performance Lugger propulsion engines with BAE Systems’ HybriDrive® Propulsion System. This series hybrid is the biggest success in the world, with over 3,500 applications already operating worldwide. The system profits from a Propulsion Control System (PCS) to efficiently transfer power produced from the electric generator for prompt use, or keeps it in the Energy Storage System (ESS) to offer clean, silent power without the engine, while the propulsion motor gives power to the prop. The system can be customized for a myriad of marine applications.


“The entire package is designed to be clean, quiet and environmentally responsible,” said NLI vice president Mike Maynard. “Our hybrid-marine solution eliminates wet stacking and will reduce both energy waste and fuel costs.”

Because its world class components are fully scalable, the NLI hybrid-marine system provides far greater flexibility in engine room layout. It will run not only as a standard electric propulsion system, but can be configured into an auxiliary power kit to provide all of the ship’s service AC power without the waste and pollution associated with underloading. The hybrid system can even be outfitted for accessory power for modern yachts’ complex systems of thrusters and winches.

Components for the hybrid-marine system will be displayed at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, in booth 750 of the Yacht Designers’ Tent. The system can be configured for specific needs in the yacht and commercial markets, and the hybrid display and interactive video will demonstrate the capability and flexibility of this truly remarkable innovation.

NLI is renowned in the marine industry for providing reliable, durable and simple-to-use power and propulsion systems. Using BAE Systems’ HybriDrive Propulsion and integration capabilities we are proud to now offer a hybrid-marine solution superior to other systems currently on the market.

Founded in 1958, Northern Lights is a leading manufacturer of marine-diesel generators, Lugger propulsion engines and Technicold marine systems. The company’s products are distributed through a global sales and service network to over 40 countries.

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