New motor yacht Riva 88’ Florida Convertible Top

New motor yacht Riva 88’ Florida Convertible Top by Riva is a spiritual ...

New motor yacht Riva 88’ Florida Convertible Top

November 27, 2014

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

New motor yacht Riva 88’ Florida Convertible Top by Riva is a spiritual successor of the Riva Bahamas. A revolutionary yacht, which perfectly blends an open and a coupé model into one single vessel, superyacht Riva 88’ Florida boasts a unique ‘Convertible Top‘ – a highly innovative system, designed and developed by AYT&D, in partnership with the technical partners of the Ferretti Group, Besenzoni Spa, as well as Centrostile Srl. The hull # 1 will be completed and launched by the end of 2014, with its official world debut expected in the first months of 2015.

Superyacht Riva 88 Florida Convertible Top

Superyacht Riva 88 Florida Convertible Top

The 88’ Florida superyacht features a cutting-edge innovation with an exclusive Ferretti Group patent installed on this new project for the very first time. Convertible Top turns this model into a multifunctional yacht, “convertible” because it can be transformed into an open or a coupé with one single and easy movement. The convertible top offers three different functions into one single system, due to the function that handles the aerodynamic hard top into three different positions.

Riva 88 Florida Convertible Top Yacht

Riva 88 Florida Convertible Top Yacht

The all-new luxury yacht Riva 88 Florida Convertible Top project features excellent performance, with a choice opportunity of the engines by MTU. As the standard version, 88’ Florida is fitted with two MTU 16V 2000 M93, 2435 mhp, which allow reaching a maximum speed of 38.5 and a cruising speed of 34 knots, with a range of 315 and 340 nautical miles, respectively.

Luxury yacht Riva 88 Florida Convertible Top from above

Luxury yacht Riva 88 Florida Convertible Top from above

As an alternative option, as in the case of hull number 1, 88’ Florida yacht, can be fitted with two MTU 16V 2000 M94, 2638 mhp. This new project by Riva, with these engines, can reach a maximum speed of 40.5 knots and a cruising speed of 36 knots, with a range of 300 and 325 nautical miles, respectively (preliminary data).

Motor yacht Riva 88 Florida Convertible Top

Motor yacht Riva 88 Florida Convertible Top

Riva 88 Florida Convertible Top superyacht

Riva 88 Florida Convertible Top superyacht

Technical Specifications of super yacht Riva 88′ Florida:

LOA 26,70 [m] – 87 ft 7 in

LH 23,98 [m] – 78 ft 8 in

LWL 21,13 [m] – 69 ft 3 in

Max beam 6,20 [m] – 20 ft 4 in

Draft 1,79 [m] – 5 ft 10 in

Unladen displacement 60.000 [kg] – 132,276 [lbs]

Laden displacement 72.000 [kg] – 158,731 [lbs]

Fuel 7.500 [l] – 1,981 [US gal]

Water 900 [l] – 238 [US gal]

Material GRP (SCRIMP)

People on board 20

Engine MTU 16V 2000 M93

Engine HP 2435

Transmission Shaft line

Max speed 38.5 [kn]

Cruise speed 34 [kn]

Range 340

Cabins 4

Crew cabins 2 standard

Design Officina Italiana


CentroStile was established in 2001 by Davide Cipriani, a young entrepreneur who after gaining a wealth of experience at his family’s company Studio Ti (a technological partner of many industrial, transport and earthmoving companies of world renown) set up a company that provides planning and design services. Within a short period of time it became one of the leaders in the sector in terms of size and variety of services offered.

Headquartered in the Bologna, Italy area, the company occupies 4,000 sq.m of floor space and employs over 40 people who are able to execute unique and innovative projects starting from the concept design to end up at the finished product. From planning to structural analyses up to the execution of models, moulds and prototypes, CentroStile is capable of supplying its partners a complete, top quality service.

Today the company is primarily active in the nautical sector, as demonstrated by its long-term  collaboration on projects for both motor and sail boats with the most prominent shipyards in operation today. It also boasts a number of projects in the industrial and earthmoving field, in which it also makes use of the expertise and experience of Studio Ti.


CentroStile sets out to make every stage of the design coexist harmoniously, from concept design to engineering, comprising CAM models and moulds, with a team that professionally meets all of the customer’s requirements by matching them with philosophy and style. At the same time, it discloses the idea of the final product in advance with virtual prototyping..

On the other hand, on distinguishing characteristic of the company is precisely its gaze fixed steadily on the future, which is turned into a continuous search for technological and production innovation, combined with an attention to style that makes Italian style unique in the world.

CentroStile is a young but profoundly structured company that bases its primary interest on meeting production requirements by placing its professional competence together with advanced and innovative technologies at the customer’s disposal. It focuses on seeking newer and newer solutions oriented toward a excellent quality and with special attention paid scheduling and production costs, today more than ever before decisive elements in achieving competitiveness on the market.


CentroStile boasts a customer base of primary importance that includes great names of the shipbuilding industry like Riva and Pershing (Ferretti Group), Monte Carlo Yachts, Perini Navi, Solaris, Wally, Maserati and Fiat Group. The company closed 2013 with revenues 40% higher than the previous year, proof of a continuous growth trend and consolidation of turnover even in a sector like boating, which in recent years – especially in Italy – has sustained an overall decline in terms of sales and production


CentroStile and its professionals are able to meet all production needs by covering the entire range of services in terms of design in the nautical and industrial fields, and more specifically:

•             Design

Starting with the briefing to set the goals to be reached (study of materials, technologies, production costs, market surveys, etc.), the concept and product styling phases are reached via, on the one hand, the graphic representation of the various styling proposals (manually or using CAS – Computer Aided Styling) and, on the other, with feasibility analyses and solving the preliminary design problems with a technical verification drawing that closely examines the critical construction issues.  This process lets us pass on to the next potential stage of design, with a very high approximation of success since most of the technological and design choices have already been made.

•          Engineering

Centrostile places at the disposal of its customers qualified professionals who, in close collaboration with the shipyard’s technical office, the production department, and the suppliers of the components and equipment, are involved in the entire boat engineering process. The company puts design software, such as solid or surface modelling parametric 3D CAD programs, to good use with integrated structural calculation and project management solutions for planning all of the activities. The company meets all design and new product management requests with relevant research and development, as well as interventions on existing projects, completion of studies, layouts and special tools. It also offers the possibility to make structural verification calculations with engineers who have solid experience.

•         Models and moulds

CentroStile is able to produce models of various components for the nautical sector (hulls, decks, superstructures, domes, hatches, interior and furnishing components) and the industrial field (cabs, bonnets, driving seats, outdoor furnishing set-ups) as it has a department that uses 5-axis numerical control machining centres of enormous dimensional capacity. The company also produces traditional moulds, mainly in fibreglass, as well as moulds for infusions with the use of special loaded resins capable of sustaining their stress, or moulds for RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) or Light RTM.

•    Reverse Engineering

Performed with a digital measurement system, this process quickly measures any object of any shape or size and also carries out dimensional tests with existing models.

•         Scale models

CentroStile makes available a department for producing models in any scale, mainly for yachts, ships, industrial products, farm machinery and earthmoving equipment, furnishing components and trade fair installations. The models are mostly made with sophisticated rapid deposit prototyping machines, above all for particularly small and very detailed objects. The larger components, on the other hand, are directly obtained with numerical control machining.

•             Documentation

CentroStile is able to prepare all of the documents necessary regarding quality certification, product type approval and registration of patents. It also prepares technical on-board documentation for the nautical sector.

•      CFD/FEM analysis and calculation

CentroStile offers total instrument integration, such as parametric solid modelling and numerical analysis for finite elements (FEM) tools. This makes it possible to define geometries optimised in shape and weight before making the physical prototypes, to quickly and consistently manage any necessary modifications, to reduce their production costs and to improve the performance of the parts installed. Furthermore, by using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, the company can predict and anticipate the fluid dynamic behaviour of structures/machines/components during the development stage and get information that is helpful for their operation, such as pressure distribution, speed progress, etc.

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