Middle East Premiere of Dominator Virtual Reality at Dubai International Boat Show 2015

In addition to a new dealership in the Middle East, the Dominator Group is ...

Middle East Premiere of Dominator Virtual Reality at Dubai International Boat Show 2015

February 24, 2015

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

In addition to a new dealership in the Middle East, the Dominator Group is delighted to announce the Middle East Premiere of the Dominator Virtual Reality during the Dubai International Boat Show 2015. The event will be hosted by the fantastic Dubai yacht charter destination from March 4 to 8. 

Dominator super yacht ILUMEN brought to life by virtual reality at the 2015 Dusseldorf Boat Show

Dominator super yacht ILUMEN brought to life by virtual reality at the 2015 Dusseldorf Boat Show

With the Ilumen yacht, Dominator is breaking the waves not only with a truly unique offering in the market but also by allowing customers to experience it through the latest virtual reality technology.

Development in Dubai is moving at an incredible pace. Being at the forefront of innovation in design and construction, Dubai already demonstrates to the rest of the world what the future looks like today. The same is true with Dominator and their latest yacht the Ilumen. The yacht which is currently in construction is the future of yachting. To enable customers to experience it before it will be launched in 2016, Dominator has developed a Virtual Reality experience like no other. After a successful premiere at the Düsseldorf Boatshow and an exciting presentation at the Miami Boatshow, the Dominator Group takes the Dubai Boatshow as opportunity for the Middle East Premiere of this Dominator Virtual Reality before the experience will continue its worldtour.

Virtual reality can recreate sensory experiences, which include virtual sight, sound and touch. Dominator’s Design & Development department has applied virtual reality technology to allow clients and interested parties to best experience the Ilumen superyacht. This unique experience by Dominator Design & Development is known as usence®- your personal experience of presence. anytime. anywhere.

So how does it work? Dominator met with one of the most prestigious global carbon fibre suppliers to develop a pod which encases the user. The pod is made from the same materials that the Ilumen will be built from. Carbon fibre is the predominant component, but also elements of the highest-grade stainless steel and leather are used to allow the customer to ‘feel the quality’ of the same materials used through the build of the yacht. You step into the pod and immediately notice that this is different from anything else that has been developed in the virtual reality world. The base of the pod contains a touch sensitive pad which detects the movement of your feet. By placing the virtual reality headset on, and moving your feet, you are literally walking through the yacht and can move your head and feet in any direction, taking you through all aspects of the interior and exterior of the yacht.

A joystick is incorporated into the experience, not for the purpose of movement but for the opportunity to select and change certain features on the yacht. To enjoy this ‘encapsulating experience’ to the fullest, an operator from the Dominator team outside the experience will change colours, materials and textures instantly for the user. If the client walks through the main saloon and wishes to have light grey oak flooring instead of the dark brown oak parquet, this can be realised within seconds. Exchanging the Striato Olimpico marble in the owner’s bathroom on the main deck with Calacatta Oro marble or marvelling at the changes from Zebrano wood to Teak wood in the owner’s suite has never been easier before. Other interactive features of Dominator’s industry-first virtual reality experience include watching the opening and closing of the moon roof in the Ilumen owner’s suite or viewing the mechanism of the retractable roof of the carbon hard top on the flybridge. This virtual reality experience allows the clients to immerse themselves immediately in their own Dominator yacht where they cannot only focus on the design elements that matter to them most, but already feel the sense of space before the yacht is being built.

Certain features on Dominator’s latest offering, the Ilumen are also being rolled out across other Dominator yachts in the range such as the innovative carbon fibre hard top, containing a retractable roof. Therefore anyone interested in any of the Dominator yachts are encouraged to undertake the experience.

“We are currently in the build process for the first Ilumen and those customers who have met with us at the shipyard and placed orders have been blown away with the presentations we have given them on the design and technical details”, states Alex Langhein, newly appointed CEO (previously with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars). “Now we want to widen the audience and provide potential customers who traditionally ‘wait to see a completed yacht’ with a unique experience where they truly can. Buying a Dominator is more akin with buying a megayacht. We offer our customers the same experience. Not only with the product (e.g. the owner’s cabin of the Ilumen is what you would expect on a much larger yacht) but with the overall experience. Dominator customers know this and this is why they always come back. The usence® experience allows us to broaden this fact to a wider audience of customers who are not always able to visit the shipyard in the first instance”.

Dubai raised the bar in terms of expectations of luxury, 5 star hotels became the norm. Therefore they brought us the world’s first 7 star hotel. Dominator also raises the bar when it comes to luxury. Each of the yachts in the range either from 20m-40m offers unparalleled levels of customisation and luxurious detailing to meet the demands of their customers. They welcome customer ideas, bringing these together with Dominators in-house design departments to build truly bespoke yachts.

Dominator has demonstrated that the Ilumen is not just a design project, the virtual reality experience was fed from all of the technical data surrounding the yacht. This has provided the outcome of simulating the physical presence of the yacht. The complex carbon design and production process which has gone into this unique experience is mirrored through the attention to detail that Dominator takes.  Every Dominator is built to order, offering customers the ability to not only choose their materials but also a layout to suit their needs.

Angela and Christoph Pernsteiner, members of the Dominator owner family, are truly satisfied with the implementation of their idea: “We combined virtual reality technology, a team of special software engineers, the best suppliers for exclusive materials and our spirit of entrepreneurship. It was the passion, the grit and the firm belief in our idea that brought the Ilumen to life by virtual reality. With usence® Dominator Design & Development is not only pioneering the way in a bespoke customer experience but it is also taking the tailor-made philosophy of Dominator yachts to the next level and enters into an unprecedented era of instant realisation of ideas and wishes.”

The Dominator Ilumen is shaped and designed by natural elements, created by visionaries and engineers and brought to life by usence® – your personal experience of presence. anytime. anywhere.

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