Jean-Pierre Dick introduces the JP54 revolution racing yacht.

The French sailor, Jean-Pierre Dick, who won the Barcelona World Race with ...

Jean-Pierre Dick introduces the JP54 revolution racing yacht.

June 15, 2010

Written by Chelsea Smith

The French sailor, Jean-Pierre Dick, who won the Barcelona World Race with Ireland’s Damien Foxall, has imagined a top-of-the-range fast cruising yacht whose design is unique. Designed by Guillaume Verdier and the interior designed by Stéphanie Marin, the first JP54 has just been launched in Auckland, New Zealand. Produced in a limited series by Absolute Dreamer, the JP54 takes its inspiration from the performances of racing boats to discover new horizons. The JP54 will be in France this summer.

JP54 Offshore sailing in Tauranga, NZ Photo Credit Ivor Wilkins

Jean-Pierre Dick: “I imagined the cruising yacht of my dreams during my last two Vendée Globe races. I wanted to sail offshore and at the same time enjoy stopovers. I therefore conceived the JP54, a uniquely designed light and fast yacht, to retain the pleasure of surfing at 20 knots more comfortably than on my racing yacht. With the JP54, you can share the sensations and the pleasures of sailing with your family and friends.”

The satellite, a revolution inside

In order to optimize the performance of the JP54 sailing yacht and to create a new indoor living space, the boat has a satellite; a rotating carousel. This innovative concept was developed on board Paprec-Virbac 2. The satellite is a galley-chart table unit into which all the systems such as the batteries, hydraulics and storage are fitted. The loaded weight (600 kg) can be transferred windward in a few seconds just by pressing a button. It is the first time that a similar concept has been put into use on a cruising yacht. The gain is important both in terms of performance and comfort on board. The sailors are always windward when at the chart table or cooking, while the guests enjoy a large space leeward.

Jean-Pierre Dick in the nav station Photo Credit Ivor Wilkins

JP54 The rotating live cell - Photo Credit Ivor Wilkins

A unique interior design by Stéphanie Marin

This distribution of the interior space takes on a new approach: priority is given to space. The carousel redefines the space and changes the interior on each change of tack. The impression of space is reinforced by forward cabins opening onto the saloon-carousel and by the unique and incredibly spacious shower and toilet. You can sail with a limited crew or with the family on the JP54, in a comfortable, spacious and luminous space, thanks to the large seats positioned all along the hull. The two aft cabins are equipped with a huge bed where you can lie down and listen to music thanks to the integrated music system.  A large number of storage spaces are provided under the rounded seating.

Sailing yacht JP54 Interior Photo Credit Ivor Wilkins

JP54 Interior Cabins Photo Credit Ivor Wilkins

Manoeuvring simplicity on board the JP54

Jean-Pierre Dick: “Through the experience of single-handed sailing, I have been able to design a boat that is really simple to use.” The hydraulic winches remove the physical side to manoeuvring. In 10 minutes, all the sails are hoisted! The cockpit is uncluttered making movement easy on deck and allowing you to enjoy the sunbaths comfortably. The whole of the pit is brought back to starboard on an electric winch. There is no mainsheet rail.  The JP54 can easily be manoeuvred double-handed in all circumstances.

Jean-Pierre Dick at the helm of the JP54 - Photo Credit Ivor Wilkins

Main characteristics of the JP54

Hull length:  16.45 meters
Overall length:  18.235 meters
Beam:  5.3 meters
Air draft:  25.10 meters
Draft:  3.5 meters (2.5 m with the keel canted)
Displacement:  9 tons
Sail area upwind:  216 m2
Sail area downwind:  434 m2
Architect: Guillaume Verdier
Interior designer:  Stéphanie Marin
Concept:  Jean-Pierre Dick

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