New Invictus 280GT superyacht tender

The brand new Invictus 280GT superyacht tender by Invictus Yacht represents the ...

New Invictus 280GT superyacht tender

February 27, 2015

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

The brand new Invictus 280GT superyacht tender by Invictus Yacht represents the first model of a new class of unique and amazing boats, functional, comfortable, rich in solutions for all the customers who wish the best in terms of leisure sailing, aesthetic appeal, comfort, as well as flexibility. The striking Invictus 280 GT boat was launched by Invictus Yacht to a design by Christian Grande in October 2014.

New Invictus 280GT superyacht tender at full speed

New Invictus 280GT superyacht tender at full speed


As the debut model of the GT range, the 280GT yacht tender, wisely encloses in its forms all the values and the main features of the brand’s DNA. Its unique design, the richness of materials and technology find a new life in the 280GT: coupé elegance together with power, dynamism and unexpected spaciousness.

Beauty, aesthetics sensitivity, attention to details, reliability and durability are only some of the main qualities that have inspired the design of this special boat that will represent the red thread of the whole range.

The refined style of his “creator”, the designer Christian Grande, can certainly be recognized in every single detail: clean, taut, firm and fashionable lines combined with an high level of technology and finishing.

Invictus 280GT yacht tender - side view

Invictus 280GT yacht tender – side view


The designer describes with the boat’s shapes a story of strength and thew, safety and protection, reliability and durability. The surfaces are indeed treated as machined from solid and communicate resilience able to resist to any condition of use and to any waves’ aggression.

Unusual design element join technology and the best materials combining perfectly elegance, dynamism and comfort.

The “upside down” bow appears sharp and massive at the same time. It continues with clean, smooth sides, homogeneous balance between the surfaces except for the cabin windows and air intakes areas that are shaped as simple fissures, in order to highlight the monolithic characters conceived by Christian Grande.

Invictus 280GT luxury yacht tender underway

Invictus 280GT luxury yacht tender underway

This peculiar bow’s shape adds floating length, resulting in more longitudinal stability and, in terms of interior space, offering more comfort in the lower deck.

Well-finished in any detail, the 280GT luxury yacht tender offers an unusual completeness in the equipment.

On board of the GT 280 luxury yacht tender you can find a wide stern platform and an engine room covered with a cushion, expandable by the backrest rotation.

The L shaped sofa is facing the pilot cockpit, equipped with a double pilot seat integrated into the central piece equipped with fridge, lockers and hob, a real outdoor galley.

Aboard Invictus 280GT superyacht tender

Aboard Invictus 280GT superyacht tender

The cockpit, hosting also the entrance to the lower deck, is protected by a very wide and embracing windscreen, and it’s equipped with a complete, last generation digital instrumentation, inclusive of a semi-transparent roll angle display, as optional.

The left bulwark is optimized for the on board walking and equipped with a spacious compartment that can be customized for different uses, including the storage for a coordinated set of travel bags and luggage.

The bow area is a sundeck, wide and designed to be fully used. Under it, the forward portion of a very spacious cabin, with storage furniture and separated bathroom.

Invictus 280GT yacht tender - Dashboard

Invictus 280GT yacht tender – Dashboard


The interior of the 280 GT super yacht tender are more than what you would expect of a boat in this category: generous volume and great comfort are guaranteed also by the innovative design of the new peculiar bow’s shape. Once inside, on the left a storage piece of furniture and, on the right, a separated bathroom fully equipped. A large sofa set up with cool fabrics and enriched by contrasting cushions let the environment be really elegant and harmonious.

Invictus 280GT yacht tender - Interior

Invictus 280GT yacht tender – Interior


With a length of 8,90mt, a beam of 2,84mt and a Volvo 5.7 V8 inboardoutboard, the 280Gt megayacht tender can speed up to a maximum speed of 38 knots. As an option, is also available a D4 Volvo Penta inboard-outboard Diesel engine (MAX 260HP/191KW). The 280GT can host up to 8 people and is equipped with a spacious cabin with separate bathroom and a fully furnished outdoor kitchen.

Today, four colours are available: the soft “Vanilla Sea”, the aggressive “Attack Grey”, the refined “Dark Wood” and the more classic “Personal White”.

Invictus 280GT mega yacht tender, as all the other models of the range, are customizable in terms of equipment and accessories.


Lenght 8,90 m

Beam 2,84 m

Engine MAX. 320 HP/ 240 KW

Max Spees 38 kn / VP V8 – 320 E (320 Hp) gasoline

Propulsion system Sterndrive

Cabin 1

Weight with engine 2200 kg

Person capacity 8

Fuel tank 450 l

Water tank 70 l

Draught 0,90 l

Categoria B

Design Christian Grande

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