The New Guangdong Yacht Industry Association (GYIA)

Energetically supporting Guangdong’s Yacht Economy as well as guiding the ...

The New Guangdong Yacht Industry Association (GYIA)

August 15, 2012

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Energetically supporting Guangdong’s Yacht Economy as well as guiding the development of the yacht industrial chain are the main tasks of the new Guangdong Yacht Industry Association (GYIA), a sponsor of the 2013 Guangzhou International Boat Show (GBS 2013).

Guangzhou in China

Guangzhou in China

Cantonese-style “Yacht Economy” has been officially started, heading for “the Golden Waterway”.

The establishment of GYIA was formally approved by Management Bureau of Folk Organization of Guangdong Province in February, 2012, making it the fourth provincial yacht industry association after Shanghai, Hainan and Liaoning. It is a local non-profit community organization integrated by relevant economic organizations which are engaged in yacht design, R&D, manufacturing, agency sales, training, repair, maintenance, and yacht owners, enthusiasts, research institutions, accessories manufacturers, etc.

According to Wang Zhaoyun, executive chairman of GYIA and also the chief executive of GBS Committee, though started in 1970s, Guangdong’s yacht industry presents a trend of surpassing the previously started industries after years of development.

In fact, among China’s three major gathering places of yacht enterprises, the Pearl River Delta aggregates the most yacht manufacturing corporations, in which Zhuhai (Pingsha) Yacht Industrial Zone is of the largest scale and the highest concentration degree in China at present and has gathered 24 yacht manufacturing and supporting enterprises. As early as 2008, its production had reached over 900 vessels with its sales volume exceeding 1 billion Yuan.

In addition, China State Shipbuilding Corporation has invested 4.3 billion Yuan in Nansha District, Guangzhou, with an intention of constructing the biggest shipbuilding base in Southern China, which lays a solid foundation for the development of yacht industry in Guangdong.

Government policy support promotes the Guangdong yacht industry development

Attracting 148 exhibitors from 15 countries worldwide, 2012 Guangzhou International Boat Show (GBS 2012) was held in China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex during March 9th-11th, 2012 with a total turnover of 90 million Yuan.

On the site, 162 buyers expressed their intention to purchase and the purchasing amount registered exceeded 0.6 billion Yuan. GBS 2012 has drawn great attention from Guangdong Provincial Government to the yacht industry, which contributes to yacht economy’s inclusion in the schedule of costal tourism development.

According to the newly printed and distributed Development Plan for Littoral Tourism in Guangdong (2011-2020), it clearly states that Guangdong will be constructed to be a strong province for yacht tourism in China. It also maps out a plan to build 289 yacht wharfs and business support facilities which will cover an area of 80, 000 m2 during the second phase of Nansha Yacht Club and auxiliary projects in 2010-2012.

Docks and berths available for international luxury cruise ships will be put up at Nansha Cruise Home Port, and shopping malls and high-end tourism and leisure facilities will also be constructed during 2012-2015.

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