Dometic Marine presents In-Duct Breathe Easy(TM) Air Purifier in Miami

Dometic Marine’s Booths (Q71, Q65, and Q61) at this year’s Miami ...

Dometic Marine presents In-Duct Breathe Easy(TM) Air Purifier in Miami

February 17, 2011

Written by Chelsea Smith

Dometic Marine’s Booths (Q71, Q65, and Q61) at this year’s Miami International Boat Show & Strictly Sail feature the new In-Duct Breathe Easy(TM) Air Purifier (patent-pending), which won a 2010 IBEX Innovation Award in the Mechanical Systems category. Since its launch to the U.S. market, the In-Duct Breathe Easy has been specified by several yacht builders including Trinity Yachts.

The In-Duct Breathe Easy Air Purifier is specifically designed to work within the ducting of a yacht’s air conditioning system. Operating silently, it purifies and cleanses air using Photocatalytic Nano-Mesh Technology with UV light. Each time the air circulates it is further purified.

Dometic Marine presents In-Duct Breathe Easy(TM) Air Purifier in Miami

Dometic Marine presents In-Duct Breathe Easy(TM) Air Purifier in Miami

The unit takes up little space and if retrofitted will require no alterations to be made to the vessel’s existing air conditioning unit. There is no need for any mounting hardware as a section of the A/C ducting is cut out and the circular In-Duct Breathe Easy tube simply inserted, then the ducting is reattached to it. The Breathe Easy is available in sizes to match all standard duct diameters.

The In-Duct Breathe Easy unit is also highly relevant for installation during a vessel’s refit and refurbishment as during such extensive work there are a myriad of solvents and glues used all of which give off dangerous odor-free emissions. Coupled with the smell of new fabrics and carpets a recently refurbished vessel, although looking in pristine condition could contain highly contaminated and polluted air.

Frank Marciano, President of Dometic Marine said, “I recently visited a 95ft yacht built in 2004 that developed a serious mold problem that was making the crew sick. To alleviate the problem, the captain had all of the air conditioning ducts replaced and installed our In-Duct Breathe Easy Air Purifiers.

Within days the boat’s crew could actually perceive that they were breathing cleaner air. It makes me proud to offer such an incredible solution to our customers.”

Marciano continues, “I think boaters are used to dealing with some sort of odor onboard due to residual effects of the boat’s high humidity environment, especially if a boat is not used everyday and the air gets stagnant. With this revolutionary new product, people don’t have to live with odors anymore. I used to have odors on my 30ft cabin cruiser, but since I put in the Breathe Easy Air Purifier they are completely gone!”

In-Duct Breathe Easy(TM) Air Purifier by Dometic Marine won a 2010 IBEX Innovation Award in the Mechanical Systems category

In-Duct Breathe Easy(TM) Air Purifier by Dometic Marine won a 2010 IBEX Innovation Award in the Mechanical Systems category

The health risk of inhaled mold could be heightened onboard a boat as dampness is common, cabin spaces are more difficult to ventilate with fresh air, and excessive exposure to contaminants is more likely due to long periods of time spent aboard. The In-Duct Breathe Easy has been proven by independent test consultancy, Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory to reduce the presence of harmful mold spores and other contaminants and odors by up to 100%. Inhaled mold is acknowledged by leading experts as a key contributor to health issues such as eye and respiratory tract irritation, sneezing and sore throats.

Owners and operators of larger vessels seeking to offer the cleanest air within cabin spaces should visit Dometic Marine in the Convention Center Booths Q71, Q65, Q61 at Miami International Boat Show & Strictly Sail, 17th – 21st February 2011.

About the Technology

The Photocatalytic Nano-Mesh is constructed of metalized foam. This minutely intricate structure provides 2200% more surface area for holding the molecular catalytic coating than is possible with a simple screen structure. In addition, through the science of nanotechnology, the titanium-dioxide catalyst is restructured at the molecular level to have an increased number of contact surfaces. This provides 70% more atoms on the catalytic surface for improved reactivity with contaminants.

The metalized foam structure and the catalyst’s nanotechnology create maximum photocatalytic activation for more thorough purification of air. This means fresher, cleaner and healthier air onboard.  The system has been proven to reduce microbiological contaminants such as bacteria, fungi, and pollen by 90% to 100% and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by 80% to 100%. VOCs emanate from materials such as carpeting, curtains, plywood and adhesives and are known to cause a variety of health problems.

Test Verification

Within the report on the Breathe Easy Air Purifier’s performance, Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory confirmed an overall reduction in indoor air pollutants, with up to 100% reduction in bacteria, surface mold and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The report stated: “Our findings show that in accordance with the manufacturer’s claim, this equipment/technique is effective in reducing the indoor air pollutants, both biological as well as chemical.”


The Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDL) at Pure Air Control Services (PACS) offers complete and comprehensive indoor environmental laboratory services including microbiology, aerobiology, allergen assays and microscopy. The EDL supports IEQ investigations by assisting with strategic sampling plan development and supplying media collection equipment while performing a wide range of environmental analyses. EDL has analyzed over 60,000 samples since 1992.


Dometic Marine, a division of the Dometic Group is the world’s largest supplier of innovative and technologically advanced comfort systems and equipment for yachts and pleasure boats and a major supplier of HVAC and sanitation systems to the commercial, workboat and military markets.

A specialist supplier to OEM, refit and repair and aftermarket, Dometic Marine has an unmatched support network of company-owned offices located in 12 strategic regions across the globe supported by numerous marine R&D facilities and factories.  The products are further supported in the field by factory-authorized distributors, dealers and service engineers offering a global presence in over 100 countries worldwide.

Leisure boats from 20 feet to megayachts are users of the company’s premium brands which include Condaria, Cruisair, Dometic, Marine Air, SeaLand and WAECO. Their extensive product range includes marine air conditioning and sanitation systems, refrigerators, stoves, battery chargers and other equipment for the leisure market.

Dometic’s commercial HVAC systems can be fitted to the broadest range of commercial vessels and conform to NMMA and ASHRAE standards; the company is ISO 9001:2008 certified.


Dometic Group is a customer-driven, world-leading provider of leisure products for the RV, automotive, truck and marine markets. The company supplies the industry and aftermarket with a complete range of air conditioners, refrigerators, awnings, cookers, sanitation systems, lighting, mobile power equipment, comfort and safety solutions, windows, doors and other equipment that make life more comfortable away from home.

Dometic Group supplies a wide range of workshop equipment for service and maintenance of built-in air conditioners.  Dometic Group also provides specially designed refrigerators for hotel rooms, offices, wine storage and transport and storage of medical products.

Dometic products are sold in almost 100 countries and are produced mainly in wholly-owned production facilities around the world.

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