New configurator launched by Iguana Yachts

Iguana Yachts is proud to announce the launch of a new configurator, showcasing ...

New configurator launched by Iguana Yachts

January 23, 2015

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Iguana Yachts is proud to announce the launch of a new configurator, showcasing the company’s bespoke capabilities. The configurator will be used by customers to create their own amphibious yacht tender.

New configurator launched by Iguana Yachts

New configurator launched by Iguana Yachts

“Passion for perfection is the guideline of Iguana Yachts. Clients are accustomed to luxury services. Often clients, especially mega yacht owners state “why is it so complicated to choose the details on my tender when it’s so easy to configure my Bentley or my Ferrari”. I heard the message and decided that not only we shall have the most luxurious and powerful amphibious boats but we shall also provide services that go further than the practice. This is why we have launched this vivid configurator,” Antoine BRUGIDOU Iguana Yachts CEO said.

The configurator features the full range of Iguana Yachts lines, the EXCLUSIVE, the CLASSIC and the numerous options. Fans can now discover all the customizable details that Iguana Yachts can offer. The configurator gives consumers far more time to mull over their final choice and share it with family and friends.

New Iguana Configurator

New Iguana Configurator

Figuring out

The configurator loads with an introductory screen. “The bespoke nature of our boats and the degrees of personalization available are a key aspect of our product. Offering a configurator allows customers to explore many aspects of this in digital form,” said Georges LANGEARD, brand web manager of Iguana Yachts.

Once launched, an Iguana Yachts EXCLUSIVE appears in sharp details on a platform with a grey background. Consumers can swipe to the left or right to reveal different view angles.

Options are arrayed at the bottom of the screen such as model selection, colors choices, decking, seats, table, hard top… and accessories.

Customers can choose from these options once a line is decided or change from EXCLUSIVE to CLASSIC keeping the choice.

During the color phase, customers choose from colors options arranged according to French design agency Fritsch & Durisotti. There are 101 possible colors combinations to choose from.

Newly launched Configurator by Iguana Yachts

Newly launched Configurator by Iguana Yachts

The amphibious boat can be rotated on the platform to give views from different angles. 11 colors can be chosen for upholstery. Consumers can pick up from 8 deckings and most stunning is the ability to change the handrails and ski mast surfacing from stainless-steel to Nickel and even 24K Gold.

A wide range of options can be chosen, from the Hardtop and its extenders, to the Biminis that are complementary (and very useful if you store your Iguana Yachts in a garage or on a Mega Yacht), the shelters to be protected from the environment or paparazzi, seats that include comfortable sun lounges, tables that can fit 6 guests in first class comfort and a ski pole to enjoy water sports.

Ladies have not been forgotten; with stunning colors and a custom made handbag using the same upholstery leather by French Haute Couture “La Maison Renouard”.

Customers can create their model and submit it to the Iguana Yachts sales team with whom they can finalize the details.

Iguana Yachts is definitely positioned at the top of the luxury boat builders and always pushing the boundaries of excellence one step ahead.

Iguana Yachts Contact Details:

For sales inquiries, you can contact Steve Huppert: or +33 662 576 162

For all other inquiries, please contact the main office: or +33 (0)2 31 700 955

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