Charter Luxury yacht BIG FISH in Antarctica.

BIG FISH Luxury explorer motor yacht  BIG_FISH is offering a once in a lifetime ...

Charter Luxury yacht BIG FISH in Antarctica.

April 29, 2010

Written by Chelsea Smith


Luxury explorer motor yacht  BIG_FISH is offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to charter in the unique and exclusive destination – Antarctica.

You could be among the first in the world to have a luxury yacht BIG FISH breathtaking adventure of an Antarctica yacht charter. There are vacation packages available on this new luxury superyacht in Antarctica from  late December 2010 to March 2011. Enquire with CharterWorld for full details here.

While chartering Megayacht  BIG_FISH in Antarctica which is a brand new New Zealand built yacht, only launched last month, you will benefit from an onboard an ice pilot and expedition guide with many years of experience in the region. The 45 metre Luxury Expedition Vessel is powerfully styled and a fantastic example of a modern functional and comfortable exploration superyacht design and build, perfect for chartering in the harsh yet incredible Antartic region.

Luxury explorer motor yacht BIG FISH

The philosophy behind the design and building of M/Y Big Fish centers on an idea that the best luxury expedition vessel must be able to achieve certain key requirements. These include safely, securely and comfortably transporting the yacht owners, guests and crew to any ocean, and being able to remain on station for extended periods of time in the process. Accordingly, this explorer superyacht can accommodate adequate stores of fuel, water, consumables, specialized cargo and supplies for any imaginable ocean adventure such as an Antarctic voyage.

Filled with peripheral equipment and water toys the yacht also has a 28 ft customised McMullen & Wing tender onboard which has a 300 mile range. MY BIG FISH also has a comprehensive electronic equipment list, including an audio video system which was supplied and installed by Audio Video Concepts and Design. This Kaleidescape system distributes audio and video signals throughout the entire yacht. It does this from central hard drives which are capable of storing 1200 films and thousands of music CD’s.

Luxury yacht BIG FISH’s charter accommodation consists of five double staterooms, all with ensuite facilities, meaning she can sleep a maximum of 10 guests overnight. The guest cabins on the Main deck can be converted into two VIP suites. Wall disappears and beds fold back against the wall, giving flexibility.

Please contact us to book a charter on the Expedition Yacht BIG FISH or ask any questions you may have.

Some key features of Big Fish:


expandable decks and 5000 square feet of deck space

innovative stone decking

spa pool and sun deck

crows nest in mast, 50 feet above deck, to accommodate 6 guests


superb 24 foot tall audiovisual system with video wall of 20 x 46

inch HD plasma screens

gym with latest fitness equipment

very spacious, comfortable and flexible accommodation

open plan living areas with various seating options

excellent use of natural light that includes floor to ceiling windows

to ‘bring the outside in’

numerous eco friendly features such as LED lighting, low fuel,

advanced water and fuel systems and exhaust and sewage



zero speed stabilization

10,000 mile range

clever tender stowage

28 foot custom aluminium tender

selection of fishing and diving equipment

Laser sailing dinghies

Chartering in Antarctica:

Antarctica is a fragile and fascinating place. If you are looking for an out of the ordinary travel experience, this is the chance of a lifetime.  Antarctica is unlike any other destination, this majestic place is beautiful and an awe-inspiring, pristine environment.

This is the last frontier on earth.  Antarctica is 1.3 times as large as Europe, and twice the size of Australia, yet only a lucky few will ever get to experience the continents true beauty. While there are limited humans inhabiting this white wonderland, it is home to wildlife such as penguins, seals, whales and other sea creatures who have found remarkable ways to survive in the coldest, driest, windiest place on earth. With motor yacht BIG_FISH, you will be able to enjoy a once a lifetime opportunity experiencing the indescribable scenery and in style and luxury.

A layer of ice up to two miles thick covers a continent as big as the United States and Mexico combined. Antarctic ice contains 70% of the world’s fresh water (90% of the world’s ice). If it were divided up, every person on Earth could have a chunk of ice larger than the Great Pyramid. Although 98% of Antarctica is ice, there is land underneath the ice cover, unlike the Arctic where the ice floats on top of the ocean.

Eroded Iceberg in Antarctica

Antarctica also has more than 70 sub glacial lakes under the ice. Ice bergs and ice flows are a large part of the incredible scenery that makes up this frozen white desert. Icebergs are carved and polished into strange shapes and sizes and chunks of ice with eerie blue patterns floating by are formed by the forces of nature.

While on your charter you may get to experience the roar of moving glaciers echoing between icy cliffs and see massive rock and ice formations reflected in the still waters or perhaps even see the world’s southernmost active volcano, Mount Erebus, fuming on Ross Island.

For six months every year, the sun shines 24 hours a day at the South Pole, this is when motor yacht BIG FISH plans to charter in the area. The sky glows with the southern lights, or aurora australis. There is phenomenon such as ‘diamond dust’, which are clouds made of tiny ice crystals, and ‘sun dogs’, which are bright spots beside the actual sun. This harsh continent is magical and unforgettable.

With the guide onboard luxury explorer BIG FISH you will have the chance learn about the wildlife, historical sites, active research bases and the heroic explorers that first voyaged to the South Pole. Today Antarctica is a place today of vital exploration and research, with projects ranging from ecology to life in space.

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