New C-Explorer 3 submersible for Super Yachts by U-Boat Worx

U-Boat Worx, a company that is actively becoming an extremely intricate ...

New C-Explorer 3 submersible for Super Yachts by U-Boat Worx

June 16, 2014

Written by Eva Belanyiova

U-Boat Worx, a company that is actively becoming an extremely intricate assistant to helping revolutionise new and innovative Superyacht Designs, is proud to unveil its new, C-Explorer 3 submersible for luxury superyachts and mega yachts.

C-Explorer 3 at Sea

C-Explorer 3 submersible by U-Boat Worx at Sea


Occupants – 1 pilot + 2 passengers

Maximum operating depth – 100 metre/330 feet up to 1,000 metres /3,300 feet

Operational Autonomy – up to 8 hours, optional up to 16 hours

Type – Dry, 1 atmosphere submersible

Classification – Germanischer Lloyd

C-Explorer 3 Ambiance Dark Duo

C-Explorer 3 Ambiance Dark Duo


Dimensions LxBxH – 385 cm x 375 cm x 210 cm

Storage Width – 290cm (deflated tanks)

Weight (ex passengers) – 4980 kg (salt water)

Maximum allowable payload – 350kg (salt water)

C-Explorer 3 Submersible by U-Boat Worx

C-Explorer 3 Submersible by U-Boat Worx


Pressure Hull Material – Acrylic

Hatch Type – Top-Hatch

C-Explorer 3 Submersible by U-Boat Worx

C-Explorer 3 Submersible by U-Boat Worx


Propulsion type – Electrical

Propulsion Horizontal – 2 x 2.0kW Thrusters (upgrade to 5.0 kW available)

Propulsion Vertical – 2 x 2.0kW Thrusters (upgrade to 5.0 kW available)

Propulsion Lateral – Optional: 2×1.2 kW Thrusters

Surface Speed 4 knots

Underwater Speed 3 knots

C-Explorer 3 Submersible by U-Boat Worx - Cockpitview

C-Explorer 3 Submersible by U-Boat Worx - Cockpitview

About U-Boat Works

“When working close with a designer and a builder, together we see many opportunities to step back from historically dominating conceptual theories. We get the amazing chance to remove our traditional ideas, replacing the dry space with creatively advanced delivery and recovery innovations. No more just figuring out how a toy boat can fit into an owners play box. Moon pools, versatile loading ramps and multi positioning lifting technologies take a big designing stance in our intimate relationship with a customer, designer and/or builder.”

But even more adventurous, UBW is pushing the electronics and battery industry to the brink of new discovery. Ground-breaking design solutions and an out of this world systems orientation has become even more of a diversified factor than ever before.

Imagine a high production space ship manufacturing facility. Though still on planet earth, UBW is colliding universes together in a Dutch submarine assembly ballet. Large clear spherical domes are seen floating around a 3D work space with internal and external supporting structures piercing through like vertebrae in an acrylic bubble. All the while, advanced navigation, communication, and life support systems are being compacted together in a 360 degree robotic overcoat wrapping.

Without compromise, UBW takes superyacht designing to an entirely new level. If a new concept designer wants to win awards, new concepts need to now account for a submarine to be integrated onboard the vessel. Finite Element, fluid dynamics, stability, weights, space, communications, air compression, charging and accessibility all need to seize the front seat of primitive thinking. But as each opportunity lends a hand to the others advancement, continuous growth in education and knowledge in our applications, exponentially drives Superyacht designer’s diversity deeper into unexplored yet highly sought after territory.

Though, the most rewarding part about working within a Superyacht specification is that U-Boat Worx helps designers bring the sailor back to the sea. Positioned high up in a superstructure is now being quickly balanced out by the ability to safely dive below the surface upon call and without limitation. Taking into account the customers conformability in advancement, many inventive solutions can be exposed through taking on the management of a submarine operation. Once committed to subsea exploration, new products and systems development truly takes the helm of maritime resourcefulness.

“Superyacht Designers have opened up their vaulted doors and combination locked procedures to our submersible ideas, as it’s every designers dream to create the unimaginable. And since we are leaps and bounds ahead of all others in this very specific market, our collaboration in the superyacht industry has become a true test of one’s design potential. With four new DNV-GL certified C-Explorer 3’s currently in a full production swing and another 4 heading on to the manufacturing line later in the year, we see an entirely new market place developing beneath our feet.”

As new design challenges are being addressed on a daily basis, U-Boat Worx is continuously put in the position of personalization. While most other products can be viewed as typical yacht based merchandise, our submersibles become closely connected and intertwined to the owners overall personality. It’s the adventurously creative superyacht owners that becomes the full supporter of our design improvement.

“From here forward we only get deeper into design perfection. From this point on we see all superyacht designers having to make a defining choice between yesterday’s needs and tomorrow’s opportunity. When our submersibles are being considered for a new superyacht project, we do not see limitations in design; instead a whole new world of possibilities can then be opened up.”

The next generation of designers will inevitably see the company’s efforts as a necessity to diversity. They will ultimately attribute its first steps in this industry as the corner stone turning point on the international Superyacht stage. U-Boat Worx are continuously reminded that their dedication today is tomorrow’s invaluable future to design, originality and market transformation.

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