The Brilliant Bahamas – Luxury yacht charters among a multitude of blue hues

Warm sunny days, cool blue water and palm trees swaying in the breeze – ...

The Brilliant Bahamas – Luxury yacht charters among a multitude of blue hues

March 30, 2020

Written by Rachael Steele

Warm sunny days, cool blue water and palm trees swaying in the breeze – the Bahamas luxury yacht charter grounds are considered by many to be paradise on Earth. These unspoiled islands are perfect for those who want to get away from distractions and spend days reconnecting with nature in thriving wildlife reserves, where dolphins, rays, turtles and reef sharks are all likely encounters.

Getaway from everything – charter a yacht in the Bahamas

Take with you all of your modern comforts aboard your chosen motor yacht or sailing yacht, where the amenities on board match perfectly with your interests. Throughout your holiday, your professional crew will take care of every little detail, ensuring you have plenty of time to unwind and indulge in all of life’s little pleasures. Here is a collection of ‘well-trodden’ and ‘off the beaten path’ destinations to consider for your own memorable getaway.

Extravagance at Nassau & Paradise Island

For many, Nassau and Paradise Island will be the last stop in civilisation before heading off to the untouched wilds elsewhere in the Bahamas. Fill your day with luxury shopping, flavoursome restaurants, a gold course and a visit to the aquarium before immersing yourselves in the electric nightlife and thrills at the casino.

Luxury charter yacht VIDA BOA for charter in the Bahamas

Convenience and wonder among the Bimini Islands

The north and south Bimini Islands were a favourite escape for author Ernest Hemingway, who used the peace and quiet productively to fish and pen his manuscripts. At only 50 miles away from Florida, international flights and transportation to and from the marina is easily arranged and you can begin your itinerary in paradise in no time. The line of perfectly straight rocks has fired imaginations and is believed to be part of a road for the lost city of Atlantis. However it came to be, it will awe snorkelers of all ages and is a once-in-a-lifetime sight.

Pink sand beaches at Eleuthera & Harbour Island

The extensive pineapple plantations on Eleuthera will provide you with the sweetest, freshest fruit for breakfast and as an accompaniment to your cocktails. The scuba diving and snorkelling are excellent around the reefs and there will be plenty of opportunities for wind-powered water sports, and fun on the paddleboards and towable toys in the sheltered bays. Harbour Island is famous for its pink sand shores and is the perfect place for a proposal, wedding or honeymoon.

Your Yachting Paradise in the Bahamas

Scuba diving at San Salvador

There are over 50 dive sites surrounding San Salvador and the shipwrecks and ruins create interesting and varied locations for Scuba divers of all ability levels, and the coral reefs at French Bay even have rare elkhorn and staghorn coral while stingrays and sharks glide languidly through the sea at Devil’s Claw and Vicky’s Reef.

Fishing and water sports among the Acklins & Crooked Island

Little has changed in the Acklins & Crooked Islands since their discovery, giving you a natural wonderland to play in with the only modern conveniences the ones you bring with you, so there’s nothing to spoil the view! The Bight of Acklin between the two islands draws Scuba divers, snorkelers and fishing enthusiasts, who can spend the day among limestone cliffs and caves, coral gardens or seagrass meadows, discovering the sand dollars and colourful residents at their own pace.

Crystal clear waters are ideal for a luxury yacht charter vacation

Serenity at Mayaguana

Islands like Mayaguana are what luxury yachting is all about – pristine remote environments where every day is filled with sunshine and you are free to do whatever you desire. There are only three settlements and a total of 300 locals, leaving most of the island deserted for a honeymoon charter or even a beach-side wedding. The sea caves at Northwest Point will tempt more advanced Scuba divers, and fishing enthusiasts can admire the palm tree lined shores from the comfort of the shaded main deck aft, with a crew member on hand to provide you with refreshments.

Bird-watching at Inagua

The flamingo is the national bird of the Bahamas, and you’ll want to have your camera at the ready to capture the large flocks on Great Inagua and Little Inagua in the south of the Bahamas. More than 140 native and migratory birds come to the island throughout the year and visitors can glimpse the mesmerising metallic colours of the local hummingbirds as well as parrots, pelicans and much more. Shallow, clear blue water makes ideal conditions for water sports and wading with young family members, and the larger island has plenty of white sand beaches for sun bathing, beach-side meals at sunset and your own private parties. You might encounter sea turtles swimming close to your luxury yacht – Little Inagua is a nesting ground protected by a large coral reef.

Luxury yacht in the Bahamas


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