Azimut|Benetti YachtMaster 2015, February 4 – 6

Next year will see the Azimut|Benetti YachtMaster, a popular annual event for ...

Azimut|Benetti YachtMaster 2015, February 4 – 6

December 18, 2014

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Next year will see the Azimut|Benetti YachtMaster, a popular annual event for Azimut Benetti superyachts Captains as well as Industry professionals, celebrate 15 years of success. The event is now the central element of the new “Year-long Yachtmaster” project, which will keep this community in constant communication before and after the event, also through workshops and training sessions on professionally relevant topics.

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The Azimut|Benetti Group has always been attentive to the needs and skills of those who participate to the success of their vessels during all phases of the project life-cycle (from negotiation to build and delivery but primarily during the Owner’s enjoyment) and their contribution to maintaining the brand’s worldwide reputation for excellence. With this in mind, 15 years ago the first Azimut|Benetti YachtMaster was held. This year’s edition will take place in Tuscany at the Spa Boutique Terme Saturnia, from February 4th – 6th. The enchanting Spa Boutique Terme Saturnia, will play host to 150 participants, with intensive workshops and conferences on the many challenges that super-yacht management poses.

Two important additions to the 2015 event will make it even more interesting and stimulating:

The Captains’ Perspective – Several captains will be the protagonists of real-time interviews. Here they will go through their experiences during all project phases: negotiations, construction, cruising, etc. They will interact with the audience and all participants can exchange their experiences.

Professional Workshops – Participants will be divided into six sections with about 15 members each. Every class will further their knowledge of a captain’s duties with topics chosen by the participants before the event by means of polls taken on event-specific social network pages and other communication channels. The participants themselves therefore choose the topics of their workshops. Each section will be lead by a professional moderator.

As always, during the 2015 Azimut/Benetti Yachtmaster the workshops will be accompanied by social events and team building activities.

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