Azimut Grande Collection: Luxury superyachts from 95 to 120 feet in length

Azimut Grande Collection represents the top of the range of the five Azimut ...

Azimut Grande Collection: Luxury superyachts from 95 to 120 feet in length

February 07, 2014

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Azimut Grande Collection represents the top of the range of the five Azimut Yachts Collections. It includes planing yachts measuring up to 120 feet in length, boasting extremely high standards of service dedicated to owners, who wish to build a yacht to match the size of their dreams.

Azimut Grande 120SL luxury yacht Hull no. 3 scheduled for launch in April 2014

Azimut Grande 120SL luxury yacht Hull no. 3 scheduled for launch in April 2014

The Azimut Grande yachts range from 95 to 120 feet and insure the best level of service, granted by complete separation between guests and crew for total privacy, 4 or 5 cabins and the possibility to customise various areas to the tastes and desires of the owner: from the cabins and saloon to a large portion of the outdoor areas.

A team of technical and production experts, the Personal Design Equipe, works side by side with the owner to define every aspect of his yacht and accompany him throughout the construction and after-sales processes.

An Azimut Grande 100 Yacht

An Azimut Grande 100 Yacht

“The sales manager responsible for the territory that a client hails from, and who knows the client. An architect capable of interior design and also for consulting on changes of layout. A project manager who will take over responsibility of the build of the yacht. A fourth person, who might be involved if the client is very technical, is what we call the technical manager, who will be on hand to discuss technical changes such as different engines, changes to compartments, different tender launching systems – all the technical elements.” This is the Personal Design Equipe as described by Azimut Benetti Group president Paolo Vitelli when the Grande Collection was launched, in 2010.

“It is pronounced ‘grande”, says Ugo Garassino, Deputy General Manager of Azimut Yachts, “this translates as ‘big’, ‘great’ or ‘huge’, but means much, much more. For once we’re not talking about the flagship of a fleet, but rather a whole fleet of flagships, “ Garassino continues, “an exceptional portfolio of Megayachts, which includes five models.”

Azimut Grande 105 superyacht by Azimut Yachts

Azimut Grande 105 superyacht by Azimut Yachts

The Grande Collections includes: the new motor yacht Azimut 95RPH, going to be launched in 2014, the Grande 100 superyacht, the Grande 105 yacht, the Grande 116 (example is charter yacht Itaca Club) and the Grande 120SL .

The Grande 95RPH yacht is the latest model to join the Grande Collection and will be officially presented in Spring 2014. The Grande 95RPH features a new hull, new design, and innovative solutions for a vessel with many surprises in store. the Grande 95RPH is the first of a series of new models that will enrich the Azimut Yachts family, now comprising five collections: Atlantis, Magellano, Flybridge, S and – of course – Grande.

FIVE FAQ’S ON AZIMUT GRANDE COLLECTION (answers by Mr. Luca Cristino – Azimut Grande Brand Manager)

1. Azimut Yachts has recently focused on marketing Azimut Grande among the Azimut Yachts collections, while previously this was a Benetti line. Why?

The first reason has to do with the distinction between each brand’s identity. Benetti specialises in displacement and fast displacement yachts with a minimum of three decks and maximum speed of 22 knots while Azimut Grande produces planing yachts with a maximum of two decks and maximum speed of 26 knots. These different typologies have different target audiences with distinct needs that are best addressed separately. Benetti is the leading Italian boatyard for large custom yachts; Azimut Grande is a major Italian brand for fast super yachts, with 300 clients since 2000. It’s also important to keep in mind that Azimut Yachts began as a boatyard for semi-custom planing yachts over 30 years ago; as a result, it enjoys great brand recognition, an advantage that should not be underestimated.

2. What are the benefits for the client? And are there any disadvantages?

Clients can continue to count on the unrivalled professionalism of the Azimut Yachts team: technicians, designers, and sales people with unique experience in the large planing fibreglass-yacht sector. Our ultimate goal is to build the client’s dream boat. We do this employing the best means possible, achieving optimal results in a harmonious working environment. Our clients can also count on the world’s largest superyacht sales and service network, with boatyards like Lusben in Livorno exclusively dedicated to refitting superyachts. So, there are really only positives…

3. What are the Azimut Grande’s distinctive features?

We can sum up the Grande’s DNA as follows:
•    Innovation based on experience: 30 years of building super yachts with flybridges provides the foundation for every Azimut model. The Grande collection represents a real step forward in terms of design, comfort, cruising efficiency, and boating services.
•    Customisation: every Grande unit is built with – and for – the boatowner. It is one of a kind, just like its owner. Thanks to Group synergies (such as a centralised R&D department), a high degree of technological development extends across all areas of the company. This also ensures maximum design flexibility.
•    Client services: Azimut Grande clients appreciate being accompanied through each step of the boat-customisation process. To that end, Azimut provides them with a “Personal Design Team”, ensuring their experience is truly special. The client can rely on this Azimut service for the entire life of the yacht: before, during, and post construction. In addition, a special boat management programme called “Azimut Crew & Yacht Management”, makes sure boatowners receive personalised assistance regarding boat maintenance and administration. This programme includes a service for searching and managing expert crew, as well as the creation of a maintenance schedule which is then implemented by the most extensive service centre network in the world.

4. Where is Azimut Grande positioned on the market? What is its target audience? What are its main competitors?

Azimut Grande is positioned at the top of its segment. It is geared towards the most discerning clients on the market, those who are looking for a one-of-a-kind product. It is obviously an international clientele, one whose shared qualities include having good taste and the highest standards of quality. Historically, our competitors have been Italian boatyards (primarily Sanlorenzo and Ferretti); more recently, we have seen the addition of English boatyards (Sunseeker and Princess) as well as American ones which, although less experienced, are nonetheless quite driven to improve their competitiveness.

5. Azimut Yachts has a large global dealer network that sells all the Azimut collections. How does the sales assistance for relatively simple products like the Atlantis compare to that provided for the more sophisticated products like the Grande?

Comprehensive distribution has always been one of Azimut’s strengths. The current dealer network is made up of 138 sales and service centres across 68 countries and provides sales and after-sales services. Obviously, Grande Collection yachts have a degree of complexity and technological sophistication above and beyond smaller yachts in other collections. Depending on the type of work required, the boatyard may support the dealers or alternatively send out their own technicians to ensure timely and effective customer service. No matter what, dealer support is essential to ensuring effective communication between the client and the boatyard.

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