New 90m luxury yacht by Zuccon SuperYacht Design

Zuccon SuperYacht Design, the new brand of Zuccon International Project, ...

New 90m luxury yacht by Zuccon SuperYacht Design

May 02, 2013

Written by Eva Belanyiova

Zuccon SuperYacht Design, the new brand of Zuccon International Project, focusing on the research and development of new maxi yacht projects, announced its new project: the 90m Luxury SuperYacht.  The new 90m ZSYD Yacht Project boasts simple lines and high priority to external spaces.

90m ZSYD yacht project

New 90m Zuccon SuperYacht Design yacht project

The new superyacht concept 90M/SYD has been realized personally by Bernardo Zuccon, responsible for the  Zuccon SYD together with his sister Martina, and is characterized by a very distinctive pattern, strongly architectural, focused on vertical surfaces and limited to a few essential drawing, resulting in a yacht with a sharp and captivating design. From a functional point of view, great attention has been given to the external spaces’ equipment, both in the  common and the owner’s areas. Moreover, setting up the green areas as greenhouses and winter gardens, adds a further distinctive and singular touch.

The 90M/SYD is a MotorYacht 90m long and 13,50 m large, with a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure. From a distributive point of view there are several distinguishing solution to point out. The four decks, along with the Sun Deck, are all connected with central large stairs and elevator. Comparing to other projects the Lobby here take on great importance through a double height effect, that gives a strong scenic impact.

ZSYD yacht concept 90m

ZSYD yacht concept 90m

In the lower deck the transom door could be opened in three different section, for the maximum functional flexibility, and gives access to an ample beach club, directly connected to the lobby by a hallway  that goes through the garage and the engine room. The remaining deck is dedicated to the crew, with the exception of the Jolly area, which can be used either as a Cinema, Fitness room or a Spa.

On the main deck the traditional cockpit conception has been abandoned. The cockpit turns into an entrance gate while the guest’s external living area has been moved on the upper deck for a highest privacy.  The main deck is entirely dedicated to the guests: a first wide living zone has been divided in three portions: a formal living one, a cinema and a bar area with two balconies. In this latter zone a great double height links optically the main deck with superior. Beyond the living area are four double cabins and two VIP cabins provided with a balcony.

On the upper deck the external space becomes the focal point of the life onboard. A clever system of sliding glass-walls allows to transform the inner dining area into an outside dining area (patio), creating a unique setting that includes the big swimming pool and the  large sunbathing area. On this deck also took place the cockpit along with the Owner’s cabin and studio, while on the aft part are the helipad and another relax sitting area with sunbeds and sofas.

ZSYD 90m superyacht concept

ZSYD 90m superyacht concept

Going up there is the deck entirely dedicated to the owner, with a studio, spa, two large terrace (on the stern one, on the aft the other) as well as a huge fitness area, adjusted so to be used also from the other guests.

Accordingly to the planning principles, the Sun deck is completely open and equipped with a Spa Pool, a lunch area and an ample sunbathing surface.

Bernardo Zuccon: the designer comment

In the  history of the Studio Zuccon, My 90 mt represents a significant transition since it is the very first concept elaborated by ZSYD, Zuccon Super Yacht Design, the new Brand from Zuccon International Project;  the new division will be entirely dedicated both to the research and the development of new maxi yacht’s projects.

The language is based on the belief that complexity and success of a ‘maxi’ product lays on the concept of ‘Timeless’ , that is conceiving a product whose image could be strengthen up in time through a peculiar and unique characterization in term of style, typology and functionality.

Having this feedback in mind, the 90 mt has been marked out  by using a formal language, minimal and rigorous, defined by a large surface, vertically developed, that ‘embraces’ the volumes  through its transversal section, while, at the same time, it allows to spot immediately the vertical distribution system, thus standing as a formal breaking point in the articulation of the horizontal volumes that defines the bridges.

What truly characterizes this vessel is for sure the sense of motion given by this specific surface, that tends to ‘close up’ the whole ship, moving on high; a double heights system in the Lobbies area make it possible to appreciate this feature also from the interiors.

ZSYD luxury yacht concept

ZSYD luxury yacht concept

In terms of balancing and functionality, the layout shows clearly how the integration between external and internal lays the foundation for all the living-areas; in comparison to more traditional solutions adopted on similar vessels, the exteriors gets a key role in defining the spaces allocation, coming at the point of physically  ‘entering’ into other volumes. A clear example is the use of teak in the dining area on the upper deck: a clever system of sliding glass-walls allows to transform this room from a inner-formal into an outside-informal dining area.

This concept gets an additional validation also with the confirmation of the green theme, already experimented on other concept, and here brought back as a main architectural element. Greenhouse and green walls blends in the space that becomes a unicum between matter and nature.

The aft part of the upper deck is surely another characterizing element, where the most part of the outdoor activities takes place, thanks both to the abundance of space and the large swimming pool.

The main deck is organized with a double living room and, moving towards the bow area, the guest cabins with a common parlor and two terrace.

While the main and upper deck has been planned to welcome both the host and the cockpit, while a full deck entirely dedicated to the Owner,  to grant him all the privacy one could desire;  two large terrace and a gym/spa area complete the whole package.

Another distinguishing aspect, inspired by studies on other living solution, is the theme of spatial integration between the bridges’ common area;  wide double heights allows to unify optically and physically the bridges, offering potential new opportunities to conceive the space.

Having perfectly clear the importance of the external spaces, the sun deck represents, for its configuration, a key point in the layout definition: its great dimension make it possible for guests and Owner to have a comfortable terrace also on the vessel’s highest point.

Proving signs of an image that is recognizable, timeless, well balanced in the relationship between hull’s and superstructure’s volumes,  as well as in the stylistic and distributive internal solutions, while, at the same time, proving to be a perfect answer to the market’s needs.

The product has to be open towards the ultimate technological updates that brings up new and different  opportunities for the onboard life, together with new challenges for the ship owner, although never missing the bond with the sea’s true nature.

SYD mission is very precise: fully commit all the experience and kow-how gained through the years, dealing with Italian and International shipyards. The new brand ZSYD (SuperYachtDesign) unifies under a simple structure two maun values: continuity and innovation.

Zuccon SuperYacht Design (ZSYD)

Zuccon SuperYacht Design (ZSYD) is the new brand entirely dedicated to the research and the development of new maxi yachts  projects. ZSYD was launched in 2013 by Zuccon International Project the highly skilled multidisciplinary architecture and industrial design studio founded in Rome in 1972 by the architects Gianni Zuccon and his wife Paola Galeazzi. Active in various sectors, designs for offices, residential architecture. Especially in the yacht industry they are considered a leading international design firm. Today, they are working extensively with five of the eight brands of the Ferretti Group.

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