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For more than one reason, a Croatia yacht charter is certainly one of the superlative and one of the most beautiful and sought-after yacht charter destinations in the Mediterranean. This enchanting country has everything one could look for in a summer holiday – and this is the best time to charter here. Not only does this wonderful country boast breath taking scenery and crystal clear water, a yacht charter in Croatia is also renowned for its ancient history, vibrant culture, friendly hospitality and plenty of activities to engage in. So you can get the best of both worlds – culture and natural beauty. There are many ways to enjoy this fascinating country, but the best way in absolute is by experiencing on an unforgettable Croatia yacht charter along the long and island strewn coastline. With a wide selection of Croatia charter yachts on offer, including both motor yachts and sailing yachts, and both superyachts and mega yachts, charter guests wishing to explore the Eastern Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea are sure to find the perfect vessel that best suits their needs. As well as the more luxury high end charter yachts Croatia also has many catamarans and gullets to choose from. For additional information and a professional service please, contact an experienced broker.

Split - Photo by Ante Verzotti - Photo courtesy of Croatian National Tourist Board

Split - Photo by Ante Verzotti - Photo courtesy of Croatian National Tourist Board

Sailing on a Luxury Croatian Yacht Charter: a Summary

Undoubtedly, Croatia is a fantastic choice when it comes to Mediterranean holidays and the best way to enjoy this beautiful country to the fullest is to venture into a Croatia luxury yacht charter of your lifetime. There is no better way of getting around its thousands of breath-taking islands and islets, enjoying the comfort and luxury of a five-star accommodation and service, than aboard a luxury yacht.  Imagine falling asleep with a sound of romantic Croatian music coming from a nearby village, and wake up the next morning to the sound of the sea and a spectacular view of the Eastern Adriatic coast; with your favourite breakfast already waiting for you!


Croatia is located in Southeast Europe on the eastern side of the Adriatic Sea. Croatia boat rentals often incorporate surrounding countries into their itineraries. Guests could embark/disembark in Venice, Italy or start/finish their Croatia yacht vacation further south in Montenegro, or for holidays of longer duration, continue further south to Turkey or Greece. The best time of the year to visit Croatia is at the either end of the European summer season. May/June or September/October are the least crowded months, with July and August being the busiest. The enjoyable Mediterranean climate is characteristic to the entire Adriatic coast, providing fabulous sailing conditions to cruise around the hundreds of enchanting islands and islets of Croatia.


Croatia represents a perfect combination of warm Mediterranean sea-side with cooler forests and mountains, boasting eight awe-inspiring national parks, including Brijuni, Kornati, Krka, Mljet, Northern Velebit, Paklenica, Plitvice Lakes and Risnjak. Of course, there are many other nature and historical parks also well worth a visit! Sailing its Mediterranean waters aboard a Croatia charter boat you might be lucky enough to come across the rare Mediterranean monk seal or swim with the dolphins. There are about 4300 plants and about the same amount of animal species that make up Croatia’s vast green land.


Rich in cultural heritage and history, Croatia boasts of countless museums, galleries, churches and monuments, many of which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Diocletian Palace found in the medieval Split is amongst the most important works of late-ancient architecture. Dubrovnik and its Old Town is located on the Adriatic Coast in Southern Croatia, features gothic, renaissance and baroque churches, monasteries and fountains. Dating back to the Hellenic era, Trogir is renowned for its charming roman churches and the magnificent Trogir Cathedral. St. Jacob’s Cathedral in Sibenik (built 1431-1535), also part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, was projected by three architects, and represents a beautiful and harmonious stone building.

Croatian Cuisine

Discerning guests on a Croatia luxury yacht charter will appreciate the mouth-watering, authentic Croatian cuisine. In addition to the early proto-Slavic roots the continental cuisine was influenced by Hungarian, Viennese and Turkish, with the coastal region being represented by Mediterranean influences of the Greek, Illyrian, Roman, Italian or French. You could choose to have the Chef prepare a fabulous meal, using only the freshest produce and ingredients and enjoy it dining al-fresco or in the luxurious setting of your yacht’s dining room; or, you could simply stroll down the romantic cobbled streets of one of the charming towns and savour the local specialities, surrounded by the vibrant Croatian night-life. Seafood, including cuttlefish, squid, octopus, shrimp, prawns, lobsters, is prepared in various ways, accompanied by fresh vegetables, olive oil, prosciutto and fantastic selection of Dalmatian wines.

Dubrovnik - Photo by Drazen Stojcic - Courtesy of Croatian National Tourist Board Dubrovnik Walls - Photo courtesy do Dubrovnik Tourist Board Dubrovnik - Photo Damir Fabijanic - Courtesy of Croatian National Tourist Board

Photo 1: Dubrovnik - Photo by Drazen Stojcic - Courtesy of Croatian National Tourist Board; Photo 2:  Dubrovnik Walls - Photo credit Dubrovnik Tourst Board; Photo 3: Dubrovnik - Photo Damir Fabijanic - Courtesy of Croatian National Tourist Board


Spreading numerous miles along the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, there our various possibilities for a Croatia superyacht charter itinerary. Some of the most popular destinations to visit include:


Brac, well known for its sandy beach ‘Bol’, which can be found on many Croatian post cards, is one destination not to be missed. This lovely island, with a small harbour is renowned for its limestone and dolomite composition, used for centuries as decorative stonework throughout the entire Dalmatia. Brac, just like the rest of the town and islands in Croatia, boasts a wealth of historic and cultural heritage, great local gastronomy, not to mention the beautiful beaches and pristine waters which are best seen by luxury yacht. More about Brac …


Dubrovnik, one of the most prominent destinations in Croatia, is more than thousand years old and this is well reflected in its rich history and culture. Since 1979, Dubrovnik’s Old Town is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites and is often included in Croatia luxury yacht charter itineraries, for variety of reasons; not only it offers fantastic insight into the bygone era, Dubrovnik is renowned for its vibrancy, great day/night life, festivals, events, top restaurants and bars, as well as shopping. One of the main features of the city are the ‘Walls of Dubrovnik’ built to protect it from intruders. More about Dubrovnik …


Amongst the best known islands of the Dalmatians and one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Hvar is a sought-after destination amongst yacht charterers and the world of elite. Hvar is covered in vast fields of lavender, ancient olive trees and vineyards. Hvar’s history goes back to the pre-historic times, with the ancient town of Stari Grad well worth the visit. It is surrounded by beautiful beaches and crystal blue waters. Hospitality and the local gastronomy, including fresh olive oil and local wine are part of the unforgettable and relaxing experience the island has to offer. And, as nighttime comes, be prepared for fantastic entertainment and lively atmosphere! More about Hvar …


The island of Korcula, one of the greenest in the Adriatic sea, offers visitors on Croatia yacht holiday plenty of tiny and secluded beaches and bays, as well as unparalleled views. The island is rich in history, culture and art. Its main town, also known as Korcula, is characterised by medieval walls with round towers and cluster of red-roofed houses. It is believed that Marco Polo (1254-1324) was born here! Visitors coming to Korcula will very likely have a unique opportunity to see the renowned sword dance, called Moreska, which is performed only on this island. More about Korcula …

Korcula - Photo by Sergio Gobbo - Courtesy of Croatian National Tourist Board Kornati - Author- Damir Fabijanic - Courtesy of Croatian National Tourist Board Mljet - Photo by Damir Fabijanic - Courtesy of Croatian National Tourist Board

Photo 1: Korcula - Photo by Sergio Gobbo - Courtesy of Croatian National Tourist Board; Photo 2: Kornati - Author- Damir Fabijanic - Courtesy of Croatian National Tourist Board; Photo 3: Mljet - Photo by Damir Fabijanic - Courtesy of Croatian National Tourist Board;


Teeming with beautiful underwater sea life, crystal clear water, sandy beaches and gentle sea breeze, Mljet is an idillic island to sail to. It is also renewed for olive grows, white and red wine as well as goat cheese. Its hills are covered with tick Mediterranean forest and greenery. Veliko and Malo Jazero are two salt lakes situated north on the island, with an old Benedictine monastery located in the middle of the Veliko Jazero; a true spectacle to view when approached aboard a boat. More about Mljet …


Located on Istria, the largest peninsula of the Adriatic, Pula’s main tourist attraction is perhaps the ancient Roman amphitheatre. When in Pula, you might like to see if there is an open-air performance held at the amphitheatre, for that special Mediterranean, under-the-stars experience. There is also the Arch of the Sergii, an ancient Roman triumphal arch, studied by such important artists as Michelangelo or Robert Adam. There are also plenty of great restaurants and cafes, art galleries and boutiques to discover. More about Pula …


Rogoznica is popular tourist destination, spreading about 54km along the Dalmatian coastline, reaching deep into the Adriatic sea. It is characterised by its unique climatological behaviour at Rogoznica’s Cape Planka, where the northern and southern winds, as well as different sea currents meet. Locals call it fight of ‘Bura and Jugo’ (northern and southern wind). Rogoznica acts as a natural partition of the Northern and Southern Adriatic sea. This picturesque little village is were yacht charterers can still experience the traditional Croatian way of life. Places to visit here include the “Eye of the Dragon” salt lake, the beautiful yacht harbour Marina Frapa and the small “Our Lady” chapel. Rogoznica is also a convenient location from where you can visit the renowned Krka national park with waterfalls, Kornati Islands or the breathtaking Plitvice Lakes. More about Rogoznica …

Church at Mount St. Jure, Biokovo National Park, Croatia – Photo credit Eduard Csekes MD

Photo: Church at Mount St. Jure, Biokovo National Park, Croatia – Photo credit Eduard Csekes MD


One of the most beautiful marinas in the Adriatic and the Eastern Mediterranean, Marina Frapa is located on the central Croatian coastline in Rogoznica. It is also conveniently located close to Sibenik and Split. The central part of the marina represents an artificially constructed island, with various facilities and services, and transit jetty of 396 metres, also suitable for mega yachts. The on-shore marina complex has further 10 jetties with 450 berths. Marina is often visited by discerning guests visiting on a Croatia mega yacht charter or private yacht holiday. More about Marina Frapa …


Picturesque and charming, Rovinj is known as the Blue Pearl of the Adriatic, and it was constructed on an island close to the coast. The island was connected to the mainland back in 1763 by filling in the channel that separated them. It is characterised by town walls and the old town gate - Balbi’s Arch (1680) as well as a late-Renaissance clock tower. Rovinj is also a lovely place to sunbathe and enjoy the warm Mediterranean summer with numerous beaches, bays and small pebble inlets. More about Rovinj …


Sibenik is situated in the middle of the Croatian coastline in a beautiful bay. Some of the many historical monuments to visit in Sibenik, include the St James Cathedral (1431-1536), which represents the most important architectonic monument of Croatian renaissance and is also on the UNESCO World Heritage list, the St Krsevan church (13th century), St Francis church (14th century), the city hall and the St Michael, St Ivan, Subicevac and St Nicholas fortresses. The traditional orange and black Sibenik hat is one of the main trademarks of city. More about Sibenik…

Primosten - Photo by Sergio Gobbo - Courtesy of Croatian National Tourist Board Krka - Author- Damir Fabijanic - Courtesy of Croatian National Tourist Board Plitvice Lakes - Photo by Juraj Kopac - Courtesy of Croatian National Tourist Board

Photo 1: Primosten - Photo by Sergio Gobbo - Courtesy of Croatian National Tourist Board; Photo 2: Krka - Author- Damir Fabijanic - Courtesy of Croatian National Tourist Board;  Photo 3: Plitvice Lakes - Photo by Juraj Kopac - Courtesy of Croatian National Tourist Board;


The Crown Jewel of Croatia, Split is one of the most important tourist destinations and the largest Croatian town along the coast of the Adriatic Sea. The famous Diocletian Palace is amongst the numerous historical sites to visit in this lively and vibrant city, together with St Duje cathedral, the Temple of Jupiter or the Peristil Square. For the wine enthusiasts the Enoteka Terra is the place to be, whereas the underground centre of Podrum or the Marmontova Street are the perfect places to enjoy some quality shopping time. More about Split …


Sukosan is a lovely luxury yacht vacation destination, with a long coastline and plenty of intimate inlets, pebble-stone beaches and crystal clear sea water. The narrow cobble-stone streets are full of romantic restaurants and lively bars, offering traditional cuisine and local Croatian wine.  The parish church if St. Kasijan, built in the 11th century, as well as the ruins of the f15th-century villa of the archbishop of Zadar are amongst the historical sites to view. More about Sukosan …


A historic town and harbour, Trogir is located on  a small island between the Croatian mainland and the island of Ciovo. Its beautiful historic centre has been on the list if UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1997 and is a sough-after destination, often included in Croatia luxury boat charter itineraries. It is one of the oldest and most exciting cities in Croatia and a real treasure to visit. In addition to the tourism industry, fishing and agriculture are the main sources of local income. Local people are friendly and charming, and you will find plenty of nice restaurants serving traditional Croatian food, including Dalmatian specialities or classic continental food, accompanied by local wine. More about Trogir …


Not far from Trogir,  a small charismatic fishing village called Vinisce can be found. There are quite a few little churches adding to the charm of Vinisce with the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Orihovica and the St Antun Padovanski church in Vinisce itself are well worth the visit. Several secluded bays and pebbled or sandy beaches can be found in the area, including Voluja, Ricevo Vrelo or Stari Trogir. There is a small marina, with plenty of cafes, bars, restaurants and a number of street markets to choose from. More about Vinisce …

Zadar is one of the major historical and cultural centres of Croatia, with plenty of activities and things to do. It is a great city to visit for those who are particularly interested in historical monuments, local artist, and Zadar’s colourful cultural heritage. It is a fantastic place to go for a stroll along the cobblestone streets and experience the contemporary life of the city. After a lovely long walk, you can enjoy one of its pastry shops and  restaurants or visit one of the theatres, museums or art exhibition. There are two unique spectacles not to be missed - the sound-and-light of the Sea Organ and the Sun Salutation. More about Zadar …


Due to its popularity as a Mediterranean summer destination for superyachts, there is a fantastic selection of Croatia charter superyachts available. To make sure you are provided with the best boat to suit your needs, please contact our experienced yacht charter brokers here. Based on your specific requirements, style and budget we will be able to provide you with a selection of the best motor yachts and sailing yachts. Because of Croatia’s popularity there is usually a very good selection from all types of private charters including the largest mega yachts and superyachts right down to smaller crewed luxury yachts whether they are catamarans or gullets.

Whatever your budget and whether you wish to have a vacation just with your friends or just with your family, or both, a luxury yacht charter in Croatia is one of the Mediterranean’s most impressive and most popular sailing highlights and somewhere you are bound to remember very fondly for the rest of your life.


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