Croatia Yacht Charter Reviews

How did our actual superyacht charter clients review Croatia as a yacht charter destination after their recent yacht rental holiday there?

Croatia Yacht Charter Vacation Reviews

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How did our charter clients personally review Croatia? Did they rate it as a good yacht charter destination after their recent yacht rental holiday there? Below, you can read their comments from the last recent season.

  • Sally, Just as we’re wrapping up and about to leave the yacht Annabell, I wanted to let you know that we had a great week and that the crew were absolutely wonderful. Kerri was amazing with service and details and very nice as well, her husband Robi very friendly and charming, as well as an absolutely first rate chef - meals were fabulous. Captain Ralph was also very nice and helpful - offering good advice and a pleasure to talk to as well. Savo and Tristan are both great lads and super helpful and friendly! I would be happy to recommend this crew to any of your clients. We had a wonderful week as a family together. P.S.
Yacht ANNABEL II / A Croatia Yacht Charter / August 28 – September 4, 2018
  • Sally, The cruise was wonderful and crew and yacht met our expectations completely. Everybody was very friendly and professional. The chef Robby prepared excellent food and Kerry really spoiled us! Most importantly, nobody got seasick! M.W.
Motor Yacht ANNABEL II / A Croatia Charter Review / August 17 – 24 2018
  • Hi Sally, It truly was an unforgettable experience. The entire crew was exceptional and the amenities and boat were superb!! If I had the money and the time, I would do this again next year but hopefully will return in a couple. Thanks for everything! Thanks again. C.E.
Catamaran OPAL / A Croatia Yacht Charter Review / September 15 – 22, 2018
  • Hi Amanda! I arrived home last night. Our week on Navilux was wonderful! The boat is beautiful! The crew was amazing. The food was excellent! Our entire group thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Croatia is a beautiful country. Thank you for your help throughout the process. S.
Yacht NAVILUX / A Split to Dubrovnik Charter/ September 9 – 16, 2018
  • Josh, the charter was amazing, everything was perfect: crew, water, food, service, toys, jetski... All in all was it really good. P.A.
M/Y GRACE / Split-Split, Croatia / 28 July – 4 August 2018
  • Hello Amanda! Back home and already in the office… Amazing crew and boat! We all had a great time! Olav sure is a very capable captain, manager and team builder. He has everything under control without much stress. Giordana is a great chief hostess, excellent singer and bar-woman!!! We had lots of fun with her shows and great hangovers with her Negronis and Dirty Dry Martinis. Bernadette is the perfect stewardess… very discreet and lovely at the same time, and always there for us... Rich is the best chef we had so far. He really spoilt the kids... I’ll need two months to recover from his homemade breads… Sean and Mathew are great guys, they were always there for us in the back of the boat… The boat was very well maintained… should also thank Jorge and Tricia. I would definitely recommend these guys to any of my friends. The boat, although a 1993 vessel, is very well made (Hessen) and maintained. RM
MY BRAZIL / Croatia / 16 – 23 July 2018
  • Thanks so much Amanda - the boat was wonderful!! We had a wonderful trip! There were some unexpected bumps along the way but we know that is how international travel sometimes goes! We all agreed that YOUR communication with us and guidance along the way was top notch! The boat was impeccable and the places we visited in Croatia were simply breathtaking! Not sure who had more fun jumping off the top the adults or the kids! :) We will definitely call on you again for our next trip in 2021!! We hope we weren’t too much trouble and that you will help us again!! Thanks so much again for all of your help and guidance Amanda! I hope it’s ok that I sent your info to my parents and a bunch of their friends. -THANK SO MUCH AGAIN! AK
Gulet CESARICA / Split – Dubrovnik, Croatia / June 23-30, 2018
  • Hi Martha, We just returned home after staying in split for two nights which was great. We had the best time... The yacht was fantastic, not one single complaint and the crew were just wonderful. Ashton and Milena were particularly phenomenal and really made the trip that much more fantastic but everyone was very warm sweet and welcoming. Food was delicious. Neil did a great job. I would highly recommend ASHA and the crew and would definitely book again. Best, SD
M/Y ASHA / Split, Croatia / June 20-28, 2018
  • Colin - Thank you for the most amazing week. Croatia is spectacular! We had an awesome trip. Food was fantastic and who can forget Anna’s special salad. Thanks for everything. Love, IP
S/Y SEA BLISS / Dubrovnik – Sibenik / June 23-30, 2018
  • Trina, everything was great :) We really enjoyed our time on the yacht. Captain Boris was very nice, as were Maria and Gaga. We couldn’t have asked for a better crew. Thank you for all of your help with it. We were able to check out a few islands and using a yacht is definitely something we plan on doing again in the future! M.A
S/Y OPAL / Croatia, Adriatic / May 2018
  • Amanda, The trip was incredible. We had a GREAT time. Service was excellent, boat was as promised and the area is without a doubt one of the most gorgeous regions I have ever visited. Captain Vojo and Jiri were amazing as was their entire crew. They clearly went out of their way to ensure we had an outstanding holiday. Thumbs up and I would (and will) return in a minute. Very happy customer.
MY SEAGULL / Croatia / AUGUST 19-24
  • Martha, we are sadly back at home after an amazing trip in Dalmatia. Captain Mirko and his crew were beyond our expectations and we all sadly said goodbye yesterday as we disembarked ALBA. The weather was great, the sites phenomenal, and the food on and off the boat exquisite. I would recommend the experience we just lived to everyone… Thank you for helping us connect with Mirko and co. 
ALBA / Dalmatia / September 
  • Josh, The charter on Domenica was fantastic. The crew were very professional, the chef very passionate & innovative & the skipper Lovor was a standout. We were only the 2nd charter that they had done as I believe the owner is very particular & only wanting to do a few charters a year. The crew were obviously used to a hard marker in the owner & this showed in every aspect of their service. The service from yourself was also very professional & most attentive so I really appreciated that. It made the whole experience a very easy & seamless one. I look forward to dealing with you again next year when we are thinking of a 7-10 day charter for 8 guests around Corsica & perhaps Sardinia in mid-June. We will stay in touch.
DOMENICA / Croatia / September 2 – 9
  • Hi Amanda, after 36 hours of adjustment, the Journey found its pace and the crew has been terrific. They very kindly arranged for us to spend nights in the most beautiful bays, arranged great restaurants, water sports and have been very very nice to all of us, so a big thanks to them and to all of you who made this happen. Needless to re-confirm that they very much deserve the full gratuity/tip I had left with you, for them. Thanks again Amanda for once again a fantastic trip!
CESARICA / Croatia / August
  • Sally, they were very pleased with everything and had a great time. Thank you!
Annabel II / Croatia / August 10 – 20
  • Hi Reia, You beat me to the email. We got in late last night. We could not have been happier with the boat, the crew and the location. The crew could not do enough for us. It was an absolute privilege to have such a week like we did. Everything was perfect and we had so much fun. The food was incredible too and everything we requested. Please pass on our thanks again to our captain and our crew. I would also like the captain’s email as I have some very memorable photos he has requested to be sent to him. We enjoyed the week so much we are talking about the next one. Stewart will be in touch with our brief. Thanks for all your amazing efforts. Warm regards
NAVILUX / Croatia / August 
  • Hi Trina, We really loved this trip. The yacht was amazing, with all area usable. The crew was the best so far. They really went above and beyond, which made us enjoy this trip just a little bit more than all the others. This boat and crew really is amazing.  Thanks again for helping us out on this trip. We are thinking about going to Croatia in late summer or early fall.  Keep an eye out for a good yacht for us. M/Y BALAJU / Dec 30 – Bahamas
  • We have just completed a three week cruise of the Croatian waters aboard Annabel II and are so completely delighted I am compelled to report back for other prospective travelers. We began our cruise in Tavit, Montenegro with three couples/friends and voyaged NW stopping at islands along the Dalmatian Coast, finally making an interim stop in Izola, Slovenia where three other couples/friends replaced the first group. The second leg took us SE, basically retracing the first leg, but invariably stopping/anchoring at different bays and villages. It helps that these cruising waters are simply outstanding in every way: beautiful bays, quaint and historical harbors, 78 degree water, great swimming, hiking, killer sunsets, stand up paddle boarding, interesting and historical villages. Many beautiful and HUGE yachts ply these waters, but I never felt like we were merely tourists as so often is the case in other popular European destinations. We WILL return as there are over a thousand islands, all with their individual charms. The yacht was eminently satisfactory with jacuzzi, music system, TVs everywhere, a huge master stateroom etc., etc. Annabel II also possesses a tuned piano which did get used. But the greatest delight was our crew consisting of Captain Andrew, Engineer Nathan, Stewardess Hayley and Chef Dee Dee. By the way, Hayley and Nathan are married. All are Kiwis and proud of it. Compare them with Aussies at your risk. Under Andrew the crew operated seamlessly and anchoring/tying up was akin to performance art. As a boater in Southern California I appreciated and was amazed at the teamwork. And the gourmet meals!!! Breakfast was prepared to individual wishes. One morning I asked for crepes expecting to be told it wasn't planned for and not available. Instead Chef Dee Dee dug up a recipe from her vast repetoire, including Nutella spread and surprised me with a fabulous breakfast. Lunch was typically an ample buffet. And dinners were just fabulous, each different with elaborate place settings and napkins folded using origami rules.  Individual dietary needs were always respected, and the meals were healthy. M/Y ANNABEL II / Croatia / July Part 1
I really can't say enough good things about this crew.
  • Our Annabell II voyage was even more special than we imagined—and we were imagining something great.  The crew was warm and friendly, making the boat a real home for us all.  We seemed to find one great place after another to cruise and to land.  We particularly enjoyed the chance for water recreation in the wonderful Adriatic—our stops in coves were special, as were the stunning towns we visited.  It seemed as though we cruised casually, very unlike the structured programs that big ships offer and wonderful for us.  What a way to see the beautiful Croatian Coast!  Many thanks for connecting us to such a great boat and crew! M/Y ANNABEL II / Croatia / July  Part 2
  • Our boat trip is over, unfortunately, and we fly home today.  Our experience on board can be summarized in one word EXCELLENCE! EXCELLENCE in crew, EXCELLENCE in the boat, EXCELLENCE in the kitchen, EXCELLENCE in guest treatment, EXCELLENCE in all aspects, Just EXCELLENCE in the whole experience. We all enjoyed it tremendously.  Thanking you all for this memorable trip, and till next our next adventure. S/Y AOIBH / Croatia / Aug 7 - 12 
  • Dear Amanda, Thanks for the great vacations everything is super the boat, the crew and the place. M/Y IMAGINE / Croatia / Aug 3 – 10 
  • Dear Amanda, I’m very happy to inform you the family just told us they had a an extraordinary experience on board “Va Bene” They loved everything, the yacht, the crew, the places, the food, the climate…..I really would like to thank you for all your support to making out of this an exceptional one! Hope to have the opportunity to organize something else soon. Working with you is always a pleasure. M/Y VA BENE / Croatia / July 
  • Hello Sally, Magrathea is a great yacht. In very good condition and well prepared by the crew. Becky and Giles form an outstanding crew. Excellent in sailing, cooking, finding appropriate moorings, with a permanent sense of service, willing to make us have the best holidays on the boat. Which they did successfully. They are by far the best crew we ever had and would highly recommend them. S/Y MARGRATHEA / Croatia / July 9 – 19
  • Sally, FIDUCIA was very well maintained and suited our requirements perfectly. Captain Tony was great, very inclusive in itinerary discussions, and nothing was ever a problem. Our hostess, Carla, was delightful. Very together and capable. We would highly recommend both of them. Meals were clean, fresh and simple, just as we requested.& MY FIDUCIA / Split to Split / June 30 – July 1, 2017
  • We had a truly wonderful trip, Amanda. What a wonderful boat and crew. Thanks for everything you did to make it possible. Gulet CESARIKA / Croatia / July 
  • Amanda, The crew are fantastic as is the weather. We are enjoying. MY NOMI / June  / Croatia
  • An absolutely stunning trip. Weather was great, the crew were fantastic and we thought Annabel II was an amazing boat (lots of space). M/Y ANNABEL II / Croatia / June 

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