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HYS Yachts delivers 45m Luxury Explorer Yacht CKLASS – A former fisheries vessel

July 13, 2015

Philippines-based refit and restoration yard, HYS Yachts, has successfully delivered motor yacht CKLASS, a former Japanese fisheries vessel, converted into a luxury explorer. Previously known as ‘Sakae Maru’, superyacht CKLASS is expected to enjoy the waters of the fabulous Southeast Asia yacht charter locations at least for one season.

45m explorer yacht CKLASS under sea trials

45m explorer yacht CKLASS under sea trials

The conversion of luxury yacht CKLASS began in April 2013, and was completed in May 2015. The vessel now boasts a private owner’s penthouse suite with Jacuzzi, an open-air lounge aft, a generous 60 square meter saloon, a bar, formal dining, as well as kitchenette area. Moreover, there is an amazing al fresco dining deck, a helideck and an outdoor entertainment platform. CKLASS also offers a gym, a cinema, four gorgeous en-suite guest suites and a huge tender deck, which can be also utilized as a beach club lounge area with fold-out water-level side terraces.

New exciting 43m explorer yacht project with four design options unveiled by HYS Yachts

April 17, 2015

Philippines-based company, HYS Yachts, has proudly unveiled four amazing design options for a new exciting 43m world-class, long-range explorer yacht project. Each 43m HYS superyacht design can be fully customized to the most specific requirements of the client.

43m explorer yacht Optimus design by HYS Yachts

43m explorer yacht Optimus design by HYS Yachts

The 43m HYS expedition yacht design variations include motor yacht OPTIMUS with an aft beach club with seating, bar, massage and gym facilities; luxury yacht THALASSA with space for one 8m unlimited air draft tender and other water toys; superyacht PONTUS  with space for dual 8m unlimited air draft tenders; and AETHER yacht with two 7-meter low-profile tenders, as well as a helideck capable of landing a 2-ton helicopter.

43m superyacht Thalassa design

43m superyacht Thalassa design

Each 43m HYS luxury yacht design will be constructed upon a 43-metre Japanese government ice strengthened hull with dynamic positioning capability. The vessels will boast such new features as a zero speed stabilizer system, dynamic positioning capability, an 8,000 NM range, and much more.

43m luxury yacht Pontus design

43m luxury yacht Pontus design

HYS Yachts, well known as the world leader in explorer yacht conversions with 10 successful conversions completed to date, stated that their 43m explorer yacht projects will not be a typical conversion as is generally understood by yacht owners or the yachting industry. These will be “Highbred” yacht projects.

43m super yacht Aether design

43m super yacht Aether design

Unlike typical conversions”, HYS Naval Architect Simon Jupe explainswe aren’t just re-arranging existing spaces of an existing  vessel… this is a full-on new build executed on top of an exceptionally engineered and maintained Japanese government hull and prime mover system.

APS Philippines provides support for recovery of famed warship found by motor yacht OCTOPUS

March 30, 2015

Built by Lurssen to a design by Espen Oeino in 2003, motor yacht Octopus has recently made history with one of the most important WW2 discoveries in recent history. Boasting the state-of-the-art equipment, the 126-metre mega yacht Octopus found the wreck of Japan’s biggest warship Musashi in the northern Philippines.

126m superyacht Octopus - Photo by Asia Pacific Superyachts Philippines

126m superyacht Octopus – Photo by Asia Pacific Superyachts Philippines

Asia Pacific Superyachts Philippines was proud to provide logistical and shore support for the mission which was challenging on many fronts. APS Philippines representative Richard Lofthouse said of the find, “We are thrilled to be able to provide support for the vessel on this mission. There were plenty of logistics involved and our team was tested to the limit; but we were able to meet the challenges. APS Philippines is a relatively new operation so this was a big task. We are thrilled to be part of it and the result is a reflection on the professionalism of the ship and the ground support.”

Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen, staged a live-stream tour of the sunken Japanese battleship as reported by CBS Tokyo which includes a video of “Underwater exploration of the Musashi wreck”. It was further reported debris scattered over a large area at the bottom of the sea in the Philippines indicate that the massive Japanese World War II battleship Musashi was blown into pieces in an undersea explosion 70 years ago.

Experts from a research team analyzing a live feed from an unmanned underwater probe Friday said they believe the Musashi suffered at least one explosion while descending in the 3,280.84-foot deep sea. Except for an initial series of partial photos and images of the ship, Friday’s more than 2 ½ hour feed was the first detailed imagery showing the current status of the ship.

“The Musashi sank in October 1944 in the Sibuyan Sea during the battle of Leyte, losing half of its 2,400 crew. It was last seen disappearing into the water in one piece. The wreck is actually very damaged,” said David Mearns, a marine scientist on the Musashi research team. “It appears she suffered at least one, if not two, magazine explosions which would have sheered off the bow and the stern, and its entire middle section of its super-structure.”

The research team, sponsored by Microsoft co-founder and entrepreneur Paul Allen, was the first to successfully locate the ship, just ahead of the 70th anniversary of the war’s end later this year.

55m motor yacht ARK ANGEL wrapped by HYS Yachts

March 23, 2015

Based in Subic Bay Philippines, HYS Yachts, well known as the world’s leading yacht conversion facility, is breaking new ground in the Asian region by being the first to “Foil Wrap” the full exterior of one of their superyacht projects, motor yacht Ark Angel. The 55-meter superyacht Ark Angel represents the largest yacht ever wrapped in Asia.

55m super yacht Ark Angel wrapped by HYS Yachts

55m super yacht Ark Angel wrapped by HYS Yachts

Foil wrapping – originally a German born technology – enables a special type of “shrink” film to be semi-permanently grafted to prepared surfaces of virtually any size or shape.

“The beauty of this type of application is that it’s so much faster and cost-effective than traditional painting methods,” HYS President Mark Prangnell says. “We wrapped the entire hull and superstructure of Ark Angel in just two weeks and for about half the cost of applying a typical painted finish.”

Prangnell notes that painting the same surface area would have taken approximately 3 months.

“We see this technology as the next step in exterior yacht finishing,” Prangnell continues. “This material not only looks great, but its ease and speed of application ensures minimal impact upon a project’s build timeline and budget.”

Foil wrapping is available in a wide spectrum of colors and includes a 5-year warranty.

45m Cklass Yacht to be delivered by HYS Yachts soon

March 17, 2015

A former Japanese fisheries vessel, motor yacht Cklass has been converted into a beautiful 45-metre world explorer by HYS Yachts. Superyacht Cklass is just weeks away from sea trials and delivery. Her owner was so thrilled with the outcome of his shiny new 45 meter that he has decided to sell Cklass upon completion and order an 80 meter from HYS immediately.

45m explorer motor yacht Cklass nearing completion at HYS Yachts

45m explorer motor yacht Cklass nearing completion at HYS Yachts

The Cklass superyacht project includes a private owner’s penthouse suite, crow’s nest and Jacuzzi, a helideck (which doubles as an outdoor entertainment platform), four guest cabins, a tender deck complete with twin 6.5m tenders launched by dual beam-lifts, a four-deck guest elevator, zero-speed stabilizers, bow and stern thrusters, and a 10,000nm range.

HYS, a veteran of 14 major conversion projects and scores of refit contracts has significantly changed the game with their “Highbred” Cklass yacht project.

“Cklass is as close as you can get to a new build… without the price tag” said HYS President Mark Prangnell.  “What’s important to note about this project is that this isn’t a mere conversion as the yachting industry commonly understands the term; this project is more accurately described as a ‘Highbred’ yacht.”

“Our Highbred construction model… which we initiated with Cklass”, Prangnell continues “is much more efficient to build while affording the owner greater leeway in customizing the internal/external arrangement to their satisfaction.”

“A typical yacht conversion” HYS Naval Architect Simon Jupe explains, “essentially involves physically altering existing spaces within a vessel. Using a ‘Highbred’ project workflow, the only items we retain from the original vessel is the meticulously maintained Japanese Government hull and prime mover systems. Everything else – from deckhouse construction to exterior and interior fit-out to hotel services and all supporting equipment – is all brand new and as-per the owner’s requirement.”

Luxury expedition yacht Cklass will go on the market in early April for an asking price US $13.8m.

Paul Allen’s 126m motor yacht OCTOPUS finds sunken Japanese WWII Battleship Musashi

March 05, 2015

Using historical records from four countries, detailed undersea topographical data, as well as advanced technology aboard his 126-metre motor yacht Octopus, philanthropist and entrepreneur Paul G. Allen has located the Musashi, one of the two largest and most technologically advanced battleships in naval history. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the conclusion of World War II, and the finding of the battleship is an important milestone in the annals of naval history.

Paul G. Allen's 126m mega yacht Octopus - Photo Credit Lurssen Yachts

Paul G. Allen’s 126m mega yacht Octopus – Photo Credit: Lurssen Yachts

Mr. Allen and his team of researchers began their search for the Musashi aboard mega yacht Octopus more than eight years ago. Mr. Allen and his team located the battleship in the Sibuyan Sea on March 1, 2015.

Despite numerous eyewitness accounts, the exact location of the ship was unknown. The team combined historical data with advanced technology to narrow the search area. Mr. Allen commissioned a hypsometric bathymetric survey of the ocean floor to determine the terrain. This data was used to eliminate large areas for the search team and also resulted in the discovery of five new geographic features on the floor of the Sibuyan Sea. In February 2015, the team set out to conduct the final phase of the search using a BlueFin-12 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV). Because the search area had been so narrowly defined by the survey, the AUV was able to detect the wreckage of Musashi on only its third dive. A Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) with a high-definition camera confirmed the identity of the wreckage as Musashi.

This is the bow of the Musashi, which would have had a large teak chrysanthemum, the Imperial Seal of Japan. (PRNewsFoto/Paul G. Allen)

This is the bow of the Musashi, which would have had a large teak chrysanthemum, the Imperial Seal of Japan. (PRNewsFoto/Paul G. Allen)

“Since my youth, I have been fascinated with World War II history, inspired by my father’s service in the U.S. Army,” said Mr. Allen. “The Musashi is truly an engineering marvel and, as an engineer at heart, I have a deep appreciation for the technology and effort that went into its construction. I am honored to play a part in finding this key vessel in naval history and honoring the memory of the incredible bravery of the men who served aboard her.”

Commissioned in 1942, the Musashi was the largest battleship in naval history, weighing in at 73,000 tons fully loaded. It featured eighteeninch armor plating and was armed with nine eighteen-inch guns, the largest ever mounted on a warship. Utmost secrecy was maintained by the shipyard in Nagasaki during the construction; the entire length of the ship was hidden from view to prevent the Allied Forces from learning of its construction. Active in several battles, including the Battle of the Philippine Sea, the Musashi was eventually sunk by an estimated 19 torpedoes and 17 bombs on October 24, 1944 in the lead up to the Battle of Leyte Gulf.  Of Musashi’s 2,399 crew members, nearly half lost their lives including the Commander Vice Admiral Toshihira Inoguchi. Even today, the Musashi and her sister ship, the Yamato, are considered to be unparalleled feats of naval design and construction.

The Musashi carried two 15-ton anchors. The starboard anchor remains in place. (PRNewsFoto/Paul G. Allen)

The Musashi carried two 15-ton anchors. The starboard anchor remains in place. (PRNewsFoto/Paul G. Allen)

Mr. Allen and his research team are mindful of the responsibility related to the wreckage of the Musashi as a war grave and intend to work with the Japanese government to ensure the site is treated respectfully and in accordance with Japanese traditions.

Built by Lurssen to a design by Espen Oeino in 2003, the outstanding 126-metre superyacht Octopus is regularly used for exploration projects, scientific research initiatives and rescue missions. In 2012, Mr. Allen and the Octopus underwater teams participated in the exploration of the wreck of the HMS Hood, in conjunction with the British Navy.

Former Japanese fisheries vessel to be converted into 45m explorer motor yacht Cklass Nautique by HYS Yachts

December 18, 2014

Philippines-based refit shipyard, HYS Yachts, is currently working on the transformation of a former Japanese fisheries vessel into a rugged yet opulent go anywhere 45-metre explorer motor yacht Cklass Nautique.

45m explorer superyacht Cklass Nautique

The boat was previously known as the Sakae Maru and before its retirement in early 2011, it spent many years cruising the length and breadth of Japan as a government fisheries training vessel.

Knowing that this sturdy, immaculately maintained vessel would be perfectly suited for a long-range luxury explorer conversion, HYS purchased it shortly after being released from government service.

After all fit-out and functionality requirements were hammered out with its new owner, the conversion process began in April of 2013.

When the 45m explorer superyacht Cklass Nautique emerges from the HYS facility in mid February 2015, she will include a 45 square meter owner’s penthouse with Jacuzzi (forward) and open air lounge (aft), massive 60 square meter saloon, bar, formal dining and kitchenette area, 30 square meter alfresco dining deck, a 70 square meter helideck and outdoor entertainment platform, gymnasium, cinema, four en-suite guest accommodations and a 80 square meter tender deck which – when clear of tenders and other toys – doubles as a “beach club” lounge area with fold-out water-level side terraces.

YachtAid Global donates $20K to people of Philippines in partnership with Remote Medical International

January 16, 2014

November 8, 2013, saw Typhoon Haiyan devastate the Philippines, claiming thousands of lives and affecting more than ten million people. In response, YachtAid Global (YAG) and Remote Medical International (RMI) partnered to quadruple funds received through each company’s matching donation campaigns. After matching the donations raised through YachtAid Global, the company transferred $6K+ to the RMI Typhoon Relief Fund. Subsequently, Remote Medical International matched their total for a final donation of over $20K to Team Rubicon, a veteran-based disaster relief organization, providing fast action medical response to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.


“Our volunteers bridge the gap between the point at which a disaster strikes and the time it takes larger aid organizations to get fully operational on the ground,” said Team Rubicon’s Kirk Jackson.

By 21 November 2013 Team Rubicon deployed 65 volunteers to conduct assessments, to provide medical assistance, and to support relief distribution operations in the Philippines. From delivering babies in Tanauan to stabilizing a field hospital in Carigara, 100% of the RMI & YAG donations assisted Team Rubicon in providing immediate and effective aid in the Philippines’ most devastated areas.

“RMI specializes in remote medicine for unconventional environments worldwide,” said Kate Earle, RMI Medical Coordination Specialist. “A natural disaster of this magnitude—particularly in an area like the Central Philippines which is geographically remote with limited infrastructure post-typhoon—requires universal support, and we strongly believe in being of service to the global community.”

In addition to a monetary donation, RMI also shipped over $6K of medical supplies including medications for pain control, anesthesia, and antibiotics. “Our hearts and thoughts go out to those affected by Typhoon Haiyan,” said RMI CEO, Brian Vincent, “And, we commend all first responders for their courageous service.”

Mark Drewelow, Founder of YachtAid Global added,
“YachtAid Global is proud to be able to be able to assist quickly and efficiently with aid to the disaster area via the newly created program. When we can’t get yachts to a location fast enough, this is the next best way we can help as a humanitarian organization.”

New Washington Yacht Club Resort to be developed in Aklan, Philippines

July 19, 2013

The New Washington Yacht Club Resort (NWYCR) is likely to become the Philippines’ first fully-integrated yacht club resort and will be developed surrounded by the hills and waters of New Washington, Aklan — unveiling the fabulous Tinagong Dagat.

New Washington Yacht Club Resort

New Washington Yacht Club Resort

As initially envisioned by ADS Group, NWYCR will take off from a 20-hectare interim resort master planned by one of the world’s top architectural firm, Palafox Associates led by the world-renowned, multi-awarded architect, environmental planner, urban planner and development consultant, Arch. Felino “Jun” Palafox, Jr.

The interim resort will house the following state of the art, world-class amenities and facilities:

Luxury Marina

  • Yacht Club Resort
  • Boutique Hotel
  • Ship  Yard/ Super Yacht Yard
  • Water Taxi / Ferry Terminal
  • Floating Restaurant/s
  • Floating Villas
  • Offices/ Shopping Arcade
  • Medical Triage
  • Gas Station
  • Sports Complex
  • Indoor Shooting Range
  • Jetski
  • Kayaking
  • Indoor Tennis and Basketball Courts
  • Parasailing
  • Speed Boating
  • Wake Boarding

    New Washington Yacht Club Resort

    New Washington Yacht Club Resort

  • New Washington Yacht Club Resort boasts of a higher class of leisure living that will cater to the best of the world. It will be a luxury yacht marina and a waterfront community, which will gratify the needs of the growing community of superyacht owners. The favourable position of New Washington in the secluded part of Aklan, together with the proximity of Kalibo International Airport, makes it a favourable location for a yacht club resort.

    NWYCR will be the first comprehensive state-of-the-art marina in the region. It will eventually offer berths of all sizes as part of a full-service community of luxury apartments, shops, restaurants and other sports and entertainment amenities. The marina will have berths for yachts and super yachts, up to 150m long.

    New Washington Yacht Club Resort

    New Washington Yacht Club Resort

    NWYCR is a phased development: starting with a 20-hectare Phase 1 concentrated on the above-itemised amenities and facilities.

    Upcoming projects for Phases 2 and 3 will be the New Washington Golf Resort, Spa Resort, Electrical Power Plant, Desalination Plant, Cable Cars, Sea Planes and Flight School which will all be incorporated into building New Washington’s Aquapolis, Agropolis, and Ecopolis – all patterned for Eco-tourism, Environmental Design and Green Urbanism.

    Palafox Associates was elected to master plan and design the entirely new yacht club resort and residential community of NWYCR. The proposal respected both the local architectural inheritance and the natural habitat while creating something genuinely new and avoiding pastiche. In master planning the resort, the practice took as its guiding influence the seminal work of Filipino urban planner Jun Palafox, who underlines the importance of preserving the environment, recognising social equity and helping better the economy.

    Southeast Asia Yacht Charter for Big Fish, Spirit and Dyna yacht

    July 10, 2013

    Following their busy Mediterranean charter season, superyacht BIG FISH, luxury yacht SPIRIT and the recently launched Benetti charter yacht DYNA will be available for SouthEast Asia yacht charter. All three of these fantastic vessels provide great safety, comfort, luxury and are amongst the best for Asia Pacific yacht charter, so you can truly relax and enjoy your dream holiday.



    SouthEast Asia Superyacht Charter

    Southeast Asia superyacht charter offers a unique and memorable holiday experience. The region boasts astonishing cultural diversity as well as varied landscape, including breathtaking secluded beaches, hill-side villages, busy cities and mountainous rain-forests. Cruising South East Asia charter guests will be welcomed by friendly locals, calm waters and long sandy beaches. Some of the most popular destinations for luxury superyachts include Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia and Philippines.

    Palawan Beach - Image credit Phillippines Tourism Board

    Palawan Beach - Image credit Phillippines Tourism Board

    Thailand Yacht Charter

    Everything you read about Thailand Yacht Charter is true! Pearly white sand beaches, relaxing under coconut palm trees and crystal clear waters are all there to await you. Here you can be sure to find a private bit of paradise completely to yourself. Chartering a superyacht in Thailand means complete freedom of cruising and discovering new destinations.  Thailand, Phuket and the Andaman Sea are becoming increasingly popular as top yacht charter destinations thanks to the array of interesting things do see and do, and yacht charterers truly feel like they are in a very different place from home.

    Thailand yacht charter

    Thailand yacht charter

    Myanmar Superyacht Charter

    Myanmar superyacht charter or Burma yacht charter, is another unique and special experience, providing yacht charterers with holidays that are truly one-of-a-kind. There are over 800 tropical islands to discover, with excitement and thrilling adventures coming in all shapes and sizes. Once you experience Myanmar (Burma) luxury motor yacht or sailing yacht charter, you will keep coming back for more.

    Myanmar - Image credit Myanmar Tourism Board

    Myanmar - Image credit Myanmar Tourism Board

    Indonesia Yacht Charter

    Indonesia is massive, and there is also a massive selection of destinations to visit on your next Indonesia yacht charter vacation. There is the untamed tropical wilderness, the endless amount of islands and the fabulous coastlines to enjoy. Some of the most popular parts of Indonesia to discover include the romantic ports of Ambon, Makassar, Jakarta and Bali. This area has a rich seafaring history dating back to the spice trade and beyond. Bali, a renowned holiday destination, is situated near east Java. If you prefer relaxation and seclusion, however, there is also Flores and Irian Jaya with their thousands of undisturbed remote and tiny virgin islands, which will seem very distant from the busy tourist crowds of Java and Bali.

    Bali Art Festival ke-35- “Taksu” Inspirasi dan Kharisma - Image credit

    Bali Art Festival ke-35- “Taksu” Inspirasi dan Kharisma - Image credit

    Philippines Yacht Charter

    Made up of over 7,000 islands, Philippines yacht charter offers an amazing holiday experience in a place which has long been a crossroads of trade routes, influenced by China, Japan, Malaysia, Spain, and the US overlaying the native cultures. Following decades of political disruption, the country has only recently begun to become a leisure travel destination, meaning that the vast amount of stunning natural sights are practically undeveloped with very little tourists around. Philippines is a country made for exploration by luxury superyacht. Here you will enjoy diving with barracudas and whale sharks, hold the world’s smallest primate, climb volcanoes, drift along an underground river, and perhaps discover something entirely new amongst these exotic, relaxed islands.

    Palawan Philippines

    Palawan Philippines


    Expedition charter yacht BIG FISH

    Big Fish yacht is an explorer type displacement vessel, measuring 45 metres and was designed by Greg Marshall Design. She was launched in New Zealand by McMullen & Wing in 2010, boasting powerful styling and is a modern blue water, stable, functional and comfortable explorer superyacht. She is currently available for charter in the following areas:

    July: Cruising Thailand and Indonesia

    August / September: Unavailable

    October / November / December:  South-East Asia (Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines)

    BIG FISH -  Main

    BIG FISH - Main

    Accommodation about Explorer Big Fish is offered in five double staterooms, all with en-suite bathrooms, sleeping a maximum of 10 guests. The main deck guest cabins are convertible into two VIP suites, with the beds folding back against the wall, providing flexibility. Big Fish has an excellent selection of water toys and amenities, in addition to her 28ft customised McMullen & Wing tender.

    BIG FISH -  Spa Pool

    BIG FISH - Spa Pool

    Luxury yacht SPIRIT

    Luxury yacht SPIRIT is a fabulous AMELS built vessel, from the Amels Limited Editions 177 yacht range, currently cruising the Mediterranean. Following her Med yacht charter season, SPIRIT yacht will head for South East Asia and be available for yacht charter in Maldives during the Russian holiday (1-10 November). She will then cruise further East and be based out of Southeast Asia and head back to Europe for 2014 Mediterranean summer yacht charter.

    Luxury superyacht SPIRIT

    Luxury superyacht SPIRIT

    The 54 m Amels charter yacht SPIRIT features sleek and elegant exterior design by Tim Heywood, combined with light and contemporary interior design by Nuvolari Lenard, offering comfortable accommodation to up to 11 charter guests. Guests will find comfort in one master suite, two VIP cabins, one double and one twin cabin. The sixth cabin has now been converted into a dedicated spa area. Her special features include an amazing massage and beauty therapy room along with a masseuse and a yoga instructor; as well as a gym located on the deck with great views to enjoy while working out.

    Guests will find a spacious sun deck and a top deck, which can entertain up to 100 guests and also features a professional teppanyaki grill. There is also the custom hot tub located on the bow as well as the epicurean style galley. Superyacht Spirit is also equipped with an outstanding selection of Sea Doo’s, mopeds, windsurfers, canoes as well as tenders.

    Benetti Classic 121 DYNA yacht

    The brand new Benetti Classic 121 DYNA yacht is another fabulous charter yacht heading to Southeast Asia, featuring exterior design by Stefano Righini and beautiful interior by Francois Zuretti. Luxury yacht DYNA boasts 5 beautifully appointed suites, which include a full-beam master suite, two double cabin and two twin cabin. She will be available for yacht rent around Singapore, Thailand and Myanmar, from December 2013 to mid April 2014.

    Launch of Benetti motor yacht DYNA

    Launch of Benetti motor yacht DYNA

    DYNA yacht’s Francois Zuretti interior was created in collaboration with her Owners, and boasts a combination of lacquered wood with marble finishes and luxurious soft furnishings. There are large, floor-to-ceiling windows, providing charter guests with excellent views and plenty of natural light penetrating the interior. Her sun deck is very spacious and features an excellent choice of water toys, such as jet skis, sea-bobs, wake-boards and a trampoline. In addition there are towables and snorkelling gear.

    All three of the vessels are amongst the top superyachts available for rent and are an excellent choice for Asia Pacific yacht charter vacation. For more information about chartering these outstanding motor yachts, or any other luxury yacht in South East Asia, please contact our professional charter brokers here.