‘Top Gun’ Guides with Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia

Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia provides the services of an experienced ‘Top ...

‘Top Gun’ Guides with Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia

April 22, 2014

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia provides the services of an experienced ‘Top Gun’ guide to superyachts cruising the azure waters of the breath-taking Southeast Asia yacht charter destination – Indonesia.

'Top Gun' Guides Ricardo Buxo

'Top Gun' Guides Ricardo Buxo

“Indonesia and its vast expanse of 17,000 islands is a ‘must-see’ world cruising destination and a top guide can ensure a spectacular cruise”, reports Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia.

The Superyacht agency is encouraging visiting yacht captains to, “Make your stay the best it can be while making your life easier by enlisting the services of an experienced ‘Top Gun’ guide during your time in Indonesia.”

Captain Jimmy Blee of APS Indonesia explains, “It is one thing to have the pre-planned cruising itinerary we work together with Captains to produce before they arrive, however, to ensure the owners and/or guests’ trip goes off with a high level of satisfaction along with meeting the fine details required in viewing and activities in the best locations, it is highly beneficial to have an ‘on-board professional guide.’

'Top Gun' Guides Didier Romero

'Top Gun' Guides Didier Romero

Jimmy notes Superyacht cruising in Indonesia is a relatively new experience for local authorities and villagers alike, so the boats themselves tend to make quite an impression when they turn up in some of the more outlying locations. The skills of the on board guide again come forward here, to deal with this attention on the Captain’s behalf and in an empathetic and culturally effective manner.  Such interest can range from local police inquiring into the nature of the boat’s presence in their area to local villagers in canoes wanting to sell fish to the visitors.

As an example, Captain Jimmy says, “While cruising in Papua the ADAT, or local customs [laws], see that villages actually own the water rights to their areas up to three miles off shore. The on board guide will skillfully negotiate in these matters if and when they come up.”

‘Our prime objective for our client boats is to ensure the Captains have as much support and care as we can give them”, Jimmy states. “As we well know their jobs are already demanding, we can relive some of these demands with the on board guide, while at the same time show the vessel’s owner and guests the best Indonesia has to offer.”

'Top Gun' Guides Paul "Bob" Brunskill

'Top Gun' Guides Paul "Bob" Brunskill

‘Top Gun’ Guides can be provided by APS Indonesia; the company selecting a guide for each boat on an individual need and compatibility basis. Owners and captains can rest assured the company has assembled some of the most knowledgeable, skilled and culturally sensitive guides the country has to offer, as outlined by APS Indonesia in the ‘Top Gun’ Guide listing profiled below:

‘Top Gun’ Guides with Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia

Ricardo Buxo
Ricardo Buxo is a Spanish skipper and diving instructor that left his native Barcelona in 1993 to sail and dive the world. After five years of diving and cruising the Red Sea he moved to Indonesia in 2000, to personally supervise the construction of a 100-foot traditional wooden schooner to be dedicated to diving charters. Ricardo has plied the waters of the Indonesian archipelago with his boat and others since. He lives in Bali, where he combines the management of the boat with publishing stories for yacht and diving magazines, and private guiding for yachts visiting Indonesia.

Richard’s recently published book, Underwater Paradise, A Diving Guide to Raja Ampat, has proved to be a great publishing success.
Ricardo speaks Indonesian like a native and has a wonderful sense of empathy for the Indonesian people and its differing cultures. One of his strengths is his ability to relate to all Indonesians whether they are high level officials or local villagers with a perception and dignity that makes him an absolute asset to have on board.

Didier Romero
Born in Guadeloupe in the West Indies, Didier grew up in Paris and fell in love with diving, becoming a certified Dive Master Mexico, and working as a dive guide in Playa del Carmen, in the Dominican Republic and in Barbados.

Traveling through the Caribbean, Thailand and the Philippines as a dive instructor, he landed in Indonesia in 1999, where he continued his diving education to become a master instructor for recreational diving as well as a technical diving instructor.

Didier extended his experience (7000+ dives) and knowledge of this wonderful archipelago as a cruise director on ‘live aboard’ diving boats operating in the Komodo region, Nth Sulawesi, Raja Ampat, Alor and most Eastern locations.

Didier’s extensive knowledge and easy going nature has transferred well in Superyacht guiding, working for APS Indonesia on MSY Naos, MY Karima, MY Double Heaven, MSY Vertigo and MY Helix, to name a few, and says, “After more than 15 years in Indonesia I am still looking forward to sailing and exploring the archipelago. Didier is fluent in French, English and Indonesian.

Paul “Bob” Brunskill
Bob left the United Kingdom in 2003 in search of a better life. He was certified to dive in Thailand and began working on ‘live aboard’ dive boats in Australia, where he honed his excellent guest communication skills and enhanced dive guide skills. Adventure attracted Bob to Indonesia, with the sheer scale of the divable ocean and the amount of high quality diving to discover.

For the last 10 years and 4,000 dives later Bob has marked himself as one of the real personalities in the local dive community and is a perfectionist when it comes to quality of dive activity presentation. Additionally Bob has intimate knowledge of all land based and cultural programs APS Indonesia offers. With his fluency of the Indonesian language and a keen love of local people and traditions, Bob is an all-rounder on any of our client vessels.

Bob has organized and guided hundreds of successful dive trips in the remote regions of Indonesia, bringing specialist local knowledge to the Asia Pacific Superyachts guide team.

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