Solent Refit Expand Deep-Water Berths for Superyachts

Solent Refit has announced a recent completion of a dredger and are ready to ...

Solent Refit Expand Deep-Water Berths for Superyachts

September 11, 2015

Written by Eva Belanyiova

Solent Refit has announced a recent completion of a dredger and are ready to start the dredging programme to offer deep water berth for superyachts coming to The Solent area. The 14 secure full-service berths at Solent Refit will be able to house superyachts of up to 120 metres.

Solent Refit

Solent Refit

“We have always had berths big enough for very large vessels,” says MD Allan Foot. “We have huge floating pontoons on the outer wall of the harbour, but until now we haven’t had the water depth.” He explains that over the last six months, rather than buying or renting a dredger Solent Refit has chosen to construct its own from a salvaged barge. “Now we will be dredging the whole site and our licenses allow us to go down to five metres.”

“Over the years, and especially recently, we have had a number of enquiries from larger boats visiting Southampton that want to dock,” continues Allan Foot. “They don’t really want to go in the local docks and the marinas are not big enough.” These berths will be available for workboats and luxury superyachts needing a refit or repair, however will also be available for short term lay-ups or visits.

Previously a US military base and a support facility for a US invasion fleet, Solent Refit is a thriving and one-of-a-kind superyacht facility with more than 80 yachts in its portfolio in the past five years. The company occupies more than 20,000 square metres in Southampton Water and features 1500 ton horizontal lift able to haul vessels of up to 60 metres and feeds 10,000 square metre of undercover refit halls for the refit and repair of large luxury superyachts with easy boat movement achieved on a huge powered rails system.

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