Behind the design of cutting-edge sailing yacht Baltic 142

Baltic Yachts has revealed some of the details behind the state-of-the-art ...

Behind the design of cutting-edge sailing yacht Baltic 142

November 15, 2017

Written by Maria Korotaeva

Baltic Yachts has revealed some of the details behind the state-of-the-art technology integrated into the design of the Baltic 142 sailing yacht, built from a carbon composite hull and featuring ground-breaking technology to improve guest comfort throughout the journey and while at rest.

Sailing yacht Baltic 142

Among the impressive list of new features is the technology used at the America’s Cup, the Dynamic Stability System (DSS) sliding foil. This results in faster, smoother sailing experience with reduced heel and pitching. Designed by Ben Ainslie Racing (BAR Technologies) in Portsmouth, UK, the system will be integrated into a design from naval architects Farr Yacht Design, who have worked with Baltic Yachts on a number of high-performance sailing yachts in the past.

Farr Yacht Design President president Patrick Shaughnessy will be leading the Baltic 142 project, which features a plumb bow, a narrow beam and twin rudders for more responsive handling and to best take advantage of her lifting keel while in the up position.

Baltic 142

Included in her other innovative design features are:

  • Powerful diesel-electric drive train and generating system
  • Reduction in reliance on hydraulics
  • Improved serviceability
  • Self-sustaining power generation while sailing
  • Easy to handle performance sail plan for short-handed crew
  • New quadrilateral headsail being considered
  • Ten hours silent mode with all hotel requirements
  • Six hours predicted generator run per 24 hours

The on board accommodation has been styled by Lucio Micheletti, providing four luxury cabins for up to six guests. In collaboration with Farr Yacht Design, Lucio Micheletti also completed the exterior appearance of the outboard and decks, creating an extended solid bimini sheltering the cockpit. Powered windows can be lowered at the touch of a button to turn the area from an indoor salon to an alfresco lounge and dining area.

Baltic Yachts

Henry Hawkins, Baltic Yachts’ CEO, added that among the many features and innovations poured into the Baltic 142 would be a service-friendly design: “This yacht is equipped with a lifting keel which can be locked in position to take the yacht’s weight so she can sit on her keel safely, use a synchro-lift or dry dock and not have to depend on a crane or a large mobile lift.”

As a result, the Baltic 142 sailing yacht can use commercial facilities such as fishing fleet docks instead of having to seek out specialist centres when cruising in remote areas of the world.

Preliminary specifications

LOA 43.3m

LWL 41.6

Beam 9m

Draft, keel up 3.8m

Draft, keel down 6.5m

Light Displacement 140 tons

Ballast 49 tons (fin and bulb)

Hull material Carbon pre-preg/Corecell sandwich

Fuel 13 400L

Water 2000L

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