China Yachting Conference 2014 Speakers: Qin Jie and Richard Lamble

The organizers of the upcoming China Yachting Conference 2014 are delighted to ...

China Yachting Conference 2014 Speakers: Qin Jie and Richard Lamble

September 15, 2014

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

The organizers of the upcoming China Yachting Conference 2014 are delighted to present two more speakers: Mr. Qin Jie – Deputy Chief Engineer, CCCC‐FHDI Engineering Co., Ltd – and Mr. Richard Lamble – Registered Yacht Surveyor, Marine Surveys & Engineering Services Ltd, Hong Kong. The 2014 event will be running in Nansha, Guangzhou, China on October 17 and 18.


Mr. Qin, one of the inspirers of the newly accepted “China Marina Code” will enlighten the audience about the latest standards and regulations on marina construction, building and operations in China, while Mr. Lamble, a recognized yacht surveyor, will share his abundant experience on what are the typical and mostly wide-spread problems a boat owner has to face and how to avoid/resolve them. While the 1st Speaker’s presentation is a ”must to know” to Marina constructers and builders, property developers, etc., the 2nd Speaker’s presentation will be of a great interest to existing and potential boat owners, yacht dealers and brands.

Speaker: Qin Jie (Deputy Chief Engineer, CCCC‐FHDI Engineering Co., Ltd)

Tentative Topic: An introduction to the new China Marina Code

Bio: Qin Jie, a certified senior engineer, Deputy Chief Engineer and Vice-Head of Harbour Design Department of CCCC-FHDI Engineering Co., Ltd, has for many years been involved with port engineering consultancy, project management, harbour planning & design. He was in charge and successfully completed more than 60 port engineering projects, so his vast experience in port design is well-known and recognized in the field.

Qin Jie

Qin Jie

Qin Jie is one of the idea leaders and coordinators of “China Marina Code”, issued by China Ministry of Communications: he co-chaired the “China Marina Code” expert working group.

Six of Qin Jie’s port & waterway projects gained province-level “Award for Excellent Consultancy and Design”. Qin Jie published more than 20 expert academic essays in most reputable Industry publications; he wrote for “ China Port and Waterway Construction in the Past 60 Years” (technical part); he is the author of “Application Guide for China Port Construction and Engineering Core Technologies”, co-editor of “English-Chinese Civil Engineering Dictionary” (includes 820,000 words and expressions ), etc.

Speaker: Richard Lamble (Registered Yacht Surveyor, Marine Surveys & Engineering Services Ltd, Hong Kong)

Tentative Topic: Common problems with boats ‐ a yacht surveyors perspective

Bio: Richard Lamble is the senior surveyor at MSES. He has 18 years experience at sea on tankers, bulk carriers and gas carriers with his last appointment as staff chief engineer on a cruise liner. With over 40 years sailing experience in yachts of all sizes and several renovations and new constructions in wood, glass fiber, west, steel and aluminum to his credit, he has developed an awareness of where to look for the problems boat develop. His technical background encourages the use of latest technology to enhance the surveys value.

Richard Lamble

Richard Lamble

Richard is a 1st Class Marine Engineer Officer – Steam and Motor, a member of the Institute of Marine Engineers, Scientists and Technologists, and a member of the International Institute of Marine Surveyors.

Recently Richard has been appointed as an Authorized Surveyor for local vessels in Hong Kong.

More Speakers and their details will be revealed in the future. So stay in the loop!

Only 10 days remain till the registration deadline, so sign up now to ensure your participation in the biggest expert forum of the region!

The registration deadline is September 15th. Tentative program, as well as the related Conference fees for delegates, please check at Yacht CN 2014 official website.

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