The AB Yachts 140 – Superyacht OxyZen

Superyacht OxyZen is a AB Yachts 140 (42 metres) has a golden colour which ...

The AB Yachts 140 – Superyacht OxyZen

April 19, 2011

Written by Mike Smith

Superyacht OxyZen is a AB Yachts 140 (42 metres) has a golden colour which dazzles like the motor yacht’s technology. Ever since its debut, the AB Yachts shipyard belonging to FIPA Group that also includes MAIORA, CBI NAVI and INTERMARE – has paved the way of technological innovation and high performance combined with equally cutting-edge outfitting solutions, in terms of both the materials used and the comfort provided. Marco Arnaboldi, the engineer of AB Yachts shipyard and also test driver of all models, says: “Superyacht OxyZen is the first AB 140’ yacht.

AB Yachts 140 Oxyzen at sea

The AB Yachts 140 motor yacht brings together all of the key features of the AB ethos, in the largest yacht we have built so far. But it will soon lose this top position as a 60-metre model is already being designed, following the same conceptual theme, of course”. Arnaboldi goes on to tell us, “Initially I wasn’t sure about the colour, but I now admit I was wrong. When I saw the boat in the water I immediately changed my mind. This summer I could practically track its course around Sardinia and other ports by the phone calls I received from people wanting to know more. It was a real success.

People were also impressed by the external styling, which was a joint effort by AB Yachts and Interin Srl, who also designed all of the motor yacht OxyZen’s interiors. The final result is definitely high-impact. The other three AB 140’ vessels under construction are also eye-catching, and unlike this one they have a fly deck. The interiors of the second of these three were designed by the Guido De Groot studio in the Netherlands, while the yard’s internal department of designers designed the others.

The main difference in the fly version is that there is an open control bridge; so the opening roof consists of just one element instead of the three found on OxyZen; consequently, the ward room partially opens up. The inside layout is basically the same, although various custom arrangements mean that Owner’s can choose whether to have three or four cabins”.

A View of the Yacht Sun Roof in the Saloon

The hull, deck and superstructure of the AB Yachts 140 superyacht are made in laminated sandwich pre-impregnated with vinyl ester epoxy-base resin, strengthened with uni-directional fibres from Kevlar, Carbon and Divinycell sandwich. All of the material is vacuum-consolidated. All of the main tanks for both diesel and water are structural, therefore part of the hull structure. In other words, they add strength rather than being a burden on the structures. Every aspect of this boat has been designed for speed allied to maximum safety and cruising comfort.

“Our aim was to create a 42-metre boat with the same features of the other, smaller AB models. Nothing has been left to chance”, Arnaboldi explains. “The hull is the result of a painstaking hydrodynamic project on the bottom, carried out at the research institute in St. Petersburg, Russia. This is the only centre with a 900-metre tank where 1:5 scale models can be tested. This allowed us to test the bottom’s seaworthiness even with the worst beam waves. The final result is a very stable hull. It doesn’t even need anti-roll stabilizers.

In the same tank we perfected various types of hydrojet motors, which are really AB Yachts’ signature propulsion unit. The results from the tank were confirmed as soon as OxyZen was tested at sea. With three 2400 hp MTU engines coupled with three MJP hydrojets the top speed is 46 knots, while cruising speed is 43 knots. We wanted to match these extraordinary results with the maximum in cruising comfort.

The hull of the AB Yachts 140 has been carefully insulated from the other internal structures, which are made from aeronautical materials and honeycomb structures. This means that the OxyZen can sail at 46 knots with just 72 db of noise in the cabins; this drops to below 50 db when the speed is around 30 knots. We are very pleased with this result, and more importantly, so is the Owner”.

Oxyzen's Saloon Interior Design

The OxyZen yachts’s styling stands out all the more due to her original colour. The decision to
eliminate the fly has certainly made her profile even more streamlined and
aggressive-looking. This is underlined by the sleek portholes lined up along the
topside, with the largest placed amidships to let light into the master stateroom.
Another remarkable aspect of this first AB 140’ is her imposing transom. It conceals
what can only be described as a garage, which easily holds two tenders of 6.5 and
4.20 metres, and one jetski for 3 people. The choice of having a single transom,
while undoubtedly visually impressive, prevents access to the aft bridge when the
hatch is closed. On the other hand, the bridge only needs to be accessed when the
boat is at rest. However, an open staircase will be used in future models. The aft
solarium is very comfortable, and has a dinette astern.

These areas offer greater privacy when moored in port. Two large, sheltered gangways
provide totally safe access between two open-air living rooms, even when travelling at
46 knots. The design of the deck house fits in perfectly with the harmonious yet sharp
styling of the hull. Even the roll-bar that holds the various antennas is well-disguised,
its three gradated sections fitting well into the overall design without being too
heavy-looking. This vessel’s remarkably harmonious appearance is certainly helped
by the absence of the fly; this solution means that the cockpit ceiling can be opened
almost entirely using the three large sliding elements in the roof. The excellent work of
AB Yachts in cooperation with Interin Srl is apparent here. But let’s not forget the crucial
contribution made by the AB yard’s internal studio, which in the last decade has come
up with some major innovations in the design of high-performance motoryachts.

Step into the salon and you’ll find that it’s all that you expected. Interin Srl designed
interiors are just right for a boat that uses futuristic solutions to amaze as well as to
accommodate guests in the greatest possible comfort. Modern design, cutting-edge
materials and carefully crafted structures are what make OxyZen a unique, exclusive

The furniture of the AB Yachts 140 superyacht is made from ultra-light composite materials, and assembled using structural adhesives. The flooring of the lower deck is in composite material,
supported by elastic elements. The staterooms are sound-proofed with a double
bulkhead (filled with sound-absorbing material) both astern, between the main
staterooms and the engine room, and forward of the main staterooms towards the
crew’s quarters. Three external entrances lead into the salon: the semi-circular,
stainless-steel and layered glass main door retracts fully into the boat’s bulwarks.
Two more pantographic doors are positioned on the topside near the wheelhouse.
The ceiling is made from painted wooden staves, and may be partially opened by
an electro-hydraulic system. The plafond around the ceiling is veneered in the same
wood as the furniture and has inset lights. The floor is made with natural leather
tiles with polish steel listels.

Yacht Oxyzen - Master cabin

The salon’s living room and dining areas are separated from each other by the wheelhouse, which is slightly raised and in the centre. The salon has an airconditioning system that is independent from that of the lower deck.

The bridge  of the AB Yachts 140 yacht Oxyzen consists of a dashboard pressed in composite and finished with instrument panels in carbon with serigraphs. A special support unit on the bridge holds three separate seats, upholstered in leather.

On the starboard side a staircase leads down to the lower deck, with steps and risers in wood and wood-veneered walls. The steps have courtesy-lights built-in. On the left is a chart table.

The full-beam master stateroom is positioned aft of the lower deck and ahead of the engine room. The walls and doors are panelled in wood and the ceiling has fabric-upholstered staves with a wooden plafond matching the walls, inset spotlights, and no-neon lighting around the perimeter of the plafond. The double bed is in wood and is lit all around its base perimeter. It stands in the centre of the cabin and has an eye-catching headboard with vertical strips upholstered in fabric and lit with a no-neon system. On one side there is a fabric-upholstered coach and linen cabinets, on the other side is a writing desk. The cabin receives daylight through the two large elliptical portholes that stand out on the topside. Like all the cabins on this yacht, the master stateroom has its own independent airconditioning system.

Oxyzen - Master ensuite

The master wardrobe lies aft of the cabin, with an entrance on the right-hand side. It runs from the starboard bulwark towards amidships. Twin washbasins made of Portoro Marble are set into a wooden cabinet, above which is a magnificent glass
mirror unit. The shower box is generously sized with a removable grating, while the shower column comprises a mixer tap and shower head in stainless steel. The master stateroom also contains a gym area equipped with professional apparatus and finished with the same valuable materials used in the room. Thanks to the large panoramic windows, it is possible to keep fit while looking at the sea. The Guest’s twin cabin Ahead of the master stateroom there are two double cabins for guests.

These are decorated in the same style but are smaller and have twin beds. Each of these staterooms has its own bathroom. Moving towards the bow we find the fourth stateroom, the one set aside for VIP guests. This replicates the layout and furnishings of the master stateroom on a slightly smaller scale; it has a large double bed in the centre, a writing desk area, a fairly large wardrobe and large bathroom. The VIP cabin of the AB Yachts 140 is at the end of central part of the lower deck. A second staircase to the left of the wheelhouse leads to the kitchen and the crew’s area. The kitchen has lacquered walls and ceiling, and wooden flooring. It consists of a long cabinet along the bulwark with a laminate top, which holds the electric hob in ceramic glass, a stainless steel sink with mono-mixer tap, and a large work surface.

The under-top cabinet with lacquered doors and interior contains the built-in dishwasher, a ventilated electric oven, a spacious set of drawers and large compartments. Lighting during the day is provided by two stainless steel and glass portholes with curtains. The kitchen has its own air-conditioning system.

The three crew cabins can also be reached from the deck via a handy staircase from the side gangway, or through the kitchen door. All these cabins are panelled in the same wood as the main staterooms, with fabric-upholstered ceilings and inset spotlights, and wooden flooring. Two cabins have bunk beds while the third has one single bed.

Let’s go astern now on the AB Yachts 140 to visit the engine room, which is entered through a hatch on the deck or directly from the tender garage. This room holds the main engines and generator sets as well as the air-conditioning compressors, pumps, batteries, freshwater autoclave and all the accessories for the propulsion equipment.

The engine room is ventilated through two air-vents positioned on the roll-bar structure; the vents are equipped with two grilles for intercepting water, with automatic closures.Meanwhile hot air is extracted by two large-capacity extractors with automatic closure shutters.

At this point, all eyes are on the forthcoming 200-foot AB Yachts 200 model. It’s clear that AB Yachts has won the 140-foot challenge with flying colours. The yard’s goals are now increasingly ambitious, and rightly so.

by Alberto Mondinelli for AB Yachts

Yacht Oxyzen

Motor yacht Oxyzen is available for charter in the Mediterranean.

The AB Yachts 140 motor yacht specifications:
LOA 42.00 m
Maximum Beam 8.00 m
Draught 1.20 m
Displacement 145.00 t, half loaded
165.00 full loaded
Max speed 49/41 kn with 1/3 loaded
Cruising speed 43/36 kn
Range at cruising speed 650 miles
Engines 3 MTU 2400 Hp or 3 MTU 3700 Hp each
Gearbox 3 ZF
Waterjets 3 MJP or Rolls Royce KA.ME.WA.
Auxiliary unit Generators 2 x silencers KHELER 50kW
Water capacity 4,000 L
Fuel capacity 20,000 L
Cabins 5
Bathrooms 6
Crew’s quarter 3
Crew’s quarter bathrooms 3
Guests max 20
Homologation R.I.Na.
Interior Design AB Yachts, Interin Srl & Associates
Exterior Design AB Yachts, Interin Srl & Associates
Builder AB Yachts S.r.l.
Via Dorsale 13, 54100 Massa, Italy
telephone: +39 0585 253497 – fax: +39 0585 251650

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