63m green motor yacht Diana Navitas by Diana Yacht Design

To suit the constantly changing needs of the clients in a sustainable way is ...

63m green motor yacht Diana Navitas by Diana Yacht Design

January 02, 2012

Written by Zuzana Bednarova

To suit the constantly changing needs of the clients in a sustainable way is the main idea behind the 63m luxury motor yacht Diana Navitas concept by Diana Yacht Design. Multiple large sundecks, a beach club including pool, extendable swimming platforms and a large luxury owner’s suite with private sundeck, Spa Pool and 180º view over sea mixed up with eco-friendly hybrid technology makes Diana Navitas superyacht one of the most sustainable and comfortable vessels in her class.

63m green motor yacht Diana Navitas concept by Diana Yacht Design

63m green motor yacht Diana Navitas concept by Diana Yacht Design

Everything is done to make 207´ super yacht Diana Navitas as efficient as possible without compromising to the luxury on board. A lightweight aluminum hull and structure together with a smart slim hull saves a lot of fuel and weight. No energy is wasted on this yacht.

Each guest cabin is equipped with a touch screen, so guests and owners will be aware of their energy consumption in a relaxed manner. The cooling water from the generators and water heated by the solar panel is used to cool the yacht with what is called absorption cooling, an energy saving air-conditioning.

This, in combination with good insulation, energy saving LED lightning and a smart energy management system ensures low carbon dioxide emissions and maximum profit from solar radiation captured by the 312 square metre large solar deck. Energy coming from the solar panels and the generators which is not used to propel the yacht is directly stored in the 1.9 MWh Lithium Ion battery package.

207´ luxury yacht Diana Navitas

207´ luxury yacht Diana Navitas

The generators can always run on optimal performance. The 63m luxury yacht Diana Navitas can enter a harbor noiseless and without greenhouse gasses by running on the battery pack. This is very comfortable for the users of the yacht but also for the people in the harbor. Their experience is a calm entrance of a yacht without noise and stench.

Sustainability on the Diana Navitas superyacht is based on four pillars:

-focus on low (renewable) energy consumption;

-awareness of energy consumption by the owners;

-reduction of noise, pollution and odor;

-the application of sustainable materials.

On the innovative touch screens of the Diana Yacht Design integrated in every suite and major accommodations, guests and owners can monitor the entire energy system of the yacht. By operating these touch screens the users have direct control of their energy consumption. The impact of their behavior is clearly shown on the display which creates awareness and stimulates well considered energy consumption on board.

Diana Navitas Superyacht´s decks

Diana Navitas Superyacht´s decks

The crucial factor to reduce the energy consumption is the user awareness. The integration of a sustainable energy management system will only realize its full benefits if the user has the knowledge to use the system in the right way. To extend the convenience for the owner, the yacht has several dynamic spaces like the dining and expandable swimming platforms.

The walls of the dining van flip aside making it a large outside dining area. This feature eliminates one of the two dining areas normally present on a yacht, one inside and one outside. The space of the second dining is now available for a gym, extra salon, huge lounge, etc. The swimming platforms are able to expand to 160% which results in a comfortable alrge area to enjoy the sun and ocean.

On board super yacht Diana Navitas

On board super yacht Diana Navitas

The engine room stores 2x600KW generators that give the yacht a maximum speed of 12 knots and a cruising speed of 10 knots with a range of 5000nm.

The extendable swimming platforms makes it possible to step easy on and off board from a tender and create a larger more spacious swimming deck.

The huge main salon and owners suite are situated on the bridge deck. The dining area comfortably handles up to 13 guests. The owners suite has a panoramic view of 180º and a private sun deck.

The sun deck is the perfect place to relax, providing great views from this deck. The sky lounge features 2 seating areas and a bar. The lounge area lies behind the wheel house and also features a bar. The wheel house is equipped with the most modern equipment.

Diana Navitas yacht is based on vessels that have proved their stability and viability of the outline design. The arced part of the hull lies deeper than the rest of the hull resulting in less friction and therefore saves fuel during sailing.

The combination of luxury and comfort together with green hybrid technology makes it one of the most sustainable and comfortable yachts in her class.

Diana Navitas by Diana Yacht Design is designed with a round bilge displacement hull with good dead rise, transom, level keel, modern flared vertical bow with fine entrance angle.

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