5 of the best beaches in Greece and the Greek Islands  

Lots of people decide to charter a luxury superyacht to Greece and the Greek ...

5 of the best beaches in Greece and the Greek Islands  

March 14, 2018

Written by Maria Korotaeva

Lots of people decide to charter a luxury superyacht to Greece and the Greek Islands every year. One of the main reasons is the beautiful coastline, splendid islands, warm, clear seas and the friendly local Grecians. There are almost 2,000 islands to explore and there’s no easier way to see most of them than by chartering a luxury yacht where you can fall asleep in one location and wake up somewhere exciting and new. Greece combines a mixture of sea, sand and sun so there’s no better place in the world to spend precious time together. The beaches are like paradise on Earth and with warm temperatures almost year-round, there is plenty of opportunity to visit and experience good weather when visiting the Mediterranean

Although tourists flock to the region during the height of summer, there are plenty of secluded sandy beaches and tranquil anchorages that make a luxury yacht charter highly advantageous for exploring the region. Here are some of the best beaches to anchor at.

1. Skiathos Island beaches 

Skiathos is a small island located in the north-west of the Aegean Sea. There are lots of sandy beaches and secluded coves to be found. There has been an increase of tourism to the area since the location was used as the backdrop for the film Mamma Mia in 2008, so plan around the busiest months and be sure to visit early in the day.   

Skiathos Yacht Charters

The quaint town of Skiathos has a small port and not really equipped for superyachts, therefore dropping anchor in one of the nearby coves and exploring the beaches by tender is the best option. The captain could drop you off near the town where you can hire a car or moped to get around the island. The ruins of Kastro overlooking the cliffs of Kastro beach are a picturesque sight and guests can take a picnic on the beach below.   

2. Navagio Beach (also known as Shipwreck Cove), Zakynthos, Ionian Island s

This beach is absolutely beautiful with white sand, clear blue waters, towering cliffs and the remains of an old Navy ship on its shores. It’s definitely a must-visit island whether you’re on a private yacht or a luxury charter.  

Navagio Beach, Zakynthos

Accessible only by boat, you have to take a tender to get to the shore. Early morning is the best time to visit and have the place all to yourself and avoid the many tourists who come later in the day. Alternatively, have a candlelit dinner at sunset and absorb the haunting atmosphere of this spectacular cove. 


3. Paleokastritsa beaches, Corfu 

The village of Paleokastritsa is on the north-west coast of Corfu and approximately 25km from the main Port of Corfu. There are 15 beautiful sun-kissed beaches, most of which are only accessible by boat.  

Corfu, Greece

Ask the captain to moor your superyacht in one of the larger marinas in Corfu and then take a taxi or hire a car to drive to Paleokastritsa. The Alipa Port close to this lovely village is also a harbour for boats. Explore the gorgeous beaches, the 12th century monastery or swim in the clear waters which are overlooked by steep cliffs, home to pine and olive trees.  

4. The black, white and red beaches of Santorini   

There’s no place quite like Santorini. It has a volcanic rock foundation with distinctive beaches not seen anywhere else. Santorini’s Red Beach can be found close to the town of Fira. Tourism is quite developed here but the region has retained its charms and is well worth a visit. Ask the captain to moor the superyacht at Vlychada Marina, take a taxi and walk down the steps where there are red cliffs on each side.  

Red Beaches of Santorini

Perivolos and Perissa beaches have black sand which is quite unique to the area. Although these two beaches are very crowded in the hot summer months, there’s plenty to do and see. Anemos Beach Bar is one of the favourite bars here. Why not explore Vlychada Beach that has upmarket beach clubs and white cliffs? You could treat yourself to a pampering session at the Notos Therme and Spa Hotel that offers luxury spa treatments. Monolithos Beach has an anchorage which is ideal for families with shallow waters and plenty of shaded spots.  

5. Aspri Ammos Beach, Othoni Island 

The attractive island of Othoni is about 11.5 miles off the north-west coast of Corfu.  It has stayed under the tourism radar although it’s now earning a reputation for its remote beaches, azure blue waters and mountainous terrain. Explore the many caves and see unusual rock formations on Othoni, and take a tender to see the Caves of Calypso on the island’s west side.

Superyacht Solaris – luxury yacht charters in Othoni, Greece

The caves are named after the Greek Goddess Calypso who, according to Greek mythology, kept Odysseus as her captive here, hence the name. Close by is Aspri Ammos Beach which is surrounded by olive forested cliffs and accessible only by boat. Be prepared for the intense sunshine and heat by taking plenty of water, sunscreen, and protective clothing and eyewear. 

On the eastern side of Othoni Island sail past the old lighthouse which was built in 1872. There are also the remains of a Venetian Fortress making for a good photo opportunity.  

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