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Setzer Yacht Architects 

Setzer Yacht Architects is a luxury yacht design studio based in Cary, North Carolina (USA), with an additional studio, strategically located in the Caribbean on the island of Antigua. Having previously operated under several additional names including  "Paragon Design,"  and "Setzer Design Group," the studio has over twenty-two years experience collaborating with discerning yacht owners and builders to create timeless, instantly recognizable yacht designs. Their portfolio of over 70 beautiful vessels in active service,  includes such designs as the 2011 NISI 2400 GT  and  24m multi-award-winning NISI 2400 yacht, 35m charter yacht KOI, 34m expedition yacht Relentless, 31m Waterford, 35m charter yacht Aspen Alternative, M/Y Magic, superyacht Marama, 47m White Star and the 2011 refitted Encore yacht, amongst many other fabulous luxury vessels.

Setzer Yacht Architects serve as a dedicated owner's advocate, providing their clients with support, starting with the preliminary concept stage through to design, construction, launch and beyond. Their services include, Concept Studies with preliminary perspective sketches, profiles and arrangement plans. These are created to help the customer quickly asses configurations, consider alternatives and come to a final design selection.

Furthermore, the advanced Hull fairing technology, weight and stability calculations, tank testings and performance modelling are utilised to ensure that the luxury yacht meets the client's expectations for safety and performance.

When developing the Exterior Design of a superyacht, industrial design detailing is combined with 3D modelling, assisting the customer with visualisation of the nautical details that will demonstrate their yacht's unique style and character.

Interior Design developed by Setzer Yacht Architects incorporates space planning, layout as well as joinery details according to customer's desires while presenting buildable and ergonomically correct interiors.

Technical Design of a luxury yacht features comprehensive construction drawings, system overviews and instructions that are provided to the builders, making sure that customer expectations are clearly communicated and accurately executed.

The Project Management includes specification writing, bid solicitation and construction supervision. All these are provided to ensure smooth progress of the given yacht project in accordance with documentation and details.

Setzer Yacht Architects' history

The company's founder, Ward D. Setzer, started his design career under the tutelage of the late J.B. Hargrave, which had a profound influence on Setzer's carrer:

"Hargrave was a perfectionist, and he instilled in me a lifelong drive to always ask why and why not as a yacht designer. He's legacy we maintain in our own firm to this day."

Since its establishment, Setzer Yacht Architects offer timeless and instantly recognisable designs for elegant, seaworthy and buildable yachts.  With a fleet of more than seventy yachts on water, their portfolio boasts more than 7,500 linear feet of waterline, including award-winning collaborations with such important shipyards as Northern Marine, Christensen, Richmond Yachts, Delta Marine, McMullen & Wing, Lyman-Morse, Trinity Yachts, The Hinckley Company and NISI Yachts.

Every single team member of Setzer Yacht Architects design studio, brings a one-of-a-kind talent and extensive experience to the company, resulting in an professional and high-quality, personalised service. The company's portfolio includes numerous award-winning luxury yachts, including multi-award winning 2011 motor yacht NISI 2400 and the 2009 World Superyacht Awards winner 'Marama'.

Below you can find a selection of charter yachts with design by Setzer Yacht Architects as well as their latest news, including new projects, luxury motoryachts under construction and other superyacht related news from this prestigious studio.

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