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Sterling Scott is a Monaco based design studio which designs large luxury super ...
Yacht Red Square by Sterling Scott Design

Sterling Scott Yacht Design

Sterling Scott is a Monaco based design studio which designs large luxury super yachts. A new but up incoming company, Sterling Scott has an impressive design portfolio and works with owners from conception to design for motor yachts above 40 meters in length. Sterling Scott utilizes a passion for creative design in transforming the owner’s dream into a unique and exquisite luxury yacht: “Originality Meets timeless style”. Sterling Scott are especially interested in creating silent performance and achieving harmony with marine eco systems.

One unique design feature which is apparent on an 89 meter motor yacht concept design is a glass bottom. The glass in the design is not merely the size of a porthole but rather an actual glass bottom of several meters. Luxury yachts designed by Sterling Scott tend to feature glass. They have large window surfaces that are timeless in style without being “over the top” futuristic shapes. Effective windows should compliment the view from within the yacht.

”The ability to work live time to encompass all that can be achieved based on an owner’s wish list, creating a yacht that is as unique to look at as it is practical for the Owner to operate. The yacht is only as pedigree as the passion that makes her, in SS’s case we are still young, this is why I ensure that all communication we have with both the shipyard and the owner is strong, to share all passions is what brings life to each project ”

M/Y Red Square is a famous yacht which has been designed by Sterling Scott. The company also has another three 70m+ yachts under construction in 2008.

Diana Scott, from Sterling Scott Design: “Throughout my life yachts have interested me and have now become my life’s passion”.

Although Diana’s studio is new, Diana herself has many years experience in the yachting industry, from an early boating family background in Australia, to working with well known designer names.

Diana Scott has been in the yacht industry since the age of 17 when she became interested in yacht design due to her father’s passion for yachts.

“I was on dad's yacht just weeks after being born”, says Diana. ”My father has an amazing talent for building wooden yachts (using the method of cold molding). Throughout my childhood we spend much of our spare time sailing all parts of the globe. My mother on the other hand has an amazing talent for painting and I feel fortunate to have inherited both their passions and their talents.”

Dianna Scott has a lot of experience in the interior and exterior design of yachts. She has worked with Feadship, Oceanfast and other ship building companies in Western Australia. She studied mechanical engineering, interior and as well as general types of art and design. Dianna also gained invaluable experience working for Jon Bannenberg, who is a very successful yacht designer.

“I usually design the exterior profile to flow in unison with the interior layout. Sometimes there are compromises made to the interior layout to ensure that the exterior style is maintained.”

“The challenge of creating a unique yacht for a client takes on a special excitement for me, I commit to each project as if they were the single happiness and sanctuary to represent ones life.”

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