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Naval Architects, Exterior Design and Interior Design of Luxury Yachts With ...

Bernard Olesinski Naval Architects & Yacht Design

Naval Architects, Exterior Design and Interior Design of Luxury Yachts

With over 40 years of experience in production of yachts, including Princess and Fairline amongst others, Bernard Olesinski Limited have developed a design process which works in parallel as opposed to the more conventional sequential process. Thanks to this unique approach, the studio is able to save time and take strain out of the design development, to the advantage of its clients.

The Bernard Olesinski yacht design studio offers an entire package of services, such as naval architecture, structural engineering, interior and exterior design and visualisation services, allowing the client to collaborate with engineers, designers and naval architects from concept to launch on each project.

Our experience allows us to deliver award-winning, cost effective designs to hit the markets quickly.  The market appears to be ready for an injection of new ideas from an experienced studio” Bernard and Justin Olesinski

From concept to launch, the studio works closely with its clients to create award-winning, elegant, practical designs. At Bernard Olesinski, they combine extensive knowledge with the state-of-the-art technology to transform their clients' needs into reality, setting the standards for the superyacht industry. The studio's unparalleled in-house services and expertise include superyacht hull design, structural engineering, spacious layouts and elegant exterior design.

The progressive design scheduling process allows Bernard Olesinski to deliver the most efficient, cost effective, resolved yachts, on time. Aware of the fact that each project is unique, their clients are kept up to date on regular basis and their team supports its client and builder throughout the entire project until launch.

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