Luxury Charter Yacht Daybreak

Luxury yacht Daybreak will be chartering in the Mediterranean this summer ...


Luxury Charter Motor Yacht 'Daybreak' Crew

Luxury yacht Daybreak will be chartering in the Mediterranean this summer and the Caribbean later in the year. Daybreak is a wonderful luxuriously appointed Feadship with an excellent crew. Their first rate credentials and experience are covered below:

Luxury yacht Daybreak's Captain: Matthew Anderson

Captain Matt is a New Zealander and has 15 years experience in the marine industry, 9 of which have been spent in Luxury yachting. Matt has worked with the Yachts owner for over 12 years and has been on the daybreak for 2 years. Having travelled extensively through the Mediterranean; Caribbean, Bahamas and Central America; The Whitsunday islands of Australia, Thailand; and the East and West coasts of America he is very experienced. His early years were spent working as a dive instructor in Australia and New Zealand and he is a keen water sports enthusiast.

Engineer of Luxury Motor Yacht Daybreak: Andy Boardman

Andy is another New Zealander. He has been in the yachting industry for 4 years, prior to which he served in the military as an engineer. Andy brings a great deal of experience and knowledge to ensure the smooth operation of The Daybreak and her services. He is also a keen diver and a qualified instructor, and can often be seen assisting on deck with water sports activities.

Bosun of Luxury Motor Yacht Daybreak - Jamie Thomas

Jamie is new to the yachting industry, and has worked aboard the Daybreak since the Spring. She comes from the hospitality & concierge industry and is Daybreak’s expert in the Bahamas. Jamie is already a valuable crew member and is actively involved in all the water sports activities aboard the Daybreak.

Chief Stewardess of Luxury Motor Yacht Daybreak: - Claire Anderson

Claire has worked in luxury yachting for almost 9 years, 6 of which have been with the owner of the Daybreak. Along with her team of stewardesses, Claire strives to provide a calm and relaxing environment for the guests aboard the Daybreak. Prior to yachting Claire worked for 3 years in hotel and catering management in both London and the Virgin islands.

Stewardess of Luxury Motor Yacht Daybreak: - Abby Devnew

Abi has been in the Yachting industry since 2007, and has been a crew member aboard the Daybreak for 2 years. Abi has worked in the hospitality industry for over 5 years and has excellent food and service knowledge. She has great attention to detail and works hard to ensure that Daybreak’s guests are well taken care of.

Chef of Luxury Motor Yacht Daybreak: - Tolan Dyer

Tolan Dyer hails from Australia and has been in the Yachting industry for over 5 years. Prior to yachting he worked in fine dining restaurants in Sydney, London and Queensland. His experience and skills in the galley are impressive; he has excellent formal training and an obvious passion for what he does. Tolan can cater to any tastes and has an enormous international repertoire at his fingertips.


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