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Mediterranean Luxury Motor Yacht 'Noble House' Crew Details

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Luxury Motor Yacht 'Noble House' Captain: Captain: Steve McDonald, Australia

Steve is a Master Mariner who has been working at sea for the past 31 years. Having sailed as a captain in the worldwide shipping industry he moved full time into the super yacht sector in 1990. He served as captain of the 136m Savarona, 117m Le Grand Bleu, 77m Samson, 81m Bart Roberts and has completed many refits and build projects. Steve has extensive cruising experience of the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Indian, Pacific, Arctic, Antarctic and South East Asian waters. 
Noble House Chief Engineer: Jim McCreery
Qualifications: Y2 Chief Engineer (MCA)
Date joined: April 2000
Jim has worked in the Engineering field since 1985 when he began his studies in his hometown of Perth, Western Australia. He has been a well-respected figure in the yachting industry for the last 10 years having worked on several notable yachts before becoming one of the first crew members to join the original Noble House. After only a few seasons on board, Jim was appointed Project Manager of the new build and journeyed south to Auckland. Although he enjoyed being land-based he was looking forward to life back on the water, and after the proud moment of her launching, Jim is very glad to be part of the onboard crew once more.
First Officer: Robert Reed, American
Rob brings a variety of experience to Noble House, having worked in the offshore oil industry. He is the yacht's resident fishing specialist.
Chief Engineer: Jim McCreery 
An experienced Engineer, James has been working in the field since 1985, and has been involved with Noble House since the beginning of its build. He keeps the boat running beautifully from behind the scenes!
2nd Engineer: Bert Swanson, Australia
One of the few Australians onboard, Bert assists Jim with all things mechanical. A former tractor mechanic he saw the ocean for the first time at 21 and hasn’t looked back since. When he does return home he enjoys greyhound racing and weekends at his lakefront house in Bonny-Doon.

Chef: Mark South, Australia
Mark came to Noble House from a number of well-respected charter yachts and with a great restaurant pedigree. Excursions to South-East Asia and Europe have seen him develop an eclectic range of cooking styles and a sharp wit. He is a keen surfer and diver

Chief Stewardess: Cindy Manning
American, 28 years. With several years experience in the hospitality industry, Cindy joined the yacht at the beginning of our very busy Mediterranean season in 2006. Previously working in resorts and yachts as a chef, her strong food and beverage background is an asset in her current position as well as an ongoing passion. Her interests include reading, music, trekking, expanding her knowledge of wine and exploring the world.

Stewardess: Holley Draper, Australia
Born and raised in Sydney Australia, Holley has a strong hospitality background from her work as a bartender, perfectly complemented by her degree in psychology. As a qualified yoga instructor she is keen on personal fitness and general well-being.
Stewardess: Vanessa Stevens, South Africa
Great with children, Vanessa studied childcare in university and au-paired in the United States. A native of South Africa she has worked on yachts since 2005 and enjoys all things aquatic, having swum competitively in her earlier years.

Deckhand: Nathan Trousil, USA
The resident American on board Nathan hails from Texas. Having served in the US Navy as a paramedic he has advanced medical knowledge and is a certified diving instructor. He enjoys dancing and boules.

Deckhand: Rich Homer, England
A crew member for two years, Richard is well-travelled and has been places many of us have never heard of. (Scunthorpe, Rickmansworth, etc…) A sports enthusiast his interests include running, weight-lifting and endurance events.

Deckhand: Luke Henkel, Australia
A recent addition to the crew, Luke is a qualified plumber. An avid surfer and general water sports enthusiast, he enjoys karaoke and entertaining the guests on the water.


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