Luxury Catamarans

Below is a couple of great videos showcasing some of the ...

Luxury Catamarans

Below is a couple of great videos showcasing some of the world’s luxury catamarans.  Both these videos give a good feeling for what a catamaran charter is all about.  The first video features Yapluka catamarans.  This superb yacht is called NAHEMA IV and she is available for here for a yacht charter.

Many experts within the luxury yacht industry see the catamaran as being the 'yacht of the future'.  Catamarans offer the speed and space of a motor yacht, the smooth sailing performance of a sailing yacht, reduced draft to get into the best spots, all along with more stability, safety and efficiency than any other type of yacht.  This is an ideal mix of characteristics in a yacht - characteristics that are surely destined to become more and more in demand.  Catamarans simply make good sense.

If you are interested in chartering a catamaran, motor or sail, have a look at our luxury catamaran charter listings.

There are more and more new ship building yards looking at multihull production and there are more and more designers drawing up amazing designs.  So far, many of the designers of large cats are French, and Van Peteghem and Lauriot Prévost are of particular note, with their vast experience in large cursing and racing catamarans.  ‘Yacht Industries’ is a catamaran producer based in Normandy, France and is featured at the beginning of the video.

Countries in the 'new world', such as the Untied Sates and Australia, also have an increasing interest in catamaran design and production and these countries are now also showing increased involvement in the creation of new catamarans.

This next video is of luxury sailing catamaran WONDERFULL, a Yapluka 70.

Follow this link to charter WONDERFULL.

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