The Largest Top 100 Private Luxury Charter Yachts & Superyachts in the World, by Length

The Top 100 Largest & Most Significant Luxury Yacht Charter Superyachts in ...

The Largest Top 100 Private Luxury Charter Yachts & Superyachts in the World > See the List Below!

The Top 100 Largest & Most Significant Luxury Yacht Charter Superyachts in the World by length, price, size, importance and newness:

There have been many articles written over the years about the 100 biggest superyachts in the world, by a host of authors. I think the first one was written by Power & Motor Yacht years ago. The list changes a little every year. The very large luxury yacht builders such as Lurssen or OceAnco launch another big boat, now and again (the biggest are mostly German or Dutch). For instance, the yachting community was abuzz with the launch of yacht ECLIPSE late last year. That yacht went straight to the top to displace DUBAI at the top (though by how much is not as yet clear). It should be noted that the ‘largest superyachts in the world list’ is intrinsically subjective to an extent. An author can choose tonnage, displacement or LOA (most common) as a measure of a yacht’s size. Then there is also some secrecy as to the actual size of some of the mega yachts.

Anyway, here I’m writing about the biggest charter yachts in the world because it hasn’t been done definitively yet. I think there will be some interest. Keep in mind these are boats that can actually be rented for a holiday in various worldwide locations. They represent the pinnacle of useable or available luxury in the world – I would argue more so than any other coveted luxury holiday in a resort or villa, or anything else for that matter. The benefits a yacht charter vacation offer, over and above other holidays, is well established. I don’t need to get into that here.

Needless to say, these boats are currently chartered by some of the worlds most wealthy, influential and famous people. They are definitely important people, just like the yacht’s owners. The superyachts below have been visited and enjoyed by presidents, prime ministers, movie stars, rock stars, leading entrepreneurs – the movers and shakers of the world. Obviously the people who charter the top 100 luxury yachts cannot be named but rest assured that many of them are stars in their own right, just like the yacht owners.

As with the ‘biggest yachts in the world list’, the ‘largest charter yachts list’ can vary depending on criteria. Accordingly, I’ve decided to use two different concepts for the list.  The first is simply the largest boats by LOA, or length over all. This is a traditional (if not scientifically imprecise) measure of ship size.

The second ingredient will also factor in the other considerations like displacement, or to put it another way the yachts bulk, along with the approximate charter rate or cost to rent the yacht and crew for a week. It will also factor in the newness and buzz factor created by the yacht in question. This second consideration could be termed ‘The Most Expensive Significant & Important Luxury Yacht Charters in the World’.

The price to charter the boats is the high rate before expenses like fuel, berthage and supplies are included (adding another 25 - 35 % depending and the preferences of the charter guests). Price can be subject to change and there are different prices for different seasons, so this is only historically approximate for the purpose of the list.

To recap: because all four measurements, a yacht’s length, size, price and newness are important they are all amalgamated in to create the list of the most important or most significant 100 luxury charter yachts in the world.

And lastly, (I couldn’t resist) I have created the ‘Top 100 luxury superyachts in the world in 2010’ list. This is all yachts, not just charter yachts.

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The Top 100 Largest & Most Significant Private Luxury Yacht Charter Superyachts in the World:

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