Exploring On A Yacht Charter

Yacht charters aren't just about exploring the sea and coast, you can trek inland too.

Explore Sea & Land

You Can Also Explore Beautiful Coastlines and Interior Locations

Explore enchanting new places both on land and at sea from a superyacht charter. For a fascinating shore excursion, disembark at a port of your choice. Once ashore take in local landmarks, the culture and history of the area. Alternatively, venture into the depths of the ocean to marvel at the unique marine life, intriguing coral reefs and maybe a shipwreck or two.

To escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, enjoy halcyon days on deck of a fantastic superyacht. Exploration charter vacations can take you to tropical islands, the glacial landscapes of Antarctica as well as many other beautiful destinations.  See the wonders of the world, find the best big game fishing sites or swim under the deep blue azure waters. This is one vacation you’ll never forget.

Yacht Sarissa in Indonesia

If you do fancy seeing the amazing Antarctica, make sure to travel at the right time of year. Take into account the weather and ice floes so there will be no problems when sailing. See nature at its very best on a luxury exploration vacation. Animals you never knew existed, flowers out of the ordinary including the most amazing scenery as you pass by miles and miles of beautiful coastline.

On board charter yachts, there’s plenty of equipment, ideal for exploration vacations. If the vessel is big enough, you might even find a helicopter. Hop on board to enjoy splendid aerial views of the countryside, the sea and your sailing superyacht. Alternatively, scuba dive into the underwater world of exotic marine life or take a kayak into remote coves and bays. With so many options available, there’s no time to be bored. Built for durability, explorer charter yachts still have all the comfort and luxury you would find on a superyacht. After a day of adventure, return to your elegant accommodation to relax and rest until evening comes around.

For those who are searching for a thrilling experience in say New Zealand or cruising through the seas near Patagonia, what are you waiting for? Check out more info about luxury exploration chartering and the vessels you can reserve.

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