Award Winning Superyacht Chefs

Superyacht Cuisine Designed to Your Personal Taste by Your Personal Chef

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Award Winning Superyacht Chefs - Superyacht Cuisine Designed to Your Personal Taste by Your Personal Chef

One of the greatest pleasures of a yacht charter vacation is having an enthusiastic crew which also includes a personal chef. The galley is fully stocked to your preference and all meals are made to your taste throughout the voyage. Many charter yacht chefs are award-winning masters of their profession. The best of the best. They can prepare and cook everything from traditional starters, fresh fish to homemade pasta and delicious desserts. Quite a few have actually trained to Cordon Bleu standards. A personalised menu and a premium service coupled with mouth-watering cuisine, epitomises gourmet dining on board a private superyacht. Whether your preference is formal dining, al fresco lunches or sundeck barbecues, your on-board chef will deliver.

Before boarding your superyacht, you and your guests will be asked to fill in a dining preference sheet. This is used to show dietary requirements or if anyone has any medical conditions or allergies that the crew need to be made aware of before leaving port. It’s important to provide as many details as possible. Mention if you’re on a diet, your likes and dislikes along with how you like to dine. It’s in your best interest to be honest about dining preferences, after all it’s your vacation. A dining preference sheet is also the perfect opportunity to be adventurous where food is concerned. Once the chef is aware of your particular tastes, expect to be served with meals fit for a king.

Cuisine and dining

Maybe a good idea would be to meet with your on-board chef in advance of your departure date. Sit down together and have a chat about which foods you like to eat, after all dining plays a major role for an enjoyable private yacht charter vacation. This will ensure that the food served includes ingredients specifically requested by you. Each meal will be tailor-made to perfection, unlike meals on a cruise ship holiday or in a hotel.

When it comes to menu options, don’t be shy. Don’t say “I’ll eat anything” just for the sake of saying it and being polite. Talking about your food preferences will help the chef to familiarise themselves with special requests like gluten free, diabetic friendly, vegetarian or low calorie meals.

It’s worth pointing out that once the yacht sets sail the chef won’t have access to a huge supply of ingredients. OK it might be possible to buy ingredients locally, however this depends on your charter destination. If you want to celebrate a special occasion while on board let the crew and chef know. The chef can cater for everything from dinner parties, fancy dress parties, a romantic evening for two or even beach picnics.  What better way to celebrate than with a feast of tasty delights with family and friends. You could even have a slice of birthday cake for dessert, now that’s dining with a difference!


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