Diving and Submarines

Diving, Submarines and Underwater Adventures on Luxury Yacht Charters

Underwater Thrills

See The Natural Ocean Underwater, In It’s True Magnificence

Each day on board a superyacht brings adventure and new experiences. For a fun-packed vacation there’s nothing quite like the underwater thrills you get when snorkelling or scuba diving. There are water toys to suit every guest whether staying in shallow waters or venturing into the depths of the ocean. 
You will find an assortment of masks, fins and snorkels on board. Most superyachts also have a toy box which is full of water sport equipment and toys. Enjoy a Seabob ride or step into a submarine to dive under the sea and explore the exciting underworld. Some private superyachts have lots of diving gear so everyone will have the opportunity to discover tropical fish along with magnificent coral reefs. If diving is desired, be sure to choose a yacht with these facilities and with trained crew to operate them. Some of the best destinations in the world are the Caribbean Cayman Islands or Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt to see what lies beneath the ocean waves. 
Near wreck C, Malta - by Rob Aarsen
Experienced scuba divers who are certified and know all about deep diving, can make use of first class scuba diving equipment. Guests who aren’t qualified in scuba diving are able to take part in rendezvous diving provided by local operators for a small fee.  The captain can make all the necessary arrangements. Professional operators will then take you to dive sites that are safe and great to explore. Serious divers are advised to book a charter yacht with crew who are well trained and hold PADI dive master certificates.
For underwater thrills, you just can’t beat a Seabob. A Seabob is one of the latest water toys many superyachts now have on board. They can pull a swimmer along both above and below the water without the person having to wear fins. Now that does sound exciting! 
Having a mini submarine on a superyacht is the latest thing. Fully-equipped subs can take the captain and a few guests at a time to unbelievable depths under the sea. This is one adventure you certainly won’t forget in a hurry.

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