Sub-surface MSV Explorer & SP02 Cat Underwater Pods

GRP Laminates announces the launch of a phenomenal new concept for the marine ...

Sub-surface MSV Explorer & SP02 Cat Underwater Pods

June 09, 2011

Written by Mike Smith

GRP Laminates announces the launch of a phenomenal new concept for the marine leisure and commercial market: the MSV Explorer sub-surface viewing craft and its versatile support catamaran. GRP Laminates is now building a revolutionary new self-propelled, sub-surface viewing pod – the MSV Explorer, together with a 13-metre lifting catamaran for launch and recovery. The MSV Explorer sits 1.2m underwater, below the ocean surface.

This unique new system, designed by British inventor Chris Garner, adds a new dimension to the world of marine leisure and soft adventure. No specialist dive training is required to use the MSV Explorer, which offers a clear, unobstructed and comfortable view of the undersea environment. It can be rapidly deployed thanks to the SP02 catamaran, which offers long range, shallow draft, high speed and comfortable seating for 12 passengers plus crew, with space for additional scientific, broadcast or leisure equipment on board.

Ideal for hotels and resorts, superyacht charters, commercial surveying, marine research, film and broadcast production.

sub-surface MSV underwater explorer

The sub-surface MSV underwater explorer

A quiet and non-intrusive vessel, electrically propelled to reduce its impact on marine ecosystems, the highly maneuverable MSV Explorer can be easily controlled by single or dual joystick, or remotely controlled from the launch and recovery catamaran. It has an all-day operating capacity (7.5 hours operation at full speed) allowing for a full working day underwater, and a truly unique experience for users.

The unique lifting system on the SP02 catamaran (which is also available separately) was originally designed to help with the rescue of stranded marine mammals. The vessel provides a safe and stable platform for the deployment of the MSV Explorer in any location. A choice of inboard/outboard and jet propulsion packages is available to suit the client’s requirements for speed, cost, maneuverability and range.

MSV Explorer represents an innovative new form of water transport enabling the public to enjoy the undersea world without the need for any training or the inconvenience of scuba gear, getting wet or taking risks. Just push the joy-stick and go, then enjoy to your hearts content.
MSV Explorer mk.II

MSV Explorers Mk I and II are small electrically powered, joy stick controlled, 3 and 4 seat, dry cockpit, surface water craft, purpose designed to provide time unlimited, unobstructed, sub surface 360 degree passive observation of marine life or shallow reef during night or day.

The MSV Explorers also provide commercial applications for filming and sub surface inspection of floating structures and vessels for Survey and Security purposes.

Although the MSV-Explorers look like mini subs, they are in fact surface water craft, designed to place two observers in an acrylic cockpit at a constant 1.2 m below the surface of the ocean, providing a complete panoramic sub surface view of the marine environment without the need for scuba gear or any form of specialist training. Simply push the joystick and go in any direction, with a 360 degree, turn on its own axis capability.

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