Formentera/Isla Espalmador Yacht Charter

Formentera, the island belonging to the island cluster of Balearic with the second smallest land area, is located on the eastern section of the Spanish coast within the Mediterranean Sea. It forms part of the archipelago known as Pine Islands and serves as a popular base port for yachting enthusiasts and seasoned sailors that travel to this part of the Mediterranean Sea. The enchanting island of Formentera and Isla Espalmador in Spain are interesting places in the Mediterranean for luxury yachts and superyacht charters to visit, explore and experience.

The Isla Espalmador is an uninhabited island just a few meters off the northernmost edge of the Island of Formentera. It is famous for its pristine beaches as is always included in the itinerary of yacht charter enthusiasts that visit the Island of Formentera, especially during the summer months.

A Spainish Yacht Charter in Formentera or Isla Espalmador

These popular island resorts in Spain have long been inhabited as far back as prehistoric times, and this is reason why the islands are one of those in the region that are renowned for their rich history and archeological landmarks. The Island of Formentera is known in yacht charter circuits as the home of Spain’s historic seaport, which is located in the port town of La Sabina.

The island is the perfect pick for those who want see some action in their Mediterranean holiday. There is an assortment of outdoor activities that you can engage in while spending your time in the Island. These include several water sports, fishing, swimming, snorkeling and diving.

In addition to these, the Island of Formentera is also the most ideal base for sailors and other yacht charter aficionados who want to explore other important attractions and popular sights in the Island of Ibiza, which are just a few kilometres from the northern part of the Island.

The unpopulated island of Espalmador is your small paradise which is renowned for its white sand beaches and clear blue waters. The island has no standing structures, and it is primarily visited by yacht charter aficionados who are looking a private and relaxing day at the beach.

What to see and do in this part of Spain

Seasoned sailors go to Isla Espalmador primarily for one thing – its pristine beaches, which are reputed to be among the best in the region. The most popular among them is the Playa de Illetes. It is somewhat an exclusive beach enclave reserved for those who can access it with their charter yacht or through ferry service from La Savina.

You should also check out another famous attraction in Isla Espalmador. Right at the heart of this tranquil island is the place where you can enjoy a relaxing and soothing mud bath. The place is easy to find. Seasoned sailors and other yacht charter enthusiasts only have to head due north for Platia de s’Alga and take the narrow road along the backend of the beach. After a few kilometers, you will reach an area that is dominated by a sprawling salt plain with liquid mud on the centre.

If you want the best beach destination on your luxury crewed charter yacht which is away from the hustle and bustle of the mainstream beach resorts in Spain, then your ideal choice would have to be the Island of Formentera and Isla Espalmador.