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What to expect on a crewed yacht charter

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A Great crewed yacht charter is the product of a dedicated, professional and happy crew, as well as a great charter yacht. For a crewed yacht charter to be the best that it can be, the right crew, charter location and boatneed to be matched up with the individual charter guest or charter party’s taste and requirements. Once a charter guest knows which area they wish to cruise, and in what type of yacht, the last important step is to pick the number and type of crew that will most suit their requirements.

A crewed yacht charter can be classified as a charter boat with two or more crew. It need not cost the earth, either. The smallest crewed yacht charters are normally catered for by a skipper and a chef/stewardess. This type of crewed yacht charter gives the client the opportunity to participate, without having to bare the full burden of navigation, cooking and cleaning. What's even better is your crew will have expert local knowledge, from knowing where the best anchorages, ports  beaches, walks and onshore activities are located, to where to get the freshest type of local foods or where the best restaurants are. Even a basic crew, for a modest outlay, can make an enormous difference to the satisfaction of your charter vacation.

On a crewed yacht charter of smaller size privacy is an important matter to consider. You’ll want a professional crew that you get on with as you will be spending a lot of time together onboard, often sharing meals. Does a crewed boat of this size sound a bit intimate? Fear not. The crew members are tactful professionals. They respect their place on the yacht and understand they’re role is to enhance the enjoyment of your holiday.


On the larger luxury crewed yacht charter, crew can consist of anywhere between five and fifteen people. On a super yacht, one stewardess may be employed, just to arrange the flowers! The crew on a luxury yacht will be completely devoted to your satisfaction. They are dedicated to making your charter, a truly memorable and prestigious occasion. Deck crew can consist of captain, first mate, boson and deckhand. They are in charge of navigation and sailing, tenders, preparation and operation of water toys. They’re also responsible for keeping the outside of your luxury charter yacht, looking immaculate. In the engine room, you’ll find the engineer who has the unglamorous but vital role of keeping the mechanics of your luxury crewed yacht, running perfectly.

The interior crew consists of stewardesses and chefs. The food and service produced by these professional crew are comparable to some of the finest restaurant in the world. On a crewed luxury yacht, the stewardesses are in charge of the interior and service. They’ll have the breakfast buffet set up before you step out of the shower; your cabin looking spotless by the time you’ve read the morning paper; have your dinner suit pressed before you can even say, “Another cocktail please……..”. A luxury crewed yacht charter sounds like paradise - and it is.

On a crewed yacht charter tipping is customary. The crew worked long, hard hours to make your holiday a success. If you feel the service has been brilliant, a gratuity equal to 10% of the charter fee is acceptable. If the crew has been exceptional, a higher discretionary figure may be warranted. A tip is generally distributed equally amongst the crew, by the captain.

CharterWorld can organize a crewed yacht charter which is second to none. We believe in carefully matching our clients to the most appropriate boats, crew and location. Please contact us if you have any questions or require more information on crewed yacht charters.

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