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10 of the Most Impressive Luxury Yacht Charter Destinations in France

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The South of France is one of the Mediterranean’s most popular superyacht charter grounds where corporate events and special occasions are celebrated along white sand beaches surrounded by blue-tinted water.

The striking cities are each packed with museums and art galleries, and in the summer months festivals and other events pack the social calendar. See the very best of France by luxury yacht with these 10 fantastic charter grounds.

1. Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez is a charming seaside town that visiotrs enjoy spending their time exploring and simply watching life go by from the cafes and restaurants along the seafront.

The beaches along Pampelone are the most popular with the superyacht crowd and include bars such as Nikki Beach where famous celebrities spend their summers. The shallow seas and clear blue water also make this area ideal for young families, snorkelers and those looking to plash around on the water toys.

2. Cannes

The Cannes Film Festival is arguably the most famous event in the Mediterranean and heralds the beginning of the summer charter season. The marina and surrounding waterfront offers high quality services as well as top quality eateries and shops, while the Palais des Festivals hosts events throughout the year.

The beach creates a crescent between the two main marinas, however guests looking for more peace and quiet have a great selection of beaches to the east and west, while a short cruise to Ile Saint Marguerite will provide your group with a place to use the motorised water toys, lounge on the beach or explore the island's nature trails at your own pace.

3. Ville-Franche

East of Nice is Ville-Franche, a colourful seaside town where guests can experience a genuine taste of Mediterranean seafood dishes then wear off the meal relaxing on the beaches or walking or cycling around the town.

While the forts are both worth a visit and offer some surprises, visitors should be sure to Scuba dive along the coast to Nice to discover an impressive array of dive sites. The calm bay is also suited to bobbing on the sea with the inflatable water toys or fishing while enjoying good food and good company aboard your superyacht.

4. Antibes

A city of art and culture, Antibes is a must-see destination for visitors who love the theatre, music festivals, museums and galleries. The Picasso gallery in particular will be a highlight of the city, while the nearby beaches in the remote coves of Cap d'Antibes are just some of the spectacular locations where guests can stretch their legs and play with the jet skis and kayaks.

5. Nice

Along the French Riviera, Nice is known for its beautiful architecture and mix of French and Italian customs and cuisine; if you don't have time to include Italy in your charter itinerary then Nice will give you a sample you'll certainly want to come back for to get the full experience.

In the summer, the Nice to Monaco Classic Week regatta is a spectacular sight on the water and the massive sailing ships will awe young and old alike.

6. Cassis

Cassis is the Cote d'Azur in miniature and the village offers a laid-back environment with a casino, cafes and restaurants, boutique shopping and local markets. As the western-most part of the French Riviera, Cassis has fewer visitors away from the busy cities and the Calanques National Park makes a picturesque setting for sunbathing and adventures with kayaks, Seabobs and Scuba diving equipment.

7. Marseille

With the Calanques National Park to the east and the Camargue Natural Park to the west, Marseille has an abundance of natural beauty for your guests to admire and play in. Les Iles has plenty of diving and snorkelling sites, and guests have plenty of room to themselves for playing on the motorised water toys.

As a city with more than two and a half millennia of history, Marseilles is a great place for wanderers to while away the hours and museums, theatres forts and ancient sites are easy to come by.

8. Toulon

Immerse yourself in Toulon and spend your hours exploring the winding streets happening upon galleries, cathedrals museums and high class dining establishments. There's always time to fit in some shopping and a luxury spa treatment before an evening of fun in the waterfront bars and clubs, or make use of your luxury yacht to host your own occasion.

The natural beauty is just as impressive: The scenery is vibrant and anchorages are abundant. Scuba dive, snorkel or learn how to use the jet skis, water skis and other equipment on board.

9. Iles d'Hyeres

There are four islands that make up the stunning Iles d'Hyeres charter grounds: Porquerolles, Port-Cros, Ile du Bagaud and Ile du Levant. This popular cruising area close to Toulon consists of a National Park that protects rare flora and acts as a refuge for birds.

There is a myriad of Scuba diving and snorkelling sites to please the adventurers in the group, and fair winds will be popular among windsurfer and kitesurfer enthusiasts.

The carefully preserved architecture around Porquerolles makes for charming walks and a Jazz festival in the summer adds another incredible evening to your charter.

10. Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

The coastline around Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat hides many beautiful beaches and brightly coloured gorgonias, eels and scorpionfish can be found among the depths. The town is situated close to Nice and Ville-Franche for easy inclusion into a multi-stop itinerary where you spend more time absorbing each location than in transit. Find a secluded spot away from the crowds for scenery, serenity and sunshine, then use the water toys with the family and host you own private party after sundown.

Bonus: Monaco

This little principality is not a part of France but it is one of the most visited destinations along the French Riviera on a superyacht charter. For such a small country there is an abundance of high end entertainment and the amazing casinos in Monte Carlo are worth visiting even if you don't intend on joining the tables.

The Monaco Grand Prix is the city's main summer event however there will be numerous top quality restaurants, bars and theatrical performances to fill your evenings, while the carefully maintained beaches are second only to your own superyacht sundeck for relaxation in the sun.

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