Make the most out of charter cruising with your family

Time with families is always precious: make the most out of your charters vacations with loved ones.

Make the most out of charter cruising with your family

It’s well known that taking your children on holiday is the perfect time to spend lazy days together. Make sure to choose the right superyacht that will suit your family’s needs, both for dining and leisure activities. Some parents choose superyachts for their luxury, some for the exciting parties held on board, however most vessels make a great place for super family get-togethers.

For an idea of how even the famous enjoyed family vacations on a beautiful superyacht take Jacqueline Kennedy. She was one of the most glamorous women in the early sixties. When she was photographed on Aristotle Onassis’s 99m yacht, Christina, there was a young John Kennedy Junior in the background. Princess Grace also took her children on board magnificent superyachts so they could get a taste of how exciting it is to sail to different destinations.

The publisher Malcolm Forbes used Victor Muller’s 36m motor yacht The Highlander for a family holiday. Forbes, a passionate yachtsman, enjoyed life at sea along with having precious time with his family and no-one else. With superyachts having everything on board families could wish for, there’s no shortage of things to do and places to visit.

The Highlander was created to provide lots of family space. With large spaces to fill it’s important that such a big vessel has cosy areas. Sitting eight or more around a table makes for a close-knit family occasion while a good size swimming pool offers hours of fun and excitement. It’s a good idea to have lots of private areas where parents can chill out and relax. Malcolm Forbes has a family of six children so knew water toys had to be innovative and suitable, that’s why he chose The Highlander for his family.

Children also love board games, beach games, videos and computer games. Water toys especially have to be easy to set up with good access from a swim platform. The Kingdom 5KR was lengthened to build a video games room and was designed by Tim Heywood. Fellow designer Terence Disdale said areas on board superyachts have to have two purposes. One for children during the day like a play room that can be converted into a cinema at night for the adults. Thinking pirates’ grotto, the 133m motor yacht Al Mirqab has an underwater viewing room, just what the kids need to keep them occupied for hours on end.

Children also need to discover the world from all angles and that’s why chartering a superyacht with family is a valuable lesson. There’s a slow pace of life and more opportunity to see various destinations as you sail along. The wife of the owner of the 37.5m sailing yacht Escapade once said children are able visit local villages, see historical sights, play with children from different countries and of course spend halcyon days on white, sandy beaches. Her family visited a small village in Myanmar, met families and enjoyed the local culture. Kids need to become more independent and realise the world is quite different in other parts of the world.

The design manager Ronno Schouten, suggested installing an on-board children’s lab where they can study the local flora. They also from being in a school-like environment for part of the time, if the cruising vacation is over a long period of time. The Escapade does have a school room incorporated into the layout of the yacht. This means kids can attend lessons in full uniform, then later change into casual clothes and enjoy themselves as they wish.

Making the most out of charter cruising with your family can be arranged quite easily. Nannies and tutors should go with you to make sure children are learning as they holiday. For companies building new superyachts, it is quite realistic to create cabins especially for kids. They can be close to the parents’ cabin and have baths rather than showers. Storage in children’s cabins has to be large enough to accommodate toys, clothes and other personal things kids have.

Some superyachts like the 62m Sea Owl features two children’s cabins that are decorated in a pirate and an Alice in Wonderland theme. Boys and girls love the fairyland wood carving which is found right through the yacht. These rooms are easy to keep clean with lacquered wooden walls and rugs on the floors.

A great balance of décor and colour schemes running throughout a superyacht is very pleasing on the eye. A family charter cruising vacation will be enjoyed all the more when there’s a cosy, friendly atmosphere. Safety is high on the list too. Ornaments, pictures and furniture can be fixed permanently and things like sliding doors usually have sensors at different heights.

Child-proof gates could be added to exterior stairways and deck-edge rails should be climb-proof. The best thing is to supervise your children at all times even when they are having fun. It’s important for everyone to feel safe and be safe when on a superyacht charter vacation. You will then be able to enjoy this type of vacation so much more.

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