10 Superyacht Water Toys on a Luxury Charter Yacht

Suitable for kids and adults, superyacht water toys provide ultimate fun on the water

10 Superyacht Water Toys you Can Expect to Find on a Luxury Charter Yacht

Luxury charter yachts have many fantastic water toys and toy boxes on board that are great fun. In recent years, innovations in superyacht water toys and accessories have seen a new range of toys to enjoy.

There are water toys that you can ride on like jet skis, Seabobs and exploration toys such as amphibious jeeps and mini submarines. Are you a keen snorkeller or scuba diver? There’s always a good selection of snorkelling as well as scuba diving equipment. Enjoy exploring under the water and see what lies beneath. Everything you might need for a day’s water sport activities can be found on board luxury charter yachts.

Here are 10 superyacht water toys that luxury charter yachts usually have on board for guests to enjoy:

1. Inflatables

On a luxury yacht charter, there’s sure to be a good choice of inflatables that can be towed behind tenders. Banana boats and doughnuts are always very popular. Pulled along at high speed they provide hours of exhilarating fun on the waves. Some superyachts also have inflatable climbing walls, cabanas and jungle gyms, water toys in different designs. There are even inflatable water parks that can include everything from trampolines to nets, balance beams, swings, sea-rockers and slides. – awesome.

2. Wakeboard sand water skis

For experienced water skiers or beginners, wakeboard sand water skis are a thrilling ride. Delivering high speed and fast acceleration they guarantee adrenalin-pumped fun. Wakeboard sand water skis are subject to licence, age and safety restrictions. Some charter yachts offer on board instructions so you’ll have no problem finding your feet for an unforgettable experience.

3. Seabobs

Have you heard about the new underwater toy, Seabobs? Now found on superyacht luxury charter vessels they are a kind of James Bond style water sled that tows the swimmer, above or below the water. These environmentally friendly jet-stream powered toys are fantastic for whizzing around on top of the water. What’s more Seabobs are just as good as an aid to underwater exploration.

4. Personal watercraft

Personal watercraft (PWCs) is the name for jet skis or wave runners. They are versatile and easy to learn how to ride. Think of a PWC as a waterborne motorcycle but much faster and safer. If you fall off it all you will get is a dunking in the sea. Many are specifically designed to carry 2-3 passengers. This can let guests race against each other to see who is the fastest – great fun!

5. Amphibious jeep

At the high end of the water toy facilities is the amphibious jeep. Some yachts have one of these jeeps on board, a most exciting water toy. An amphibious jeep will allow you to get to the shore and explore remote islands during your yacht charter vacation – what an adventure!

6. Waterslides

The humble waterslide has been reinvented. They are now one of the most exciting superyacht water toys available, steeper and sleeker than ever before. Crafted in a range of shapes and sizes, bespoke waterslides are attached at the side at a 45-degree angle from the top deck. This allows guests to zip from the deck straight into the water, perfect for at-ancho fun. Some charter yachts have versions of zip lines that will take you from the top deck to splash down away from the vessel. Great for all the family, waterslides provide hours of entertainment.

7. Scuba diving equipment

Many yacht charters have plenty of scuba diving gear on board. You will need to be experienced and have the necessary certificates to use this kind of equipment. Scuba diving is a firm favourite among yacht charter guests who like nothing better than exploring the shipwrecks, marine life and corals beneath the waves. Some yachts offer rendezvous diving. This is where a local scuba diving company meets up with the yacht and takes guests on an underwater adventure.

8. Water sports equipment

Kayaks, sailing dinghies, wind surfers and kite surfers are popular when on a charter yacht vacation. If you’ve never tried these types of equipment before, don’t worry. Most charter yacht crews are very experienced so can show you how to use them or even better, accompany you out into the ocean. Suitable for novices and experienced paddlers, this water sport equipment will allow you to enjoy coastlines and lakes at your own pace.

9. Mini submarines

The largest superyacht toy you can expect to find on a luxury yacht charter are mini submarines and aqua toys. The subs are fully equipped and designed to carry the captain and guests on underwater adventures – just like Jules Verne wrote the famous novel Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea.

10. Snorkelling gear and floating pools

Among the extensive selection of water toys on board luxury yacht charters, you can always find snorkelling gear and inflatable pools. For snorkelling gear there are fins and masks in all shapes and sizes, something suitable for everyone. When sailing to far away and exotic locations, snorkelling gear will give you access to some amazing coral reefs. Don’t forget your underwater camera to capture the moment! Your superyacht charter will probably include floating pools or a sea swimming pool as they are commonly known. Floating pools are a safe, enclosed area for swimming and a great way to keep the kids entertained for hours on end.

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