10 of the most outrageous charter guest requests

From white roses to bagels delivered by a private jet; here are the op 10 outrageous charter guests requests

10 of the Most Outrageous Charter Guest Requests

Many charter guests come up with some wild requests when chartering a superyacht. Here are ten of the most outrageous:

1. Minimalist Cuisine

One guest asked an on board chef to create a Margherita pizza without any sauce or cheese!

2. Cucumber cubes

Another guest requested cucumber cubes cut to 10 mm exactly for breakfast. A ruler was used to make sure the measurements were accurate.

3. In fantasy land

One client wished to know details about the roller furler and in-mast rigging. This was a very strange request as it was obvious they had a fetish about being tied up. It was thought the guest wanted to act out this fantasy while chartering a yacht as the request was too detailed for it not to be taken too seriously. Needless to say, the charter reservation was turned down.

4. Flower lady

One lady on board a charter superyacht asked for 500 white roses to be placed in huge vases in the main saloon in time for dinner. She was the type of person who would ask for crazy stuff to see if it could be provided by the crew. Fortunately, the roses were found, however a private plane had to be hired to get them to the location which was in the Caribbean. As soon as the roses were in situ and dinner was finished, she told the crew to get rid of them or throw them overboard! The person who organised the flowers couldn’t throw them away so took them to the crew’s deck where they flourished for over a week. The cost of this entire exercise was probably over $100,000 which included the private plane and the cost of the flowers.

5. Party time

One charterer who had a fleet of yachts would always want an extra yacht to act as an after-party entertainment venue. “Hot” girls would be given a stamp to board the party yacht with some guys getting stamped too. Parties on board this extra yacht were very intense, so you can imagine what went on.

6. Fussy guest

One of the most outrageous guests on board a superyacht was someone who had a “thing” about the onboard kitchen. He wasn’t very happy with what he saw so brought his own new plates and cutlery in. He rejigged the galley too to make it more kosher. Because he wanted this specific vessel, he even brought his own chef on board.

7. Not on the VIP list!

Women of ill repute aren’t welcome guests on a superyacht. It’s standard practice to remove women of this ilk and many crew have done this at least once on a yacht charter vacation.

8. Champagne and more champagne

One of the worst problems on a yacht charter vacation is running out of champagne. A common occurrence is having to get champagne, usually Dom Perignon, flown on board by seaplane especially after guests have been partying all night long.

9. Very special breakfast

While chartering a superyacht in St Barths, the charter guests requested very special breakfast to be delivered the next morning. The famous bagels with salmon were flown in a private jet and the taxied to the port for the guests by the jet’s pilot.

10. Bad behaviour from a top model

A model who was a guest of the main charterer of a yacht started acting strangely and crazily. The hosts asked the captain to have her removed at the next port they anchored at. Hearing this, she was so annoyed that she trashed the vessel before being taken off. She ripped wallpaper, threw anything and everything all over the place and blocked the toilets.

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