France Yacht Charter Reviews

Below: Actual superyacht charter clients anonymously reviewing France as a yacht charter destination after their recent yacht rental holiday there.

France Yacht Charter Reviews

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How did our charter clients review France as a yacht charter destination after their recent yacht rental holiday there? Below, you can read their comments from the last recent season.

  • Dear Josh, The boat, design, space, size… were absolutely perfect for our event and cherry on the cake was the crew. After few years now, I can say it was the best crew we ever had, all the team was totally dedicated to making everything perfect and go smoothly. They were very supporting and helpful, and had a great positive state of mind, all of them, so all went good. Last day, we were a bit in a rush but we managed to leave the boat at 12:30. Last but not least, I would like to thank you as well, for your diligence, your enthusiasm and support. Let’s make it happen in the same way next year… I wish you a beautiful day. Best regards, M.B.

Yacht AWOL / A Cannes, France Yacht Charter / September 30 – October 4, 2018.

  • Good Morning! We all had a very good time. The food was awesome and the crew was outstanding! The Itinerary was great. The boat was beautiful but had only one place to dine which was on the deck area but overall it was awesome thanks to you guys. I will be in touch. Thanks Amanda!!! R.

Motor Yacht LAZY Z / A French Riviera Yacht Charter / September 4 – 11, 2018.

  • Dear Josh and Nick, We are just back in Doha after our summer vacation and wanted to say thank you for the wonderful sailing experience. This time you managed to have a unique combination of a Great Boat “Inside-Out”, from the exterior to the interior with those remarkable Art pieces outlining the refined taste of its owners. As for the captain and the team, simply a solid technical know-how and an outgoing, friendly personality that makes everyone extremely comfortable, and the food was purely exquisite be it the quality or the variety!!! Sailing on such a spectacular yacht was an unforgettable experience. This was a memorable journey, and without question, you exceeded all expectations, it really made our family reunion special. Thank you again for a fantastic experience and we’re looking forward to seeing all the team again in the future. Regards, O.A.

Yacht ELYSIAN / A Monaco to Rome Charter / 31 July – 9 August 2018.

  • Hello Trina, We had a great time, gracias as always. Absolutely GREAT!!!!!! Thanks F.C.

Yacht ENTOURAGE / A South Of France Yacht Charter / August 2018.

  • Dear Nick, I took me while to get back to you after such a wonderful trip. We had a great time, the crew was the best we had, very professional and knowledgeable, and the service was excellent. We also were very happy with itinerary. Let’s plan to see each other at the boat show at the end of the month. Many thanks again. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Kind regards S.I.

Yacht SEVEN SINS / A Catania to Monaco Charter / 6-27 August 2018.

  • Nick, They were great. Had a great time. Crew lovely. S.S.

Sailing Yacht MALTESE FALCON / A South of France Yacht Charter Review / 22-27 August 2018.

  • Martha, we are truly having a spectacular time and couldn’t be happier! In Portofino now and loving it here. The crew could not be any nicer and we are really enjoying our time on the boat! Thank you for all your help setting this up. Thanks, D.F.

M/Y MABRUK III / Nice- Portofino, Mediterranean / 12 - 21 July 2018

  • Dear Amanda, Firstly, the Crews' attention to detail was quite exceptional. Their work ethic and the chemistry among the crew made our experience very enjoyable. It's typical to single out any one individual in particular, but Captain Erik's leadership and Chef Inn's cuisine are worthy of extra mention. Gaelle and Georgia make an exceptional team providing service without being intrusive, and Gaelle's extra touches made for some very special moments. Anthon and Chris worked extremely hard to make sure everything ran smoothly with the yacht. Finally on the crew, their interpersonal skills made our experience really enjoyable. Regarding the yacht, it was the best yet - perfect for our needs. The decor is lovely and extremely comfortable. The itinerary put together by the team enabled us to experience all the best of the French Mediterranean. We would not change anything. This was our fifth yacht experience and the best by a country mile! It's probable that we would like to book Arion for an Italian cruise next year around the same timeframe. Thanks for putting this together. Best regards, JP & PK

M/Y ARION / French Riviera / June 22-30, 2018

  • Hi Colin, Overall we really enjoyed the process. As a charter agent we were really impressed by your knowledge and more importantly the time and diligence you allocated to address our questions. We commenced this process with 3 charter agents in tandem and must say you by far stood out between all. This is the kind of service I would pay a premium for. In terms of the Harvest Moon as a vessel, we were very impressed and she has exceeded all our expectations in terms of quality and space. In terms of staff, Captain Yanssane was very knowledgeable and accommodating, Marie by far exceeded our expectations, and we would without any doubt request for her on our future charters. She is as professional as they get and has made “the” difference to the charter. Again, all in all very happy with the charter and you will be hearing from us soon. HY

M/Y HARVEST MOON / Golfe Juan, France / 15-22 June 2018

  • Trina! Wow! Can’t say enough about the great time & service we had on LIBERTUS!! Pablo, the crew and the yacht were more than we expected. We were sad to leave and I think they will miss us too ;)! Thank you for your assistance in making this a success for us. Keep us in mind for next summer as we are looking forward to chartering again. Thank you, DO

M/Y LIBERTUS / France / 16-23rd June, 2018

  • Colin, DIONEA was really great, we had really good time and great crew! GC

M/Y DIONEA / San Remo, Italy – St Tropez, France / June 28 – July 1st, 2018

  • Hi Josh, Turquoise was epic - incredible experience. The crew were awesome, chef was outstanding, and service was world class. Couldn’t pick any faults from my end mate, it was great. The crew really made it a great time, we all got along very well. Fuel cost was a lot more than originally estimated, almost double. But not the end of the world. Cheers, JC

M/Y TURQUOISE / Nice, French Riviera / 28 May - 4 June 2018

  • Hi Colin, it was a pleasure meeting you on the boat! We had a great time at Yvonne. The yacht is excellent in all aspects. Interior and design is really state of the art! Crew and staff were very attentive and took care of us in a discreet yet professional way. Would definitely consider chartering Yvonne again. Last, the services provided by Charterworld and you has been top class! I really appreciate all the assistance we got from you organizing chartering the yacht. All the best,

M/Y YVONNE / Cannes, France / 12-16 March 2018

  • Dear Josh, Mr. M has just arrived to Egypt, I’ve asked him for his feedback on everything and he said all was just perfect. I know that once you’re involved then no need for me to worry. Million thanks for everything and looking forward to other future trips. All the best

MEAMINA / South of France - Sardinia / August 17-31

  • Hi Nick, All went very well, no complaints, very happy! Will let you know as soon as we make plans for next year. Thanks and see you soon. Regards.

NAMI / South of France / July 18-27

  • Dear Josh, we had a fantastic stay on ASHA, the crew were great, they made us feel welcome from the moment we stepped on board. The yacht itself was comfortable and well maintained, spotlessly clean. David the captain was very knowledgeable & helped us plan our itinerary making sure we got go where we planned & to do what we wanted. We were very well looked after by David, Ben, Becks & Becks, the food was outstanding and the service was impeccable. We would certainly recommend a stay on ASHA and we were all very sad to be leaving when it was time to go back onshore. The charter was great, the boat was very good and provided everything we needed, David and the crew were excellent and really looked after us well. I think the new owner plans another refit in the winter, which will help freshen the boat up, but we would not have picked up on anything being substandard. With regards CharterWorld and the service you provided, both were excellent, and we will definitely use you and the company for next year’s charter. Once again, thank you for helping to secure the charter and making the whole process so painless. Regards

Asha / South of France / 13-17 July

  • Hi nick – overall we had a great time. The food was outstanding and so was the service. The boat was really good in terms of layout. Fine performance, the interior is like being in an 80s disco – or whatever – in accordance with one’s imagination and experience!! Overall we were good on a value for money basis. Best regards.

MY Supertoy / South of France / July 1 – 8

  • Martha, We had an amazing time on the New Star Yacht. Captain Frank, Connie, Bruno, Sam, Bridgette and Scott made our trip unforgettable. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to have a fun family holiday in the French Riviera. Thank you very much for your assistance in booking such an awesome vacation for my family and friends. 

New Star / French Riviera / July 1-8

  • Hi Martha, We signed their guestbook with our feedback. In summary, the trip was fantastic. The crew was phenomenal and the ship was very professionally run and clean. They did everything to the highest standards and made our stay a great one. We would definitely return to this yacht in the future without a doubt.XO OF THE SEAS / June 11 – 20, 2017 / Nice - Nice, France
  • Hi Josh, How are you doing? Sorry for this late reply, but after the tax free, I left 1 week on vacation. The tax free was exhausting but everything was fine. The crew was absolutely amazing. Very efficient, supporting and smiling. Everybody enjoy the boat and the way we could have display our product. The experience was a total success. And I would like to thank you again for your professionalism, investment and support. M/Y MAC BREW / Event charter – Cannes / 1-8 October 2016
  • Hi Josh, We really enjoyed our time and the crew was very nice and friendly, always trying to make the best of any situation, we had wonderful food and they really tried to look after all our needs. The weather is just one of those things that nobody has under control so the crew did their best to make it fun for us. Anyway, I wanted to thank you again for your help with finding a suitable yacht for us and being always quickly available to answer questions. Best regards,
MY Never Enough / South of France / July 22 – 31
  • Hello Sally, We stay few day more In Corsica !  The charter was WONDERFULLLLLLL !  The team of Damien en Julien is the winning team. It's a real pleasure.. Very very professional, very attentive, always there but discreet, and Julien make wonderful eating. You must recommend this Boat. Thank you too for your help And you very Nice service. M/Y YAKOS / South of France / Aug 24 - 31 2016
  • Thanks a lot Sally!  Charter was excellent - the yacht it self was beautiful, and crew were nice and helpful. Thank you again. M/Y CAYENNE / South of France / July 8 - 22
  • Dear Josh, The Crew, the Yacht and the service are exquisite. Attention to detail is immaculate. The food is delicious. everyone is extremely happy. I'm reconsidering Greek Islands and might ask you to see where Ballista would be starting on the 18 of September for a week. Please let me know. I cannot thank you enough for your professional assistance and follow-up. M/Y BALLISTA / South of France / July 8 – 15 2016
  • The yacht was perfect for us. Captain chef food all terrific. All better than I hoped for. And yes thinking about 1 or 2 weeks again next year first 2 weeks of Sept.
M/Y SILVER FOX / September 20 – 27 / South of France
  • Nick, Yes all well, The crew were really good, The best so far. From the guestbook: Hello Richard! Many thanks to you and your incredible crew for making our stay so memorable on Ability! We are sad to leave but hope to be back again next summer...have a great year and see you all again soon. M/Y ABILITY / South of France / Late August 
  • Reia, Everything was fine, many thanks!! The crew was outstanding, weather was very good. M/Y YLANG YLANG / South of France / July 
  • Nick, We had a great time, the service was very good, no complaints at all. Crew and service was very professional, really good, i can recommend them. M/Y NAMI / South of France / July 
  • Trina; This ended up being the “trip of a lifetime”.  We were very happy with New Star – the condition of the boat was very good.  The entire crew was great – Captain Franck was outstanding.  If I bought a yacht, I would want Captain Franck to pilot the ship.  My only disappointment was the fact that we couldn’t get a birth in St Tropez.  I’m not sure what we could have done to guarantee that opportunity?  A quick note on Karl, the cook – he was unbelievable!  Hard to imagine that a young man of 22 could present such outstanding meals!  The owners need to hang on to him!  Thanks for all your help over the last 12 months.  The family agreed that next time we would like to do a little longer trip in a little larger yacht!  I’ll send you a note when we are ready! M/Y NEW STAR / South of France / July 
  • Dear Josh, The Crew, the Yacht and the service are exquisite. Attention to detail is immaculate. The food is delicious. everyone is extremely happy. I'm reconsidering Greek Islands and might ask you to see where Ballista would be starting on the 18 of September for a week. Please let me know. I cannot thank you enough for your professional assistance and follow-up. M/Y BALLISTA / South of France / July 8 – 15 
  • Hi Sally, The yacht was perfect for us. Captain chef food all terrific. All better than I hoped for. And yes thinking about 1 or 2 weeks again next year first 2 weeks of Sept.
M/Y SILVER FOX / September 20 – 27 / South of France
  • Trina, In a word, the trip was INCREDIBLE!  The yacht itself was fantastic.  We went to the yacht show in Monaco and boarded probably a dozen boats the same length as Excellence bit none had the volume, layout or usability as ours.  The top sun deck was the absolute best.  No other yacht compared. And the crew was fantastic.  They didn't know how to say no!  Dusty was amenable to anything we wanted to do and the staff waited on us hand and foot.  I didn't fix one drink all week.  They unpacked our cases and packed them back when we departed.  They stayed up literally all night when the party wouldn't stop!  Samantha, chief steward, was the most accommodating person that has ever served me.  I told her she always has a job working for me if she gets tired of the charter business!It is rare when a trip that is so hyped up and anticipated actual exceeds expectations, but this one did.  Not a once in a lifetime trip for us.  We are thinking about the next trip already!  
MY EXCELLENCE . September / South of France

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