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The Copyright and Intellectual Property Infringement Complaint ...

The Copyright and Intellectual Property Infringement Complaint Notice Procedure

Please note that it is very important legally to ensure you know whether the content that you have seen on does in fact infringe your copyright.

If you are unsure as to what exactly your legal rights are, or as to whether you own copyright or not or whether your copyright has been infringed, you should check with a legal adviser first.

You are hereby put on notice that there may well be adverse legal consequences in your country to your actions if you make a false, inaccurate or bad faith allegation of copyright infringement by using this complaint notice process.

If you are a resident currently residing or an agent of a company incorporated and operating in the USA please go here to the DMCA terms. All other individuals or companies must follow the instructions below.

* Please note that all information requested in points 1-4 below is required to be completed in a written letter/fax which is signed by the copyright owner. You must prove ownership and include relevant and reasonable evidence of proof of ownership.

Please use your complaint notice to report any one of the following issues.

* Infringing photo (or any other copyrighted content) published on
* Unlawful use of a trademark appearing on

All the below information must be supplied and completed before we can process your complaint.

Please submit your complaint in English and include all information covered in points 1-4 below:

1.  Description
You must submit a proper and clear description of the copyrighted work or IP material (in other words describing how it is your own work/material) as well as physical evidential proof that the material is currently under your ownership.

Accordingly, please provide:
(a) a description and evidence (e.g. direct URL of the page) of your copyrighted work or IP material in question; and
(b) confirmation and some physical evidence to demonstrate that you are the author and or the copyright or IP owner (or authorised to act on the copyright or IP owner’s behalf). If you act for a company which claims ownership we additionally require that company’s incorporation number and a copy of the company certificate as well as a personal assurance that the information in your notice is valid and correct.

2.  Infringement
You must submit a description of the copyright infringement so that it can be identified (i.e. the copied work/material):
Please provide a direct URL to where you believe the infringement is occurring and a description of how this infringes your copyright or IP material.

3.  Statement of Belief:

Please include the following statement in your letter/fax and sign it.

Statement: I confirm that the above information is correct and that the disputed use is not authorised by the copyright or IP owner, its agent, or the law.

IMPORTANT: Please note that we cannot investigate or process your complaint if:

(i) you do not include the Statement above and
(ii) if you fail to provide all the requested information.

We reserve the right to request additional material/evidence if this is required once your notice is received. You will need to prove ownership.

4.  Contact
We will need to contact you back?

Please include in your written fax or letter:

* Full name and title (Mrs/Miss/Ms/Mr.):
* Full Postal Address
* Email Address:
* Confirm email address:
* Telephone number:

You may post your completed complaint to
P.O. Box 604
New Zealand

Or Fax it to: +44 207 927 3315

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