Bahamas Yacht Charter Reviews

Below: Actual superyacht charter clients anonymously reviewing The Bahamas as a yacht charter destination after their recent yacht rental holiday there.

Bahamas Yacht Charter Reviews

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How did our charter clients review The Bahamas as a yacht charter destination after their recent yacht rental holiday there? Below, you can read their comments from the last recent Bahamas season.

The Reviews:

  • Hi Trina, we wanted to let you know that we had an awesome time on our JUST ENOUGH charter... loved the yacht, and Brandon and his entire crew were great. Thank you for lining this up… everyone wants to do another trip so I’ll be back in touch soon. BB
Yacht JUST ENOUGH / A Nassau, Bahamas Yacht Charter / August, 2019
  • Hi Amanda, We all had an amazing trip! The whole experience exceeded all my expectations. The crew were all great, friendly and accommodating. We definitely could not have asked for better. They were all a pleasure. I cannot say enough. The yacht itself was in perfect condition as well. It was by far the best and most memorable vacation for all. If you have any specific questions, I am happy to answer them. JD
MY FAR FROM IT / Exumas / June 25 – July 2, 2018
  • Amanda, we’re back. There were ultimately, 10 total passengers on the cruise throughout the 10 days, and every one of us rated this the BEST vacation we have ever had! The boat was very nice, the crew was sensational, we got very lucky with the weather, and all were relaxed, ate (too) well, and it was just about perfect in every way. And, of course, THANK YOU for all you did to arrange this trip for us. It was spectacular! Many thanks!!! TG
M/Y SORRIDENTE / Nassau – Georgetown RT / June 27 – July 7, 2018
  • Hi Trina! I wanted to let you know we have just finished our charter and I must tell you I am wowed. The boat was not at all like the photos. It’s beautiful and comfortable - stunning. The crew is out of this world. They helped at every turn and kept the boat super clean. When home I am happy to write a full write up on my experience. I am not easy to impress. This was above and beyond my expectations. I look forward to booking my next charter with you. Thank you!
SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE / Bahamas / March, 2018
  • Martha, so nice to hear from you! I’m afraid if I get started on this trip I will never stop!  From the moment went met Captain Murph until the day we waved good bye I can say there was never a moment of disappointment.  Every member of the crew was professional, engaged and anticipated our every need. The rooms were spotless and the food was consistently delicious!  I was fearful having asked for healthy meals (wasn’t sure all of our guests agreed!). The presentation was stunning and each meal was unique, healthy and deliciously memorable! It was wonderful getting to see old favourite haunts and discovering new ones. The flexibility of being able to choose our own way and spend as much time as we liked in any area was exhilarating.  We were over the top satisfied with this method of traveling and can’t wait to do it again!
LEGENDARY / Bahamas / 10-17th of March 2018
  • Hi Martha, Thanks very much for following up with me. We had a wonderful trip on My Maggie with Captain Robb, Tami, John, Colleen and Hannah.  The boat was in tip-top shape and the crew were as fantastic as we remembered them.  The crew accommodated all of our requests and ensured the trip was a memorable one. If/when we charter again, we can’t imagine putting ourselves under the care of any other crew.  When that time comes, we will be back in touch with you. Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer. Best,
MAGGIE / Bahamas / August 5-10, 2017 
  • Amanda and Paul, We had a great time.  If you need a recommendation, please have them contact me. The crew was terrific. (Paul – As I mentioned to you, keep that crew together and I still think Mike should be your number 1 Chef rather than the back up (one of your crew members –not Mike – agrees with me.).  Every one of them was outstanding.  The food was out of this world – not a single dinner, lunch or breakfast was just ordinary. For future clients (if there are old, old people,) you should make them aware of the stairs on board. Marlene and I didn’t have too much trouble but we certainly didn’t make extra trips as they are steep and with very high risers. The trip will be long remembered, particularly by our Grandsons. M/Y CRISTOBAL / March 2017 / Bahamas
  • Sally, Dominic and Hannah were a dynamic duo who exceeded our expectations.  Hannah was extremely thoughtful and creative with each of her meals and Dominic was a sharp and experienced captain who never let us down. The lobster, and even some fish that we speared were only half the fun. Hannah worked hard to prepare everything we caught in a new and delicious way. Dominic offered a few additional ideas for fun, but at the end of the day we just loved enjoying the yacht and view. The boat was in amazing condition, and we credit Dominic and Hannah with that. I know I mentioned this earlier, but I can't stress enough how much we appreciated both yours and Dominic's prompt responses in the days leading up to the trip and how he helped maximize our trip by letting us know to push things back a day due to the forecasted winds.  We are confident that his help saved this adventure.  We look forward to our next trip. M/Y FIRST A FENCE / March 25 - 28 2017 / Bahamas 
  • Amanda, we had a very enjoyable trip with the yacht and crew. We only had one poor weather day which should be expected. That one day was our first day on board and we enjoyed relaxing and getting spoiled by 8 staff members. The crew were mostly early 20's types and had only been together for 2-3 months and 2 cruises so they were still working out a few little kinks. But they far outweighed any mild inconvenience with their youthful enthusiasm. We were very happy with the yacht and the crew and feel very happy with the value for our travel dollar. Thank you as well for the great planning service you provided personally. We will certainly contact you again as we decide to take another cruise. M/Y PURE BLISS / Feb 22 - 26 2017 / Bahamas
  • Dear Amanda, The yacht was fitted to a very high standard  and in great condition.  The crew were exemplary attending to our every needs whether requested or not. It was a great trip.  What more can I say . Thank you so much for arranging this for us. My wife was very very happy. M/Y DOLCE VITA / February 2017 / Bahamas
  • Hi Trina, We really loved this trip.  The yacht was amazing, with all area useable.  The crew was the best so far.  They really went above and beyond, which made us enjoy this trip just a little bit more than all the others.  This boat and crew really is amazing.  Thanks again for helping us out on this trip.  We are thinking about going to Croatia in late summer or early fall.  Keep an eye out for a good yacht for us.  M/Y BALAJU / Dec 30 – Jan 10 2017 / Bahamas
  • Amanda, The trip was amazing.  The crew was amazing.  My family and friends had a great time.  Thank you for arranging a perfect New Years Trip!  M/Y KELLY ANNE / Dec 28 2016 – Jan 7 2017 / Exumas
  • Hi Amanda and Captain Hendre! I simply cannot thank you both enough.  The guests have had a fantastic time and it would not have been possible without your hard work.  I will definitely be recommending your services and the boat to my other family offices. M/Y REMEMBER WHEN / Bahamas / July 11 – 18
  • Good morning Trina. As we prepare to leave our "Dream" charter I wanted to thank you so so much for booking this amazing charter for my family. Will talk this week and do our debrief but wanted to let you know how wonderful the week was in so many ways. Happy 4th to you and your family. M/Y SEA DREAMS / Bahamas / July 2016
  • Amanda, Very great start. Chad and crew are great. It will be tough leaving but not thinking about that now. MY THE PROGRAM / June 2016 / Bahamas
  • Trina - What an amazing first day. Food amazing service incredible yacht beautiful activities so fun!! Thanks we are all so happy and enjoying our first full day!! Crew is exceptional in every way. MY SEA DREAMS / Bahamas / June 2016
  • Trina, I thought it would be difficult to have a trip on a yacht be better than the one we had in 2010 in the French Riviera on Reeges Dream but alas we are speechless. We had an amazing time. The food from Chef Terry was amazing (we all gained weight but didn't care) Erica the head Stew was incredible as were Captain Brandon, Scottie and Taylor. The boat was stunning and well maintained with all of the necessary toys to make for an exciting time. I'm asking Mark for a jet ski and I've always been against them.  So much fun. Thank you for finding us this charter. A 25th anniversary that we will never forget.
Thank you so much. M/Y TEMPTATION / EXUMAS / June 2016
  • Dear Amanda- Just finished up a lovely week!  Thank you for you're assistance.  Beachfront and her crew were perfect!  The yacht is lovely, the crew is fantastic and the dining is perfect...together with exceptional weather.  T, MY BEACHFRONT / Nassau / June 2016
  • The charter was incredible. It was better than I had expected. The crew was amazing, they were willing to do whatever they could to help us out. We didn’t have any luck fishing, but that wasn’t a big deal. My brother and I are talking about trying to book the Starship for a family trip with his family and mine. So I will let you know when we find some dates that may work.
Thanks again for all of the help! B. MY STARFIRE / April 23rd -27th / Bahamas
  • Hi Amanda, we had a wonderful week on board of Milk Money, Cpt David and his crew were amazing. The boat was in great condition and the most complete that we had ever seen  Let's talk in few months about the next trip...Thanks a lot. M/Y MILK MONEY / Exumas / February 2016
  • Amanda, thanks for the follow up.  We had an excellent time and the crew was fantastic.  Our expectations were certainly met or exceeded with the yacht, crew, and overall experience.  Id like to send along the gratuity for the crew and the differential of APA. Would you mind sending back over the wiring instructions as to where to send it as well as the balance on the APA.
Thanks!  - MY SKYE / Exumas / March 2016
  • Good Morning Amanda, We cannot begin to tell you how much fun we all had!! This trip will forever be in our memories as one of the best ever vacations!! As we were in the car leaving for the airport, I said that when we Charter a yachting trip that it’s the best way for us all to be together… and everyone said…..Well, I just think we are all a Yachting Family!! The crew were all so extremely helpful and willing to do anything that we wanted or even mentioned!! We never saw Scott once without a huge smile on his face!! Brandon was awesome with all of the island planning, and the best was the last night he and Scott did the most unbelievable fireworks show for all of us. We all were so sad to leave Terry, and we all wanted him to come home with us. Every single meal was out of this world!! Michelle and Erika were always on top of everything. We loved getting to know them, and again, they always had a smile on their face and so willing to do anything. They all truly make such a great team, and I loved how close they all are, and you can tell they all love doing what they do!!  Thanks again for organizing such an amazing trip for us and looking forward to our next “Yachting Experience”!!! I will send you some pictures in the next email.
Charlotte and Hal
M/Y TEMPTAION / Bahamas / January 2016
  • Martha, I wanted to let you know what a FANTASTIC time we had on the Pearl. Kevin and Ryan were both professional and great to be around. The places Kevin took us to as well as the meals prepared by Ryan were all interesting as well as delicious. I have no problem recommending them if you ever need a reference. Thanks for all your help in making our trip enjoyable. Regards, Alan 
M/Y PEARL / November 13 – 20 2016/ Bahamas
  • Amanda, We had a blast and everything was perfect.  Alan, Jonathan and Alice were all very fun and attentive.  The crew could not have been better.  The yacht was in great shape and food was delicious.  I have nothing negative to say about the entire trip!  I would not hesitate to charter Knot Tide again.  Tammy was very surprised and we enjoyed our time with our friends.  Thanks for helping organize the trip.  Now, back to reality.Scott
M/Y KNOT TIDE / November 2015 / Bahamas

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How did our charter clients review The Bahamas as a yacht charter destination after their recent yacht rental holiday there? Above, you can read their comments from the last recent Bahamas season. Below, see related location and news.

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