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As a yacht charter vacation area The United States of America is as broad, diverse and varied as her people. The major charter boat locations in America include New England, Connecticut, New York, Florida, The Florida Keys, and Bahamas on the East Coast right across to the Pacific Northwest, Anacortes and Seattle and down to California, Santa Barbara and San Diego in the south west. Not to mention San Francisco Bay which will be home to the 2013 America’s Cup Finals and the Louis Vuitton Cup, America's Cup Challenger Series, marking the first time the America’s Cup has been hosted in the United States since 1995.

SAN FRANCISCO – Photo Credits Gilles Martin-Raget

It's hardly surprising that in America you have the choice between yacht charter vacations with incredible diversity, varied identity and character. The only thing that may not be so easy to come across, is a decision as to which area to experience on your charter boat vacation? Read on…

New England is sail boat territory with sailing centers such Mystic and Newport which are home to numerous sailboat yacht charter companies. You can begin your yacht charter vacation in Newport, RI, home to the famous challenging sailing yachts of the America's cup, and New England’s luxury sailboats and motor super yachts.

Florida yacht charters are not only in a beautiful and diverse yacht charter location but are also the door to a wonderland of cruising pleasure - the Florida Keys and the Bahamas. Some call Florida the king of yacht charter vacations. Indeed, Florida does have some of the largest gatherings of bareboat charter yachts worldwide, particularly around Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The State of Florida is synonymous with water - it has two coastal borders in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico and is home to some 30,000 lakes. Florida charter boat vacations follow the intercostal highway; with its myriad of secluded cove beaches, seaside towns, great anchorages and excellent marina facilities, for miles and miles.

Often considered America's Caribbean Islands, the Florida Keys including Key Largo and Key West, is a spectacular yacht charter location. You will often read references to a 'jade necklace' or a 'string of pearls' in descriptions of the many (800+) islands that stretch off into the sea. The Florida Keys feature plenty of energy ashore, but to get away into the quieter areas a charter yacht vacation is the only way to go.

The Bahamas is also one of the great places in America to enjoy a yacht charter vacation. The Bahamas are made up of more than 700 islands and countless (over 2400) cays to explore and is rimed by one of the world's great barrier reefs. This impressive reef system surrounds the reef-and-key sheltered waters, providing 100 miles of relaxed cruising in the relatively shallow safety of The Sea of Abaco. The Bahamian island chain begins with Bimini, just 45 miles from Miami, stretching all the way to the Turks, 500 miles to the southwest. The Bahamas is a brilliant charter location that has either excitement or serenity, depending on your mood, and is also within easy access for both American and European yacht charter vacations.

The types of yacht charter available in America off-course include all the main types such as motor, sailing, corporate charter, skippered, crewed yachts, catamaran, power boat, sailboat, luxury yacht, superyacht charters and mega yacht charters.

The primary charter boat season for most of the Northern American cruising areas generally runs from May right through to October, when the summer warms the ocean breeze. In the South it runs from January to September, although there is generally always somewhere on the continent where it is a good time to charter a yacht.

Due to the scale and diversity of the different yacht charter areas of America we have covered the major charter locations individually. If there is a charter boat cruising area, not covered here that you are interested in, please contact us and we will provide you with that information personally.

Florida Yacht Charter - Florida yacht charters are not only in a beautiful and diverse yacht charter location but are also the door to a wonderland of cruising pleasure - the Florida Keys and the Bahamas
Miami Yacht Charter - Miami Beach has been referred to as the "American Riviera". Miami is multicultural, colourful and energetic and a top location to pick up your yacht charter.
Florida Keys Yacht Charter - Often considered America's Caribbean Islands the Florida Keys is a spectacular yacht charter location.
Bahamas Yacht Charter - The Bahamas is one of the great places for luxury yacht charters. Bahamas yacht charters are well known and well regarded around the world as the Islands offer lovely beaches, beautiful warm shallow waters as well as warm locals.
Abacos Yacht Charter - The Abacos, and the Sea of Abacos, in the northeast Bahamas is the place for a yacht charter vacation if you like to experience the quieter side of things.
New England Yacht Charter - As a yacht charter vacation location New England is as varied as her people. Squeeze six states into an area smaller than Arizona and it's hardly surprising that you end up with a place of incredible diversity, varied identity and individualism.
New York Yacht Charter - A yacht charter vacation in New York is suitable for many occasions. From a luxury motor yacht to a sailboat schooner, charter yachts are aplenty around New York.
Pacific Northwest Yacht Charter - A Pacific Northwest yacht charter covers some magnificent coastline and forms a perfectly protected playground for your yachting vacation.

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America Luxury Yachting News

Video: Sunseeker 80 motor yacht SEAS THE DAY cruising into Fort Lauderdale, Florida
A video showing the Sunseeker 80 super yacht 'Seas the Day' while cruising in the glamorous Florida yacht holiday location - Fort Lauderdale, published by 'ZipZapPower'.
Harvey Schiller appointed as commercial commissioner for 35th America’s Cup
© Gilles Martin-Raget - Dr. Harvey Schiller, Commercial Commissioner, 35th America's Cup
Harvey Schiller has been appointed as Commercial Commissioner for 35th America’s Cup. The new role will give Schiller responsibility for supervising, managing, as well as protecting the commercial interests of the America’s Cup.
Thirteen Things to See and Do at the upcoming Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS)
FLIBS 2013 - Photo by Forest Johnson
The organizers of the upcoming Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS), set to run in the popular Florida yacht charter location – Ft. Lauderdale from October 30 through November 3, have unveiled the list of the top 13 things to see and do at this year's event.
Magnum Marine to showcase new Magnum 51 mega yacht tender at Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show 2014
Magnum 51 superyacht tender by Magnum Marine at full speed
The upcoming Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show will feature the new Magnum 51 superyacht tender by Magnum Marine. This superb boat can achieve an amazing top speed of up to 63 knots.
Video: 120’ Broward motor yacht SOVEREIGN heading into Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
A video showing the 120' Broward charter yacht Sovereign while heading to the fantastic Florida yacht holiday destination - Fort Lauderdale from the Atlantic Ocean.
AYSS – A co-sponsor of the Welcome Party at 2014 Newport Charter Yacht Show
Newport Charter Yacht Show 2014 - Photo by Billy Black
The Association of Yacht Support Services (AYSS) was a co-sponsor of the Welcome Party at this year's Newport Charter Yacht Show. The event was held from June 23 to 26, and hosted a total number of 27 luxury yachts, available for rent in the fabulous America yacht holiday location – New England this summer.